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Last 30 Comments On Files/Screenshots

File Comments
2015-05-23 00:51:48GoldenEye XTomThe only real problem i have with this mod is the movement from perfect dark. Goldeneyes movement feels so much smoother and better.
2015-05-22 19:14:53GoldenEye XHiYou know why it is JUST multiplayer? Look at the catogory, it says "PD Multi Levels"
2015-05-22 19:13:38GoldenEye XHiAlso please add in the GoldenEye levels to GoldenEye X, that would be cool. Or all the perfect dark solo levels. I mean, who wants JUST Multiplayer, or whatever it is called(I think it is called Visual Simulator) But still ,COOLEST MOD EVER. Bye
2015-05-22 19:07:36GoldenEye XHiTHIS IS THE COOLEST MOD EVER!!!
Thanks to SubDrag, I got it to work(By reading other comments.)
BUT... the only level that is good is the first(Which is dataDyne), the second through last are emmpty. In runway, you know the door that blocks the way back in to the facility, it is gone, and I went to the place where the door is supposed to be, and since it is gone, I fell to my death(I had cheats on too, which were: Invincible and others.) BYE!!
2015-05-22 17:02:10GoldenEye XaleckermitI seem to have missed 5c-i, where can I download it?
2015-05-21 18:10:39N64 Soundbank Toolguess who?You're doing God's work, Subdrag. Thanks.
2015-05-19 14:28:09Alfredo LamberraFelipe BRHow do I change the levels?
Good job!
2015-05-19 09:54:19Alfredo LamberraTommyDownloaded the GE rom from a few mores rom sites (just to be sure I got a clean/complete file) and still keep getting an error. Is there a specific version of the game I should be using? Thanks again.
2015-05-17 20:40:51GoldenEye/PD Editor 2.5/1.0gamerfix63I got it working now I just needed to copy d3dx9_30.dll and paste it.
2015-05-17 20:13:41GoldenEye/PD Editor 2.5/1.0gamerfix63How can I do that?
2015-05-15 17:04:43Perfect Dark Level Viewer PakSubDragRead the FAQ, you need both directx 9c and MS VS2008 redistributable.
2015-05-15 13:34:10Perfect Dark Level Viewer PakgamerfixDo I need d3dx9_30.full or DirectX9
Or Microsoft vs 2008 resist.
2015-05-14 18:13:45Perfect Dark Soundfontpunk7890I use Viena soundfont editor for my sf2 files.
2015-05-13 19:51:17GoldenEye SoundfontDj IdeaMUCH THANKS!!!! JUST LACED UP A TRACK WITH THIS!!! CHECK IT OUT

2015-05-12 20:00:58Perfect Dark SoundfontOmegacop1543What program do you use to make the soundfonts? I want to make one for Blast Corps.
2015-05-09 11:55:03All Bonds in MenuCrzChris4Tommy, I believe the original intention was to have you play as said Bond actor in the bonus levels. For instance, you would play as Dalton in Aztec and Egyptian if your save file was in the Dalton folder. There is evidence that suggests this, namely that there are four dinner jacket cuffs that you can toggle on for single player using a gameshark code.
2015-05-02 20:07:25Alfredo LamberraN64LainMan, I remember playing these levels individually. I thought they were really good and it felt like a whole new game to me. Can't believe the whole pack is finally out. I might play these levels again! LOL
2015-05-02 13:36:57Alfredo LamberraGeneral HoganIt's a great hack!

It must have been tough to swap every level.
2015-05-02 01:40:42GoldenEye Xlukhi guys, a question is it possible to add an option to disable double weapons? I dont like to play with double weapons with friends, its very different. greets luk
2015-05-01 05:18:47Classic Nintendo MapsLizalfosI have a glitch where in all the maps the sky is extremely glitchy... Sometimes it's pitch black and others it has a crazy effect where when I look around the sky seems to make a bunch of images of the objects around it... It's hard to explain... It looks like there are a million versions of the objects around the sky that multiply when I look around.
2015-04-28 11:18:33Counter-Strike Map PackEazyi just tried patching my current version of goldeneyeX with the classic nitendo maps. it didn't work cause its not the original goldeneye rom. so can someone tell me if its possible to add/patch these map packs to my current goldeneyeX version or am i gonna have to keep separate patched versions of goldeneye in order to play certain add'ons?
2015-04-27 05:41:20Alfredo LamberraSilverEyeTommy, are you really sure you're using a new, original/untouched rom to apply the patch to? Also, when you select "Apply GE Xdelta patch", you should select your clean rom first, and then the patch. After those two steps, you just name your patched rom, and you can start playing. Thanks for your interest!
2015-04-27 00:04:31Alfredo LamberraTommyI get "Unknown error patching, possibly input ROM CRC mismatch"
when I try to apply the xdelta to the goldeneye rom. Any help? I tried using multiple goldeneye roms from different sources but none of them work.
I'm really excited to play this!
2015-04-26 23:14:43All Bonds in MenuTommyIs it possible to change the character model so you play as a different bond depending which folder you choose? I always dreamed of seeing Connery at the beginning/end of each level.
2015-04-25 14:38:18Alfredo Lamberramistamontielt0tally

Cheers SE
2015-04-25 10:00:34Alfredo LamberraTruConceptmahgawd! dis is fab! cuwl! i think im nearly the only one that plays dis in 2015 but yea :F
2015-04-18 05:38:13Probe Launching Siteconcepti am fab, and great lvl, but... am i late? cus its 2015 and the last comment was in 2012!
2015-04-09 17:01:51GoldenEye XHardMarine@Graslu00

Yeah, I downloaded another version of 1964. Better than the old one (1x speed one), thanks for replying though :)
2015-04-09 06:55:20N64 Midi ToolComJayI'm trying to edit music in Super Smash Bros., and when it's supposed to play the music in the emulator, it the game loses it's audio and runs extremely fast, like over 300 FPS.
2015-04-06 16:01:13N64 Midi ToolSubDragNot at this time.

Screenshot Comments
2013-11-23 20:57:56Frigate in DamGolden4lifeLet's go to the secret island that everybody has been talking about! :D
2013-07-09 13:06:27McPipehelm and Raz Relaxing at Their Rubbish HomeOmegaCopWTF?!?!
2012-11-11 11:05:22Console ManLiamThose guys look like computers
2012-07-20 11:09:05Egypt Doors OpenHGNice hack images http://www.goldeneyevault.com/screenshots.php . -__- i think upload this images in my future tutorial video on youtube.
2012-05-14 08:51:57The VisitorsPerfection darkI always wished i could fly that ship
2012-05-14 08:49:05Never Call for a Cab in ChicagoPerfection darkChicago: Stealth Objectives: 1: Find drop point equiment 2: Dive 3: Enter G5 Building
2012-04-04 20:53:42Revenge 2SubDragI always found this amusing for whatever reason.
2011-12-22 10:01:51Jaildinnersbad***(click! Click!)your under arrest! Noooooooooooooo!
2011-12-21 11:30:04Here's Daniel!Goodbutt/dinnersbad***I changed my name to (dinnersbad***)Call me my old name goodbutt if you want
2011-12-16 15:02:35McPipehelm and Raz Relaxing at Their Rubbish HomeGoodbuttHome sweet home
2011-12-16 15:00:18Team Kill 2GoodbuttYou will DIE!!!!!!!
2011-12-16 14:56:38Guard in TankGoodbuttSomeone please make a war in the streets with lots of tanks!
2011-12-11 18:33:45Jaws CupsGoodbuttAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
2011-12-11 18:26:25Raz's assassinationGoodbuttEven I thought valentin was a good guy hheee'ssss evillllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-11-19 20:46:26Raz's assassinationGoodbuttNot a AK 47 OoooooKkkkkk! Bond is getting sshhoott!
2011-11-14 18:43:19Here's Daniel!Acceptable67Nothing suspicious here at all.... Carrington is just making a suprise appearance.
2011-07-30 20:05:57JailEmilyStay with this guys, you're heplnig a lot of people.
2011-07-30 18:02:20Egypt Doors OpeningChelsiaYour answer was just what I nedeed. It's made my day!
2011-07-30 14:56:52Cradle LineMahaliaThis is way better than a brick & mortar estbalsimhent.
2011-07-18 07:36:03Jaws CupsDestructoinoOMG, Jaws is back, with an army of clones!
2011-07-18 07:26:50Console ManDestructoinoIt is official, Robots are taking over the world 007. Get in there and blow them all to hell!
2011-07-14 12:46:54Here's Daniel!wtfWTF!!
2011-07-10 02:57:57Cradle LedgeDestructoinoPut a ladder up there, kick that guard of the antenna, then stab everything in your path with the hunting knife! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
2011-05-05 15:49:06Glassware Vaultdfsd nice one!!
2011-04-19 04:40:17Team Kill 1HowHTF did u do that?
2011-04-19 04:39:27Cradle LineI-ballIt's not fake, they do do that. They did the to me on silo.
2010-10-24 12:51:53Console ManBayhow do you make guards talk?
2010-10-11 07:03:43Cradle AttackGEfan24mixed weaopons glitch. I love it! Its fun! Hold 2 guns-tap z-tap b-tap a- then hit z really fast!)

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