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00 Agents - Dossiers On File

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Recon PhotoAgentRankBioLatest Projects
SubDrag00 AgentCreator of the GoldenEye Setup Editor and long-standing GameShark hacker.
HackBondAgentA newer level editor who is mastering creating all new levels from scratch and the nuances of action blocks.
Entropy SoldierAgentWorking on a map pack for a long time, and did a couple custom solo maps and blender exporter.
MonkeyfaceAgentBrilliant modeller and project architect, made the great CS pack and original progenitor of the Goldfinger project.
Wreck00 AgentThe essential help in finding out the inner workings of GoldenEye, and responsible for many great concepts for the editor and levels.
DF Ank1AgentA new German-language mapper who is experimenting with importing new maps or appending old ones.
Midnight KittehAgentMade a great series of solo levels with interesting action blocks. Fast learner and expect many custom solo levels with TAKA theme.
GERageAgentWell versed in Hammer and the GoldenEye Editor, expert crafter of new solo maps and new multis.
DragonsbrethrenAgentAn excellent map-maker, and forerunner in hacking and development for both GE and PD. Top notch.
Eternally AriesAgentA newer mapper who is working on a variety of things.
Zoinkity00 AgentOne of the primary reasons the GoldenEye editor exists, superb disassembler and creator of a multitude of advanced hacks and analysis, the go-to hacker for GE/PD and more.
Acceptable67AgentWorks on Perfect Dark levels, including joint ventures, and learning to make complex levels.
JonaeruAgentJapanese hacker specializing in Perfect Dark editing, including jointly developed missions.
SilverEyeAgentEnjoys make series of levels, using the Alfredo Lamberra storyline, and has steadily made more and more complex levels.
ReyAgentMakes GoldenEye solo missions with advanced actions and usually hard levels.
MultiplayerXAgentMakes creative multiplayer experiences, and paks, around since gameshark days.
BMWAgentThe maker of the first featured level on GoldenEye Vault, and advanced gameshark hacker.
Johnny ThunderAgentA good GoldenEye level modifier in the style of Jurassic Park , Army Men Sarge's Heroes, V-Rally '99 and Metal Gear Solid

Total Found: 18


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