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subdrag | 01 April, 2012 00:25

Just to document this, while making Goldfinger project learned something interesting things. If you add in the intro chunk a starting gun, make sure it's not a left and right gun, without a second entry of just the right gun - otherwise it won't appear in gun menu.

When making all new guns, the matrix command 0102 seems to impact how in Ruger, which is the hammer and which is cylinder part. 

0102..00C0 is cylinder for magnum
0102..0100 is hammer for magnum
0102..0000 is normal

It appears to do similar for pp7 silenced bolt, but it didn't work when I changed it - maybe things still need to be in parts, and with the appropriate head/hat offset stuff.

Also, for guns, no B9/FC commands may exist, which I knew, but now I know do not put any B70000002000 commands, delete them all so that they draw double sided for left gun.

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