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Edit Model tools for characters

subdrag | 28 February, 2012 11:40

These tools were mainly aimed at assisting with characters new UVs/shading without disrupting the indice file (which would break merging of parts if reimported).   To Re-UV a part of a character (one part at a time only), click a Display List, then you can click Export .obj Original Order.  This will export the vertices in the original order in-game.  Now, I only am aware of how to do this in Blender, but when you import .obj in blender, choose Keep Vertex Order.  Once in blender, you may change the uvs but do not move any points.  When you're done, export the obj, and then choose Original Vertex Order.  Back in editor, click Import U,Vs obj.  This will import the U/Vs only and not move any points, perfect for characters.

For editing in Visual Window, after clicking Edit Whole Visual Window, you can move parts as you like, then after shading/re-uving  click Import Whole UV/Color Visual Window to only import UV/s color, and not use any updated point locations.  For individual parts, click Edit in Visual Window, then Import UVs/Color from Visual Window to not import any point movement, only UVs/colors.

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