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File Comments
2017-10-16 07:00:54Blender GEObj ExporterAL64inthedarkOh ok, thinks are bit more complicated than I thought. I usually go with naming my texture xxxx.bmp, the Xs beeing the texture ID.
Thanks for answering.
2017-10-15 09:04:17Blender GEObj ExporterEntropy-SoldierIf you import from other editors you'll have to be sure to do so in such a way that you keep the same GE64TexturePresetDatabase entity for each import. There's an autofill feature for it, but it only works with specific texture names. I guess it is feasible to name all your textures "tempImgEdXXXX" where XXXX is the preset number, in which case the "Update Texture Preset Database" operator will recognize and fill them in, but that kind of denies you an intuitive texture naming scheme. I can expand this feature in a future update to be more accommodating, right now it's just for easily importing levels and textures that the GEEditor exports.
2017-10-14 23:45:27GoldenEye XDecrypter1990This emulator is oficial for GoldVault hack roms:


Emulation perfect! :)
2017-10-14 21:28:40GoldenEye X@GamerNeedsHelp: Are you using an emulator or console? If you're using an emulator, have you configured the ROM settings to the same as Perfect Dark?
2017-10-14 14:50:40Blender GEObj ExporterAL64inthedarkIf I understood well, if I manage to make a map in Deled, and then export it in Blender with this...
I could have my texture.txt done automatically ?
It would be a great time saver just for that feature.
2017-10-14 13:56:31GoldenEye XGamerNeedsHelpI was very excited to find this game, I've tried everything to get it to play but it just doesn't! Whenever I click to start a game of any type, it loads and plays music but, the screen never changes! So if I do a simulant battle under quickstart, after pressing start game, the screen stays exactly the same but the music to the level loads after a few seconds. Is there anyone who could possibly help me? I'd be willing to pay or donate to the game creators or the website if somebody could assist me in playing it. I'm very adept with rom hacks and computers in general but can't figure this one out.
2017-10-14 13:38:22GoldenEye X123So far this game seems to be a bullshit fake thing, I myself and multiple other people have tried to get it to work but you cannot get past the "new agent" screen. It just gets stuck trying to delete data that isn't there, can't play the game whatsoever.
2017-10-14 13:36:25GoldenEye XDecrypter1990some news about the fantastic Gold X?

there a possibility of the Goldfinger team work in this hack rom? :)
2017-10-14 13:23:15Goldfinger 64Decrypter1990Para todos os amigos com dificuldades na emulação:
o emulador Project64 v2.3.2 emula perfeitamente a hack rom usando as devidas configurações siga as imagens:
-Configs. da rom

-para visualizar o titulo da rom:

-Plugins caso não tenha todos eu recomendo baixa-los:

Espero ter ajudado! :)

2017-10-14 12:44:44Goldfinger 64Decrypter1990@mystic: hehehe antenado em tudo por aqui desde 2011 tmj e misturado!!! ^^

steam id: eusoudecrypter
2017-10-14 08:06:50Goldfinger 64KPEPre-patched https://www.facebook.com/groups/914519105296645/1452739744807909/
2017-10-13 04:36:10GoldenEye Setup Editor 3.0xExtremeguyxYes, it is. I removed the action block to end the level which didn't even work.

I want to end the level with a B press on the helicopter and obviously no freeze issues. How do I do that properly?
2017-10-12 08:53:30Goldfinger 64Scrag85I did everything to the letter and I keep getting "fatal error: stopping emulation"
2017-10-11 15:19:16Goldfinger 64mysticNossa eu não acredito que tem brasileiro aqui também pqp. O Decrypter tu tbm é viciado nessa porra mano? Se for tmj kkkk
2017-10-11 02:11:27Always Show CrosshairCoockie1173The ips patch should be compatible with hacks, else hex edit it in. The 1964 60FPS mouse and keyboard emulator has the patch built into the injector itself.
2017-10-11 00:24:47Always Show CrosshairThe1uptriforcehey man thanks to your hack pretty soon i can say i legitamately beat a game i considered the hardest game ever and im now damn near unstoppable in multi as well amazing how i never thought of having that in the game before never even marked my tv screen back in the day now i cant play the game without it i just wish this patch was more compatible with other hacks is there a way to make that possible later on?
2017-10-10 15:25:50Goldfinger 64The1uptriforcecan you please tell me the gs code for the white tuxedo in multiplayer the grey suit is alright but nowhere near as iconic for connery it would be nice if you had a character mod list for people like me who like to play with those kinda thing
2017-10-09 23:47:49Blender GEObj ExporterCoockie1173This my dude, might've just saved me a ton off time
2017-10-09 15:14:03Blender GEObj ExporterJohnny ThunderYEAH!
2017-10-09 14:17:08GoldenEye Setup Editor 3.0SubDragIf you are crashing when objectives are complete, probably an issue with your action blocks?
2017-10-09 14:16:33GoldenEye Setup Editor 3.0SubDragCheck the FAQ on vault - you are missing redistributables.
2017-10-09 12:15:22GoldenEye Setup Editor 3.0DKRHi all- have downloaded the setup editor but onto my windows 10 laptop only to keep getting met with error message ‘the application was unable to run correctly’ - I’ve tried reinstalling, restarting the computer, but to no avail :-( Help!
2017-10-09 05:35:47Goldfinger 64DKRHi all- have downloaded the setup editor but onto my windows 10 laptop only to keep getting met with error message ‘the application was unable to run correctly’ - I’ve tried reinstalling, restarting the computer, but to no avail :-(
2017-10-09 02:07:28Goldfinger 64Decrypter1990Obrigado!!! lol
2017-10-07 08:42:59Goldfinger 64@Decrypter1990: Faça o download da última atualização de 1964


Use este patch com melhor precisão da arma

2017-10-07 00:06:15Goldfinger 64Decrypter1990Parabêns pela iniciativa de criar uma verdadeira sequência para o Goldeneye 007 de n64 e sei o quanto foi duro o trabalho de criação.. se não me engano foi 7 ou 8 anos.. parabêns a todos os envolvidos neste projeto incrivel.. mas confesso que fiquei um pouco frustrado por não possuir meu nintendo 64 nos dias de hoje e com a dificuldade de emulação desse game.. até o momento.. eu pude observar a introdução do jogo em poucas travas no fps, a arte dos menus e iniciou o primeiro estage do jogo.. porem com 3 frames e com bugs de texturas.. testei no 1964 0.8.5 onde eu jogo o Goldeneye original com mouse e é exatamente o mesmo.. porem não vou desistir :)

2017-10-06 18:51:16Goldfinger 64SmartyIs there a tutorial or guide on how to patch it?
2017-10-06 05:15:53GoldenEye Setup Editor 3.0xExtremeguyxHello.
I have a problem.

If all objectives are complete, the game freezes for some reason.
How to fix that?

Thanks in advance.
2017-10-05 23:21:48Guard StationGuyWhat a miracle. Huh Rey? Where are the bots with the crosshair is fucked, that sees through walls? Where are the bots that fire non-stop behind the metal boxes? Stopped making fun with the players? Already tried to play and pass the first in their missions absurd? Your comedy.
2017-10-05 23:13:47Puerto Rican JungleGuyThis is one of those missions that probably not even the creator of this play. Mission very absurd. The level is absurdly difficult. The guy fuck the same. Puts the darkness, bot armor, bot with bazooka and still put the bot with the crosshair out of the ordinary. Do a mission almost impossible is anyone can do it. Now I want to see this creator to play this mission. Taste of his own poison. And there Rey? Makes a live play, this their own mission ridiculous. The guy who makes the mission and the assholes that kill to pass her by. He even does not want to do this.

Screenshot Comments
2013-11-23 20:57:56Frigate in DamGolden4lifeLet's go to the secret island that everybody has been talking about! :D
2013-07-09 13:06:27McPipehelm and Raz Relaxing at Their Rubbish HomeOmegaCopWTF?!?!
2012-11-11 11:05:22Console ManLiamThose guys look like computers
2012-07-20 11:09:05Egypt Doors OpenHGNice hack images http://www.goldeneyevault.com/screenshots.php . -__- i think upload this images in my future tutorial video on youtube.
2012-05-14 08:51:57The VisitorsPerfection darkI always wished i could fly that ship
2012-05-14 08:49:05Never Call for a Cab in ChicagoPerfection darkChicago: Stealth Objectives: 1: Find drop point equiment 2: Dive 3: Enter G5 Building
2012-04-04 20:53:42Revenge 2SubDragI always found this amusing for whatever reason.
2011-12-22 10:01:51Jaildinnersbad***(click! Click!)your under arrest! Noooooooooooooo!
2011-12-21 11:30:04Here's Daniel!Goodbutt/dinnersbad***I changed my name to (dinnersbad***)Call me my old name goodbutt if you want
2011-12-16 15:02:35McPipehelm and Raz Relaxing at Their Rubbish HomeGoodbuttHome sweet home
2011-12-16 15:00:18Team Kill 2GoodbuttYou will DIE!!!!!!!
2011-12-16 14:56:38Guard in TankGoodbuttSomeone please make a war in the streets with lots of tanks!
2011-12-11 18:33:45Jaws CupsGoodbuttAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
2011-12-11 18:26:25Raz's assassinationGoodbuttEven I thought valentin was a good guy hheee'ssss evillllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-11-19 20:46:26Raz's assassinationGoodbuttNot a AK 47 OoooooKkkkkk! Bond is getting sshhoott!
2011-11-14 18:43:19Here's Daniel!Acceptable67Nothing suspicious here at all.... Carrington is just making a suprise appearance.
2011-07-30 20:05:57JailEmilyStay with this guys, you're heplnig a lot of people.
2011-07-30 18:02:20Egypt Doors OpeningChelsiaYour answer was just what I nedeed. It's made my day!
2011-07-30 14:56:52Cradle LineMahaliaThis is way better than a brick & mortar estbalsimhent.
2011-07-18 07:36:03Jaws CupsDestructoinoOMG, Jaws is back, with an army of clones!
2011-07-18 07:26:50Console ManDestructoinoIt is official, Robots are taking over the world 007. Get in there and blow them all to hell!
2011-07-14 12:46:54Here's Daniel!wtfWTF!!
2011-07-10 02:57:57Cradle LedgeDestructoinoPut a ladder up there, kick that guard of the antenna, then stab everything in your path with the hunting knife! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
2011-05-05 15:49:06Glassware Vaultdfsd nice one!!
2011-04-19 04:40:17Team Kill 1HowHTF did u do that?
2011-04-19 04:39:27Cradle LineI-ballIt's not fake, they do do that. They did the to me on silo.
2010-10-24 12:51:53Console ManBayhow do you make guards talk?
2010-10-11 07:03:43Cradle AttackGEfan24mixed weaopons glitch. I love it! Its fun! Hold 2 guns-tap z-tap b-tap a- then hit z really fast!)

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