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00 Agents - Dossiers On File

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Recon PhotoAgentRankBioLatest Projects
SubDrag00 AgentCreator of the GoldenEye Setup Editor and long-standing GameShark hacker.Footsteps V11
Banjo-Kazooie, Quake II, Pokemon Snap Hi Res
GoldenEye Hi Res
N64 Sound Tool V1.4
Goldfinger 64
Analog Control Mods (Turok, Turok 2, Armorines, Rainbow Six, Forsaken, Daikatana, Shadowgate 64, Duke, Hexen, Kirby 64, Yoshi's Story, Bomberman 64 Arcade, Mischief Makers, Super Smash Bros, JFG, MK:Myth)
GoldenEye Setup Editor 3.0
Pokemon Snap Beach
N64 Midi Tool V2
Universal N64 Compressor

and more!
HackBondAgentA newer level editor who is mastering creating all new levels from scratch and the nuances of action blocks.Cradle Duel
Drax Facility
Decoy Antenna
Chinese Frigate
Entropy SoldierAgentWorking on a map pack for a long time, and did a couple custom solo maps and blender exporter.Blender GEObj Exporter
MonkeyfaceAgentBrilliant modeller and project architect, made the great CS pack and original progenitor of the Goldfinger project.Goldfinger 64
Counter-Strike Map Pack 1.2
Ice World
All Bonds
Wreck00 AgentThe essential help in finding out the inner workings of GoldenEye, and responsible for many great concepts for the editor and levels.Blood Patch
Fuel Pump Prop
Air Conditioner Prop
Toilet Paper Roll Prop
Toilet Paper Mount Prop
Sink PD Prop
Silo Beta Door Prop
Shower Head Prop
Piano Prop
Microwave Prop

and more!
DF Ank1AgentA new German-language mapper who is experimenting with importing new maps or appending old ones.German GoldenEye
Antenna Cradle Source
[German] Quick Start tutorial
Midnight KittehAgentMade a great series of solo levels with interesting action blocks. Fast learner and expect many custom solo levels with TAKA theme.DPRK Research Labs
DPRK Train
Yoshida Dam
KAIENTAI Frigate 1.1
GERageSecret AgentWell versed in Hammer and the GoldenEye Editor, expert crafter of new solo maps and new multis.Cliff Base
Storage Facility
Bunker 1.5
Janus Silo
Fuel Dump
Janus Nuclear Facility
DragonsbrethrenSecret AgentAn excellent map-maker, and forerunner in hacking and development for both GE and PD. Top notch.Goldfinger 64
Old GE Weapon Names
CI Training Gun Names
Aztec Complex
Check Guard Death
Ambush Guards
Grid Mission
Alarm Guards
Add Scientist

and more!
Eternally AriesSecret AgentA newer mapper who is working on a variety of things.Rogue Control Center
Antenna Cradle
Archives First Floor
Super Mario Brothers
Donut Land
Archive FullZone
Antenna Cradle
Cargo Ship
New York City

and more!
Zoinkity00 AgentOne of the primary reasons the GoldenEye editor exists, superb disassembler and creator of a multitude of advanced hacks and analysis, the go-to hacker for GE/PD and more.Footsteps V11
Goldfinger 64
GoldenEye Setup Editor 3.0
Rainbow Road
Big Donut
8 Meg GoldenEye
GoldenEye Spectrum Emulator
Operation Monkeywrench
RAM/ROM Record Demo

and more!
Acceptable67AgentWorks on Perfect Dark levels, including joint ventures, and learning to make complex levels.Area 51: Secret Agent
dataDyne Warehouse - Cessation 1.1
JonaeruAgentJapanese hacker specializing in Perfect Dark editing, including jointly developed missions.dataDyne Facility - Stealth
dataDyne Warehouse - Cessation 1.1
SilverEyeSecret AgentEnjoys make series of levels, using the Alfredo Lamberra storyline, and has steadily made more and more complex levels.Alfredo Lamberra 1.1
Sahara Prison 1.1
Havana Streets
Bunker Escapades
Belgium Cave Base
Secret Hideaway
Nigeria Forest
Trevelyan HQ

and more!
ReySecret AgentMakes GoldenEye solo missions with advanced actions and usually hard levels.Shipping Yard
Guard Station 1.1
Volcano Lair 1.1
Warehouse 8
Mt. Fuji
Error 1.2
Blind Path
Blind Escape
Q's Big Test (Action World)
Launch Station

and more!
MultiplayerXSecret AgentMakes creative multiplayer experiences, and paks, around since gameshark days.Landing Zone Trilogy
MultiplayerX's Extended Multi Mod
Weather Selector Multi
All Solo's in Multi (with Weather)
Solo In Multis (GoldenEye Legends)
Deep Sea X Teleport Edition
BMWAgentThe maker of the first featured level on GoldenEye Vault, and advanced gameshark hacker.Bottling Room 1.1
Streets Multiplayer 1.1
BMW's Multi Pack v7
Library Mission
Johnny ThunderSecret AgentA good GoldenEye level modifier in the style of Jurassic Park , Army Men Sarge's Heroes, V-Rally '99 and Metal Gear SolidDrivable Motor Bike Prop
Drivable Frigate Boat Prop
Drivable Boat Prop
Drivable Jeep Prop
Buick Electra Car Prop
Bed Prop
Crash Plane Prop
Fort Plastro 1.1
ToastyEye 64 2.2
K.I.L.L.E.R. vs. Vendetta: Expanded Edition 1.5.2

and more!

Total Found: 18


Latest GE Files
Footsteps V11
Blood Patch
Japanese Temple
Doom-Style Looking
Aiming Down Sights
Dual Eyes Cooperative GoldenEye 2.0
Custom Music
Hill Base
Satellite Control Bunker 2

Latest PD Files
Perfect Dark Real Gun Names
Perfect Dark Plus
DataDyne Compound
GoldenEye X
2X Weapons No Reloads Plus
Perfect Dark XBLA mp3s
Darks Corp Music
Perfect Dark Soundfont
Landing Zone Trilogy
Weather Selector Multi

Latest DKR Files
Green Saturn
Blue Streak Row
Sunfire Sanctum
Doom Base
Dino Valley
Test Map
Froggy Haze
Rainbow Road
Big Donut

Latest Mickey Files
None Yet!

Latest JFG Files
None Yet!

Most Popular GE
Library Mission
GoldenEye X
GoldenEye Setup Editor 3.0
Counter-Strike Map Pack 1.2
Classic Nintendo Maps
Goldfinger 64
Mupen64 Ini
GoldenEye Setup Editor Windows Theme
Silo Mission
All Solo's in Multi (with Weather)

Most Popular PD
GoldenEye X
All Solo's in Multi (with Weather)
Kakariko Village
dataDyne Facility - Stealth
Area 51: Secret Agent
CI Training Gun Names
GE Weapons Multi
Japanese with Eng Text
Carrington Villa CS
Crash Site CS

Most Popular DKR
Rainbow Road
Test Track
Big Donut
Froggy Haze
Test Map
Sunfire Sanctum
Doom Base
Dino Valley
Blue Streak Row

Most Popular Mickey
None Yet!

Most Popular JFG
None Yet!

GoldenEye Vault features a collection of fan-made, custom materials based on popular N64 games. We are not affiliated with, nor do we support, endorse, or condone the distribution of Patches, ROMs, or Reproduction Carts for monetary gain of any kind. Our focus is to freely showcase the works of various authors, in an attempt to extend both the life and fun of such classic titles for hobby purposes.