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File Comments
2014-04-13 11:58:32GoldenEye XZLBThis is excellent news.

This is an excellent mod and I'm looking forward to trying the new version. Downloading now.

Good work.
2014-04-11 13:53:31N64 Midi ToolSubDragI believe there is now a tool to rip zelda MML to midi, created by Skelux.
2014-04-11 13:10:32N64 Midi ToolXaikuTheMaverickHunterNever mind. I read the earlier posts describing the whole "MML" thing.
2014-04-11 13:07:04N64 Midi ToolXaikuTheMaverickHunterWait a minute, no Zelda? SubDrag, can you get on that some time soon?
2014-04-11 06:12:24GoldenEye XJamesBond007Hi, It's me, James Bond, I hope enjoyed this new mod called GoldenEye: X Patch 5c-i and be sure that my friends will make another version of GoldenEye: X, See you later.
2014-04-04 15:23:37GoldenEye XCan you make a "Spectator mod" ?
Sometime im very curious about the AI xD
2014-04-03 06:44:22N64 Sound Tool V1.1jordiBeen using this for a while, great tool. Thanks for all the efforts
2014-04-02 16:23:34N64 Sound Tool V1.1SubDragIt's a completely different way of doing it, this is not similar to usfs.
2014-04-02 08:21:44N64 Sound Tool V1.1MAKGreat tool! I have a question (or suggestion maybe): How about export to *.usflib/*miniusf?
2014-04-02 03:56:04Antenna CradledeanYOUR AS COLD AS ICE cool level
2014-04-01 09:28:39GoldenEye XArcadeyGreat work SubDrag & the team, really nice too see the Single-player GoldenEye Level Models inserted now and running with the 4MB Expansion, always did wonder myself what GoldenEye would have looked like had Nintendo had included the extra 4MB from the consoles launch. Xmas outfit was amusing to see. I would like to see jo dark's evening dress/wear reinserted if possible as it balances with the dinner jackets of the different bond characters for when u know, u have those 'Formal' battles, lols. On another note, how's Goldfinger 64 moving along? it'd be nice to see and test an early beta.
2014-03-31 13:41:19Cliff BaseSubDragIs it not unlocked? You can open ROM in 21990 editor in GE Setup Editor and unlock all levels. I didn't realize wasn't already done.
2014-03-31 13:08:46Cliff BaseLukeIf you was to play this on the everdrive would you have to complete each level until you reach caverns?..is there a easier way by any chance?
2014-03-30 14:23:48Storage FacilitySubDragIt's fixed if you regrab the zip and try again.
2014-03-30 02:30:06Storage FacilityLukeUnfortuntely this doesnt work on the Everdrive 64 once the level is selected...i tried everything else possible but still n joy.... :(
2014-03-28 18:52:33GoldenEye XSteveOh I got ya. So this is going to be quite different than earlier versions right? The version I'm familiar with is basically Perfect Dark but with Bond, Bond weapons, and Bond music inserted in. And that was very enjoyable. Look forward to seeing the finished version of this new project.
2014-03-26 03:17:07GoldenEye/PD Editor 2.5/1.0tommy reillywell done
2014-03-25 17:16:56GoldenEye XWreckPatch 5c-i includes previews of mission levels, which are empty environments. You should be able to select any level in the game, without needing to beat each one in order to progress. The actual missions are still being worked on, and will be released in a future patch. For now, you can enjoy a nearly finished VR mode, against either other human players and/or computer controlled Simulants.
2014-03-23 12:49:24N64 Sound Tool V1.1SubDragIt doesn't seem to use the sound effects directly. We probably need to hack a music track modifier, oddly doesn't exist yet.
2014-03-23 10:36:48GoldenEye XSteveWell I got the game to load fine and beat the first level (which was the first level of Perfect Dark) but now level 2 is the chemical plant from GoldenEye and it has nothing in it but the level. No bad guys or anything. Don't know what my problem can be but this all seems like more trouble than it's worth. Thanks anyway.
2014-03-23 07:42:00GoldenEye XSteveNevermind, Subdrag. I found the settings you were talking about in the Read Me file and everything seems to be working fine now. Thanks again.
2014-03-23 07:27:32GoldenEye XSteveHey thanks for responding so quickly. No, I didn't change any settings on my PJ64 and I can't seem to find this Perfect Dark FAQ section here on GoldenEye Vault that you mentioned. Can you point me in the right direction of this FAQ or just tell me what PJ64 settings need to be changed? Thanks again.
2014-03-23 05:46:30GoldenEye XSubDragDid you set the settings for the ROM in PJ64 according to FAQ for Perfect Dark on GoldenEyeVault? Save type is probably wrong.
2014-03-22 21:18:06MultiplayerX's Extended Multi ModMultiplayerXUPDATE: Fixed the flags on Isla Sorna. Took forever! Thank you for pointing that out. Working on two new levels now and adding some stuff to SORNA. MultiplayerX
2014-03-22 19:40:57N64 Sound Tool V1.1EarthHi Subdrag, in The World is Not Enough there is what sounds to be an unused alternate pause menu song at number 0250 under instruments. It only plays for 2 seconds, so I can't hear the whole thing, same for the used pause song at 0251. Is there a possibility you could create a GS code to swap the pause menu song with this mysterious one so it can be heard? (assuming that music from TWINE is still unable to be extracted due to it's unique music format.)
2014-03-22 19:40:07GoldenEye XSteveI'm having a strange problem. The game loads fine and it shows Bond standing at computer. I click "new agent" since it's my first time playing and I entered my name and clicked "ok." But I was only given the options to either "delete files" (there aren't any) or "cancel." It also says "select location" and beneath that it says "where" and "spaces" but I can't select them. What do I do?
2014-03-22 07:09:04Kakariko VillageSogun@Brazilian
The level should appear at the bottom of the multiplayer level list. There are different versions named Playground, Noche cerrada, Stormy and others.
If you have problems using the Editor to patch the rom, you can use this other tool -> http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/704/
Don't forget to edit the rom settings in Project64 if you are using that emu.

(google translate)
O nível deve estar no fim da lista de níveis múltiplos jogadores. Várias chamadas veriones Playground, Noche Cerrada, Stormy e outros. Se você tiver problemas com este editor você pode usar uma outra ferramenta ->
Não se esqueça de editar as configuraçõ da rom em Project 64 se você estiver usando o emulador.
2014-03-20 19:17:00Kakariko VillageBrazilianMan, I hope some answer here. Recently I saw your Patch of OoT, and I loved it, but I followed all the steps to be able to play it and still could not. Is it something I did wrong in PD Editor? Just know that the game usually opens with no map of the Zelda ... Please help me. I am Brazilian and my English is terrible.
2014-03-19 08:57:02GoldenEye XlaerrusHey guys.

Great job on Goldeneye x

I was wondering, could you guys make a patch for Goldeneye x
So that it can run on Surreal64ce b5.5

That would be awesome!


2014-03-18 12:51:57GoldenEye XPaulFinally got goldeneye X to work!! Its awesome thank you for making it!

Screenshot Comments
2013-11-23 20:57:56Frigate in DamGolden4lifeLet's go to the secret island that everybody has been talking about! :D
2013-07-09 13:06:27McPipehelm and Raz Relaxing at Their Rubbish HomeOmegaCopWTF?!?!
2012-11-11 11:05:22Console ManLiamThose guys look like computers
2012-07-20 11:09:05Egypt Doors OpenHGNice hack images http://www.goldeneyevault.com/screenshots.php . -__- i think upload this images in my future tutorial video on youtube.
2012-05-14 08:51:57The VisitorsPerfection darkI always wished i could fly that ship
2012-05-14 08:49:05Never Call for a Cab in ChicagoPerfection darkChicago: Stealth Objectives: 1: Find drop point equiment 2: Dive 3: Enter G5 Building
2012-04-04 20:53:42Revenge 2SubDragI always found this amusing for whatever reason.
2011-12-22 10:01:51Jaildinnersbad***(click! Click!)your under arrest! Noooooooooooooo!
2011-12-21 11:30:04Here's Daniel!Goodbutt/dinnersbad***I changed my name to (dinnersbad***)Call me my old name goodbutt if you want
2011-12-16 15:02:35McPipehelm and Raz Relaxing at Their Rubbish HomeGoodbuttHome sweet home
2011-12-16 15:00:18Team Kill 2GoodbuttYou will DIE!!!!!!!
2011-12-16 14:56:38Guard in TankGoodbuttSomeone please make a war in the streets with lots of tanks!
2011-12-11 18:33:45Jaws CupsGoodbuttAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
2011-12-11 18:26:25Raz's assassinationGoodbuttEven I thought valentin was a good guy hheee'ssss evillllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-11-19 20:46:26Raz's assassinationGoodbuttNot a AK 47 OoooooKkkkkk! Bond is getting sshhoott!
2011-11-14 18:43:19Here's Daniel!Acceptable67Nothing suspicious here at all.... Carrington is just making a suprise appearance.
2011-07-30 20:05:57JailEmilyStay with this guys, you're heplnig a lot of people.
2011-07-30 18:02:20Egypt Doors OpeningChelsiaYour answer was just what I nedeed. It's made my day!
2011-07-30 14:56:52Cradle LineMahaliaThis is way better than a brick & mortar estbalsimhent.
2011-07-18 07:36:03Jaws CupsDestructoinoOMG, Jaws is back, with an army of clones!
2011-07-18 07:26:50Console ManDestructoinoIt is official, Robots are taking over the world 007. Get in there and blow them all to hell!
2011-07-14 12:46:54Here's Daniel!wtfWTF!!
2011-07-10 02:57:57Cradle LedgeDestructoinoPut a ladder up there, kick that guard of the antenna, then stab everything in your path with the hunting knife! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
2011-05-05 15:49:06Glassware Vaultdfsd nice one!!
2011-04-19 04:40:17Team Kill 1HowHTF did u do that?
2011-04-19 04:39:27Cradle LineI-ballIt's not fake, they do do that. They did the to me on silo.
2010-10-24 12:51:53Console ManBayhow do you make guards talk?
2010-10-11 07:03:43Cradle AttackGEfan24mixed weaopons glitch. I love it! Its fun! Hold 2 guns-tap z-tap b-tap a- then hit z really fast!)

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