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File Comments
2018-06-17 15:19:06N64 Midi Tool V2Mosky2000So right now I have ripped the midis from Banjo Kazooie. What I noticed right now about certain percussion is that it only has small amount of notes. For example, I look at Gobi's Valley and the xylophone (which is the shaker in-game) only plays for like a second and then no more notes shows up. I just had to copy and paste the notes that were there so I can hear the entire thing from the original. Same thing goes with the woodblocks too which is (synthstrings 2). The bongos however managed to get all of the notes together. It seems like certain notes just don't get exported.
2018-06-16 15:44:22Partition 3 PropWreckStrange. I'm not sure why there would be an issue. It uses GE textures, so nothing new is added. Do the other partitions work?

Also, I may need to reupload a few models. I was unaware that the Model Editor could calculate the bounding box volume, so I kind of guessed values for a batch of models (toilets, sinks, urinals, partitions, etc). They should be OK as-is, but won't respond as well to level sky data (distance rendering).
2018-06-16 13:57:32Partition 3 PropSubDragThat's odd, it should work. Maybe not in GE mode?
2018-06-16 11:06:24Partition 3 PropZkaWhen i import the model, a error appears which says ''Unknown template number found!'' How can i fix this?
2018-06-16 00:53:13Solo in Multi 1.1BertErnieIn reply to Wreck:

Darn! I figured there was something I was misunderstanding/missing!

Yea I am only armed with a regular console/game/gameshark.

I saw a series of gameshark codes posted on the forums under this topic:

That title leads me to believe that I can get Dam multiplayer working on n64 console/regular GE007 cart/gamesharkv3.3.

However there are at least 2 questions/observations I have:

1) after further reading, I notice it's called "Goldeneye Legends" and that leads me to believe that it involves a ROM patch just like you already mentioned (eg: Everdrive)

#2 won't even matter if I can't use those codes on a regular console/cart/gameshark but I'll ask anyways.

2) Basically, let's say it is possible to enter all of those codes on my gameshark manually to get Dam multi working;
Will there be a separate code for each category?

Stage Load

Respawn Points

*NOTE* and would each respawn point need it's own code or would they all be included in one Respawn Point code?

Load Objects

12 Object Placements

And then I notice there are some other codes in that post labeled:

"Note: Do not use the codes below TOGETHER!!
#code# < objects explosive
#code# < objects indestructible
#code# < size of your objects"

I don't really understand what those are even though they are labelled. I However those don't seem too important right now.

If you're still reading, if even at all, I thank you.

Must be frustrating dealing with my noob intellect.

But! Like I said, I have a feeling that I may require a patched ROM to even think about getting this to work which renders 90% of this post worthless.

That being said, I have been thinking about purchasing Krikkzzz' (sp) loaded EverDrive 64 that I saw on Ebay. The $250 one. This would solve all of my gameshark-only issues.

Thanks a lot, Wreck and anybody else who might provide more insight.
2018-06-15 09:34:51GoldenEye Setup Editor 3.0Mosky2000Without touching the volume, everything sounds fine. It was a ripped midi from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky and I was only lowering the volume of the strings. I don't know if lowering the volume with the slider causes the channel to raise its volume. I only use anvil studio for editing midis.
2018-06-15 03:01:19GoldenEye Setup Editor 3.0SubDragWhat about without touching volume and just re-exporting or not even reexporting, just reimporting? Maybe it wasn't related? Which track?
2018-06-14 21:58:01GoldenEye Setup Editor 3.0Mosky2000Okay for some reason when I turn down the volume for a channel and import it into DKR, the channel becomes loud all of a sudden. I only imported a ripped midi from a game and then for some reason the volume decided to amp up when I lowered it (not like lowering the volume of a note, but by using the volume slider).
2018-06-14 13:04:38Guard PathsSubDragI'm afraid this tutorial is really out of date. Everything's much simpler in visual editor now.
2018-06-14 08:15:30Guard PathsWhitetedFollowing this tutorial either caused the game to hang immediately after the opening cinema or the guard to wander to a single point a long way away, completely ignoring the path.

By exporting the sets I found that adding a new path has absolutely no effect on the sets (I did a diff of the exported sets and they are identical). I worked around this by importing the sets after adding my path to an existing set. This fixed the issue.

Also I think this is otherwise a bit out of date, there doesn't seem to be an 'add to path' context anymore.
2018-06-13 23:14:05N64 Sound Tool V1.4AVCHD@SubDrag, I got the n64dd rip and retail IPLROM from 64dd.org, do you copy the data from offsets 0x140000-0x3F4000 from the IPLROM and overwrite the section in the n64dd rip at the same offsets?
2018-06-13 14:34:35Footsteps V11PavariniV10 has been updated, as always check bunker 1's setup for a complete tutorial.
2018-06-13 13:17:02All BondsWreckThis patch was updated recently. The lower legs on each black tuxedo were improved (the original DJBond model by Rare had stretched out texturing - still present in the PD counterparts), Lazenby's lo-poly distant head modified, and Dalton's eyes edited to seem less piercing or bugged out. Also, an issue with a bad pointer inside each head model was corrected, which should help them to load in the GE Editor properly.
2018-06-13 13:09:23Solo in Multi 1.1WreckIt should run on console as-is, so long as you're playing the patched ROM on something like the EverDrive 64 or 64Drive. I recently updated this mod to be more stable, and fixed up a few issues. Those old comments from 2008 (a decade ago) were from before flashcarts were becoming easily available to players, and a possible alternative was uploading codes by a cable connecting between a PC and GameShark.
2018-06-13 10:06:47Solo in Multi 1.1BertErnieI'm confused.
It said "to work on console".

And a comment above says this can be used with a gameshark.

If so, how?
My gameshark is 3.3 but the I don't use the cable to connect to PC. I just type in the codes manually.

OK, so if this works with a gameshark on console then where are the codes?

2018-06-13 09:23:08Goldfinger 64GrimyBondThe Goldfinger mod is amazing, great job! Would be cool to see a follow up mod to this with On Her Majesty's Secret Service or The Spy Who Loved Me maybe.
2018-06-11 15:04:11N64 Sound Tool V1.4SubDragI just tested it and it worked fine, so I can only gather you are not using the correct N64DD Rip. There are two NUD-DSCJ. One you need to copy a region from the IPL, the other you don't.
2018-06-10 18:53:48N64 Sound Tool V1.4AVCHD@SubDrag Tried an original .ndd file (renamed to .rom so that it would show up in "Load ROM") but it returns the message "Invalid sound bank # from ini for game or error loading", though I am able to load ROMs such as "Mario Kart 64 (U)".
2018-06-10 04:30:05N64 Sound Tool V1.4SubDragI don't support the cartridge ports, just the original N64 DD .ndd files.
2018-06-10 04:25:08N64 Sound Tool V1.4AVCHD@SubDrag Hi SubDrag, just trying to use the soundbank tool to open NUD-DSCJ-JPN.n64 (Zoinkity's Sim City 64 cartridge port) but the program crashes on loading it (Windows reports it stopped working). What version of the ROM would work with the tool? Thanks in advance.
2018-06-09 03:22:46N64 Sound Tool V1.4SubDragI think that's still true.
2018-06-08 19:27:15N64 Sound Tool V1.4Mosky2000I keep having this in mind when injecting whatever edits I did from a rom and then export it. Can I still be able to free space even when I save the rom and then close the editor? I always get this feeling that I shouldn't close the editor or open another rom as the rom I was editing once opened again will not be able to free space or change when I go back and edit it more. I always have to edit the whole rom without closing the tool out.
2018-06-06 03:22:03Footsteps V11SubDragIt's updated with V8.
2018-06-05 21:04:19Footsteps V11PavariniI've submitted version 8 to subdrag. He should update soon, it fixes a bug with 2BFE and improves the footsteps patch.

2018-06-04 16:23:11N64 Midi Tool V2Mosky2000Redownloaded the tool and exported the midi again and now the percussion looks normal again. Thank you so much for fixing this. People would've had a problem too if they were trying to rip midis that the percussion looks weird with all of these high notes. I cannot wait to do a Rainbow Road port for SM64.
2018-06-04 15:11:45N64 Midi Tool V2SubDragOK, notes should no longer be 127 if redownload. It was a bug where it wasn't treating coarse tune as signed. Also, the drums are channel 9, but may not show up on track 9. In this case, they were track 11 - make that the drum track.
2018-06-04 09:46:59N64 Midi Tool V2Mosky2000I added images of the notes that I'm talking about in anvil studio and the percussion in the soundtool. https://www.dropbox.com/s/evflokuh4bibuxn/MK64%20Rainbow%20Road%20%28Ripped%29.zip?dl=0

If the percussion when ripped matched the actual percussion according to the general midi instruments, then that could totally fix the problem. But the only thing is that all the notes became 127 and when I loaded with the soundfont of rainbow road, I didn't hear any of the percussion instruments. I haven't test it with the others but I know this one has this problem.
2018-06-04 06:40:33N64 Midi Tool V2SubDragWhat do you mean by a note of 128? Notes only go up to 127. Can you pick a particular midi and show me exactly in Synthfont or an equivalent tool what you mean and how to fix?
2018-06-03 19:25:23N64 Midi Tool V2Mosky2000Mario Kart 64 doesn't export the percussion right. When I exported the rainbow road midi, all of the percussion notes were set to 128. The percussion contains bass drums and snare drums, but for some reason only notes of 128 exists. I'm using a Mario Kart 64 (E) (V1.1) [!] rom. I would really like a fix of this if possible.
2018-06-03 15:12:59Dual Eyes Cooperative GoldenEye 2.0SubDragExcellent!

Screenshot Comments
2018-04-01 05:51:20Cradle AttackMaster ch33fItís time to stop Alec Trebek from blowing up the universe with his golden eyes.
2018-03-29 09:43:51Here's Daniel!Peero!Carrying ton barging in on a meeting

2017-11-15 01:32:57Frigate in DamCoockie1173This must've been a living hell, getting such a large setup integrated into dam. Great work!
2013-11-23 20:57:56Frigate in DamGolden4lifeLet's go to the secret island that everybody has been talking about! :D
2013-07-09 13:06:27McPipehelm and Raz Relaxing at Their Rubbish HomeOmegaCopWTF?!?!
2012-11-11 11:05:22Console ManLiamThose guys look like computers
2012-07-20 11:09:05Egypt Doors OpenHGNice hack images http://www.goldeneyevault.com/screenshots.php . -__- i think upload this images in my future tutorial video on youtube.
2012-05-14 08:51:57The VisitorsPerfection darkI always wished i could fly that ship
2012-05-14 08:49:05Never Call for a Cab in ChicagoPerfection darkChicago: Stealth Objectives: 1: Find drop point equiment 2: Dive 3: Enter G5 Building
2012-04-04 20:53:42Revenge 2SubDragI always found this amusing for whatever reason.
2011-12-22 10:01:51Jaildinnersbad***(click! Click!)your under arrest! Noooooooooooooo!
2011-12-21 11:30:04Here's Daniel!Goodbutt/dinnersbad***I changed my name to (dinnersbad***)Call me my old name goodbutt if you want
2011-12-16 15:02:35McPipehelm and Raz Relaxing at Their Rubbish HomeGoodbuttHome sweet home
2011-12-16 15:00:18Team Kill 2GoodbuttYou will DIE!!!!!!!
2011-12-16 14:56:38Guard in TankGoodbuttSomeone please make a war in the streets with lots of tanks!
2011-12-11 18:33:45Jaws CupsGoodbuttAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
2011-12-11 18:26:25Raz's assassinationGoodbuttEven I thought valentin was a good guy hheee'ssss evillllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-11-19 20:46:26Raz's assassinationGoodbuttNot a AK 47 OoooooKkkkkk! Bond is getting sshhoott!
2011-11-14 18:43:19Here's Daniel!Acceptable67Nothing suspicious here at all.... Carrington is just making a suprise appearance.
2011-07-30 20:05:57JailEmilyStay with this guys, you're heplnig a lot of people.
2011-07-30 18:02:20Egypt Doors OpeningChelsiaYour answer was just what I nedeed. It's made my day!
2011-07-30 14:56:52Cradle LineMahaliaThis is way better than a brick & mortar estbalsimhent.
2011-07-18 07:36:03Jaws CupsDestructoinoOMG, Jaws is back, with an army of clones!
2011-07-18 07:26:50Console ManDestructoinoIt is official, Robots are taking over the world 007. Get in there and blow them all to hell!
2011-07-14 12:46:54Here's Daniel!wtfWTF!!
2011-07-10 02:57:57Cradle LedgeDestructoinoPut a ladder up there, kick that guard of the antenna, then stab everything in your path with the hunting knife! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
2011-05-05 15:49:06Glassware Vaultdfsd nice one!!
2011-04-19 04:40:17Team Kill 1HowHTF did u do that?
2011-04-19 04:39:27Cradle LineI-ballIt's not fake, they do do that. They did the to me on silo.

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