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File Comments
2017-02-20 09:45:32N64 Midi Tool V2apfelsaftAmong the many sequenced formats you came across, is there any format which you would consider as a suitable MIDI successor? (only speaking of it as file format, not necessarily realtime protocol)
2017-02-19 19:34:25N64 Sound Tool V1.3KuroWould it be possible to add the Japanese sfx for Bomberman 64?

Baku Bomberman (J) is listed as a known game, but sfx is missing though US and EU have it. (trying to find a way to get clean voice clips).
2017-02-19 17:01:15GoldenEye XSupaikuI keep getting ''fatal error emulation stopping'' whenever I launch my patched rom.
2017-02-19 00:45:31GoldenEye XN64LainSanta!!!! Oh my god!!!!

In all seriousness though, That Ice Castle is gonna be hell. Gonna download it now!
2017-02-18 03:09:31K.I.L.L.E.R. vs Vendetta version 2.5You should be using GoldenEye 007 (U) [!] to generate a patch. This is why many people have had issues patching your hack.
2017-02-17 23:54:51K.I.L.L.E.R. vs Vendetta version 2.5Johnny Thunderyes, i using 007 - GoldenEye (USA)
2017-02-17 22:48:45K.I.L.L.E.R. vs Vendetta version 2.5Why are you not using GoldenEye 007 (U) [!] as a base rom? All patches uploaded here use GoldenEye 007 (U) [!] as a base rom, why are you using 007 - GoldenEye (USA)?
2017-02-17 10:55:22K.I.L.L.E.R. vs Vendetta version 2.5Johnny ThunderI'm just new, and I just found out that the levels my friend made were not my friend's, but already they existed, I feel disappointed by my friend. I thought he had made the levels. I am sorry.
2017-02-17 10:49:29K.I.L.L.E.R. vs Vendetta version 2.5Johnny ThunderThe levels I did were: Aerodrome (Runway), Field 1 (Surface 1), Forest (Statue), Warehouse (Archives), Prison (Depot), C.R.P.T. (Rainforest), Showdown (Cradle) and China (Egyptian), my friend did the rest when I was very seriously ill, I could hardly move, and my friend finished the project for me, that's all.
2017-02-17 10:40:13K.I.L.L.E.R. vs Vendetta version 2.5Johnny ThunderSorry, but the idea was not mine, that level I modified my friend (Anonymous) and he showed me, including other levels, I did not know that it already existed, and unless I had copyrights, my friend thought to edit a level Of another person was of free will
2017-02-16 22:53:21Kakariko VillagemistamontielNope this doesn't replace anything unlike GE007 this adds in a new level to PD but keeps everything too
2017-02-16 18:22:04K.I.L.L.E.R. vs Vendetta version 2.5ReyI'm disappointed. I hope that you didn't take other peoples levels for this and slighty altered them. I seen the first level and it's identical to my old level called "The Chase". If you managed to change up textures and what not then I know your capable of better.
2017-02-16 14:54:51Volcano LairJohnny ThunderIt's not bad level, very hard, but good.
2017-02-15 21:35:36K.I.L.L.E.R. vs Vendetta version 2.5Johnny ThunderI do not know that, that does not happen to me
2017-02-15 21:11:31K.I.L.L.E.R. vs Vendetta version 2.5DanWhat file is this patch intended for? I tried using the Goldeneye [U] [1].z64 file to patch and it does not work.
2017-02-13 09:18:37N64 Sound Tool V1.3mario64play !!!Well, I tried it out and I saw that the same thing happens as in the modified ROM. And for some reason, if I click "Inject in Place" in the modified ROM, nothing happens.
2017-02-12 16:21:11N64 Sound Tool V1.3mr64wtf are you guys still commenting you know this website is old af
2017-02-12 16:18:45N64 Sound Tool V1.3SubDragThank you for the video!

I noticed you tried it with a modified ROM. Can you try the normal Super Mario 64 and see if it crashes? I can't reproduce the issue even following your instructions using the normal ROM. If that doesn't crash, I'm afraid you may need to send me your modified ROM in order for me to figure out what's wrong. Perhaps a previous sound edit is causing the crash, maybe just clicking Inject without deleting will crash too?

And make sure you also redownload the Sound Tool, right now, just to be sure you are using the absolute latest.
2017-02-12 13:52:03N64 Sound Tool V1.3mario64play !!!Hey SubDrag, the video that you asked for is FINALLY done! Sorry about that, but there were a few situations that didn't give me the chance to upload the video. But I hope you'll get the answers that you require.
Here is the link:

PS. Hopefully I won't offend you at the end of the video.
2017-02-10 16:26:52N64 Soundbank ToolJonalonadingdongI don't actually know what most of that means, but I did extract it from the .zip and it does work in Project 64 2.3.
2017-02-10 16:18:50N64 Soundbank ToolSubDragHmm, that opened fine for me. Are you sure you have an unzipped GoldenEye ROM, US, and it is not byteflipped, and has a valid MD5? It's also possible maybe your system doesn't support directsound or the default audio for it.
2017-02-10 15:19:10N64 Soundbank ToolJonalonadingdongI've tried Goldeneye and Majora's Mask.
2017-02-10 13:35:10GoldenEye XOld-School GamerThe tazer was a bug weapon in Goldeneye 64, why add it here? Also, add a Casino level in the single player.
2017-02-10 09:55:24N64 Soundbank ToolSubDragWhat game?
2017-02-10 07:07:17N64 Soundbank ToolJonalonadingdongI load up N64SoundbankTool.exe and click LOAD ROM and try to open a rom, and the program stops running.
2017-02-10 05:20:23N64 Soundbank ToolSubDragWhich ones are crashing? Make sure it is unzipped. Give me an example.
2017-02-09 18:28:13N64 Soundbank ToolJonalonadingdongEvery time I try to load a rom, the program just crashes on me. I've tried different versions of the same rom, such as different websites and roms of other nationalities. I was wondering if and how to fix this, and if somebody could post a link to some rom downloads that work?

Thanks much
2017-02-08 10:53:04K.I.L.L.E.R. vs Vendetta version 2.5Johnny ThunderIt would not be a bad idea, but I do not have any complete game files, what device do you use? Wii64 / Not 64 or Everdrive 64

no seria mala idea, pero yo no tengo ningun archivo del juego completo, que aparato utilizas? Wii64/Not 64 o el Everdrive 64
2017-02-08 10:51:51Drax FacilityJohnny ThunderWhat happened to Hugo Drax?

que paso con Hugo Drax?
2017-02-07 16:38:24N64 Soundbank ToolSubDragBomberman 64 is supported. It's the gameconfig.ini that has the games. Romdesc is only used for Seq64 games.

Screenshot Comments
2013-11-23 20:57:56Frigate in DamGolden4lifeLet's go to the secret island that everybody has been talking about! :D
2013-07-09 13:06:27McPipehelm and Raz Relaxing at Their Rubbish HomeOmegaCopWTF?!?!
2012-11-11 11:05:22Console ManLiamThose guys look like computers
2012-07-20 11:09:05Egypt Doors OpenHGNice hack images http://www.goldeneyevault.com/screenshots.php . -__- i think upload this images in my future tutorial video on youtube.
2012-05-14 08:51:57The VisitorsPerfection darkI always wished i could fly that ship
2012-05-14 08:49:05Never Call for a Cab in ChicagoPerfection darkChicago: Stealth Objectives: 1: Find drop point equiment 2: Dive 3: Enter G5 Building
2012-04-04 20:53:42Revenge 2SubDragI always found this amusing for whatever reason.
2011-12-22 10:01:51Jaildinnersbad***(click! Click!)your under arrest! Noooooooooooooo!
2011-12-21 11:30:04Here's Daniel!Goodbutt/dinnersbad***I changed my name to (dinnersbad***)Call me my old name goodbutt if you want
2011-12-16 15:02:35McPipehelm and Raz Relaxing at Their Rubbish HomeGoodbuttHome sweet home
2011-12-16 15:00:18Team Kill 2GoodbuttYou will DIE!!!!!!!
2011-12-16 14:56:38Guard in TankGoodbuttSomeone please make a war in the streets with lots of tanks!
2011-12-11 18:33:45Jaws CupsGoodbuttAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
2011-12-11 18:26:25Raz's assassinationGoodbuttEven I thought valentin was a good guy hheee'ssss evillllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-11-19 20:46:26Raz's assassinationGoodbuttNot a AK 47 OoooooKkkkkk! Bond is getting sshhoott!
2011-11-14 18:43:19Here's Daniel!Acceptable67Nothing suspicious here at all.... Carrington is just making a suprise appearance.
2011-07-30 20:05:57JailEmilyStay with this guys, you're heplnig a lot of people.
2011-07-30 18:02:20Egypt Doors OpeningChelsiaYour answer was just what I nedeed. It's made my day!
2011-07-30 14:56:52Cradle LineMahaliaThis is way better than a brick & mortar estbalsimhent.
2011-07-18 07:36:03Jaws CupsDestructoinoOMG, Jaws is back, with an army of clones!
2011-07-18 07:26:50Console ManDestructoinoIt is official, Robots are taking over the world 007. Get in there and blow them all to hell!
2011-07-14 12:46:54Here's Daniel!wtfWTF!!
2011-07-10 02:57:57Cradle LedgeDestructoinoPut a ladder up there, kick that guard of the antenna, then stab everything in your path with the hunting knife! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
2011-05-05 15:49:06Glassware Vaultdfsd nice one!!
2011-04-19 04:40:17Team Kill 1HowHTF did u do that?
2011-04-19 04:39:27Cradle LineI-ballIt's not fake, they do do that. They did the to me on silo.
2010-10-24 12:51:53Console ManBayhow do you make guards talk?
2010-10-11 07:03:43Cradle AttackGEfan24mixed weaopons glitch. I love it! Its fun! Hold 2 guns-tap z-tap b-tap a- then hit z really fast!)

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