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About Goldeneye
By: SubDrag

Last Updated July 6, 2007

Goldeneye 007 was released on August 25th, 1997. Its brilliance was realized very shortly thereafter, and we started playing this game non-stop. A year later, we were still playing it. Five years later we were still playing it. Ten years later, and we're still playing it. It is recognized by many as the greatest game of all-time, and is broadly considered far better than the recent crop of first-person shooters. It's by no means a perfect game (perfection is impossible), but there's something so special about this game, that even when you play it ten years later, you still get that rush from a close License to Kill match or enjoy a stealthy Dam or Bunker mission.

Still, a fact that cannot be escaped is that part of what makes Goldeneye so great, is all of the fun stuff we did that altered the original intended programming. GameShark and Action Replay codes excited us to no end, such as when the new multiplayer levels came out, when the image modifier was found, etc: it kept us coming back and back and back to our favorite game. Another of the biggest draws to Goldeneye was its mysteries: why were Oddjob and Mayday in the instruction manual but not in the game, where are the old Bonds, what is the red truck for: the list goes on and on.

A couple of years ago, I personally started secret work on what I had originally called the Runway Setup Editor. I did not make it public, since I figured I would never finish it. Since Runway was the simplest of all levels and Goldeneye's level format was complicated, I figured that I could create an editor that edited a few things in Runway only, primarily the ability to modify presets (what we call coordinates). Work continued for a little while, and I enlisted the help of Wreck and Zoinkity, not to mention making use of all the documents I had saved of the thousands of hours of work done by many GameShark and Action Replay code creators in the past. At a certain point, I decided to include more than just presets (and just Runway), adding objects and action blocks. But at this point, the project had become difficult, hit a lot of roadblocks, and I stopped work.

A good chunk of time later , I was sitting in a car and just imagined how incredible it would be to be able to add objectives, and modify things by clicking and dragging a mouse. I had a bit of time on my hands, and vowed to finish the job, re-enlisted Wreck and Zoinkity, and continued production. Goldeneye Setup Editor 1.0 was vaulted onto the world on October 25, 2005 (from complete secrecy), but did not include a visual interface. People were excited, but found the editor too difficult to use. I redoubled my efforts to add a Visual interface, and released the Goldeneye Setup Editor on October 25th, 2007.

This new editor allowed almost anyone with a serious interest in Goldeneye modification to be able to easily and quickly create new levels, without knowing even what hexadecimal was. It has allowed for the porting of Perfect Dark levels such as G5 Building and Car Park, not to mention a spectacular new Library mission.

Still, there was no real site that organized all of this modification, and the community is small. This site attempts to increase awareness and spread of Goldeneye modification, especially through the use of the Goldeneye Setup Editor. Please enjoy the site, download levels and the editor, and create your own!

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