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Hide triangles in Room Positions mode

subdrag | 11 December, 2015 09:33

I remapped the H/Control-H combo of room move allowed/disallowed to just a control-H toggle, and now H after selecting a triangle hides it, while Shift-H unhides all triangles.  Of course, export is unaffected, hide is just visually letting it not show, and not be selected.

Animations in GoldenEye extended

subdrag | 30 October, 2015 11:11

As a side effect of something else I was working, in the V3 Beta of the editor, you can now inject bigger animations to slots, and it shifts the whole ROM and addresses to compensate.

GoldenEye Setup Editor V3 Released and 8 Meg GE

subdrag | 02 August, 2015 20:47

GO GO GO to main site to download ASAP! Many many new features and improvements and new games!

Rendering performance improvement

subdrag | 03 July, 2015 09:16

I was able to speed up the rendering in the animation windows (changing keyframes).  This may also speed up the main visual editor windows, give it a shot, especially on systems without SSDs.

Animation Editor

subdrag | 01 June, 2015 16:15

I have finally publicly announced the existence of the animation editor, for both GoldenEye and PD.  They are still experimental, but combined with obj2an8 tool, you can export and import animations (with a bit of effort) to FBX format.  This allows tools such as XSI and Maya to work with the editor.  3ds max does not appear to work properly, and it's unknown if it works with Blender FBX plugins, but as of now, signs points to no.

Tutorial of Endorphin to GoldenEye (and some information on how to set up obj2an8 in general):

You can also export editor rendered animations to webm videos.

GE Animation editor


PD Animation Editor

Insert Pictorial Speed up

subdrag | 03 January, 2015 13:13

I managed to speed up insert pictorial, it was a little slow to load - now it's a lot faster.  Also minor bugs fixed on random heads menu not showing properly in PD and GE.

Box Select

subdrag | 01 January, 2015 15:03

I finally have added box select (rectangle select) for Objects, Clipping, and Background modes. You can hold U, and then drag the mouse to form a box - any objects inside will be selected.  If you go towards the right, the selection will only be applied if the entire triangle/object is inside, while towards the left will do if just touches.  

Added ability to resize

subdrag | 08 May, 2014 19:31

I added (long overdue) ability to minimize/maximize/resize the visual window, and also if the device is lost, it actually can restore it properly.  

Fly mode

subdrag | 17 March, 2014 16:35

Newer pcs seemed to have trouble with fly mode, that it was "stuttering".  I am not sure if it's due to just simply faster pcs, or Windows 8, but QueryPerformanceCounter was not working properly.  I removed it for now, so now you fly as fast as your pc can handle.  You can adjust the speed, in the preferences, under World Move Speed, as it may be initially way too fast.

There was a problem with bigger maps, there was some sort of "cutting" effect when it rendered in the editor. I moved the near draw distance back a bit, and it seems to have corrected the issue.

Also, the open project now has a progress bar dialog, so Windows 7/8 don't try and close it, during its long running open part, if context switching to another application.

Palette Dialog in Image Editor

subdrag | 10 February, 2014 21:04

I added a simple palette editor in Image Editor window, in order to allow the user to adjust the transparency bit of each palette color, since indexed bitmaps didn't support that, at least in photoshop.  Also, some improvements in how the model editor exports the obj of a guard (now it's merged), and shows it.  

Bits here and there

subdrag | 25 December, 2013 09:48

I've added a bit of things, one nice one is reference offset/rotations now, where you can set from an object (or wall normal), and then apply to an object.  I've also added similarly rotate 90 degrees.

For the brush in room positions mode to color vertices, I added darken/lighten buttons to change the sliders by that amount, for simpler ways to adjust color brightness.

Clipping to speed it up, the undo/redo files now are no longer the actual clipping format, but a straight dump from editor (much faster).  You can restore a crashed editor clipping file though, there's ability to do that.

Small bug fix in stacking, probably been there since beginning of editor, it was crashing for me recently, but not sure if it had been.

Sped up algorithms/multithreading

subdrag | 13 November, 2013 16:37

I've improved the conversion algorithm, from .obj to your level. I also added a multithreading option in the preferences, which should speed it up even more if you have a multi-core machine.  Days of long conversions should be over! At least, the more cores you have, the faster it should be. If you have one core, you should turn off multi-core.


Small but nice change

subdrag | 10 November, 2013 13:50

Besides some cleanup here and there, I did let you use Control key, in room positions mode, to unselect a triangle if already clicked. Shift will still only append triangles to selected list.

Embedded Mipmap Images

subdrag | 10 October, 2013 20:22

I've been experimenting with embedded mipmaps (supported by GoldenEye/PD).  The replace image sub dialog now supports them for some greyscale images, and color palettes.  To do the images, you use a formula similar to example below:


For color paletted, the catch is, you must make them all have 100% identical palettes before import, and need to be named/put in folders properly.   Greyscale don't have palettes, but do need to be in folders the same way.

You basically put your image in a folder (main one), name it anything. Then you make a subfolder of that name, and in there, put the main bitmap name (minus .bmp) with _LevelX.bmp, starting at 1 to number mipmaps.  Mipmaps are generally width and height / 2, each level, until hit 1.

An example is, in main folder: 
tempImgEd0238.bmp (40 x 32) 

Then I made a folder in there, called tempImgEd0238 
and in there 
tempImgEd0238_Level1.bmp (20 x 16) 
tempImgEd0238_Level2.bmp (10 x 8 ) 
tempImgEd0238_Level3.bmp (8 x 4) 
tempImgEd0238_Level4.bmp (4 x 2) 
tempImgEd0238_Level5.bmp (2 x 1) 

And all images are the same exact palette, and order. 

Improved Beta Grabber

subdrag | 27 September, 2013 17:13

I've updated the Beta Grabber to show more information and be a little easier to use. It also can be launched in the beta editor by Help -> Update Beta Version.

If you don't want to regrab the whole full package, just replace the exe inside the rar below in your main editor folder.

Beta Grabber Tool Update

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