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Featured Levels - the Best of the Best

Featured Article Editor V3 and 8 Meg Patch
Version 3 of the GoldenEye Setup Editor with new games, and the 8 Meg GoldenEye patch. You canít go wrong here.
Featured Article Alfredo Lamberra
Complete pack of 20 solo levels in the Alfredo Lamberra timeline, with unique and clever levels, new textures, gun modifications, and much more.
Featured Article Blue Resort and Holiday Island
Sogun presents two new ports from other games, Blue Resort from Bomberman 64, and the gigantic Holiday Island from Pilotwings 64. The patch also bundles his previous Zelda and Mario maps.
Featured Article GoldenEye X -
Official Release 5c

Wreck presents enhanced GoldenEye in the Perfect Dark Engine, now with Facility Backzone and Aztec in multiplayer, solo mission tour, and tons of great improvements!
Featured Article Forest Temple
Sogun presents a brilliantly executed port of Forest Temple from Ocarina of Time with intense lighting. It even contains the twisted walkway. The patch also bundles his previous Kakariko map and Peach's Castle levels.
Featured Article Peach's Castle
Sogun presents a near perfect port of Peach's Castle, both the inside hub, and the outside. It's the most advanced imported new GoldenEye level to date. The patch also bundles his previous Kakariko map.
Featured Article Kakariko Village - Now in Perfect Dark
Sogun presents Kakariko Village from the Ocarina of Time, in Perfect Dark Multiplayer, to celebrate 25 years of Zelda. The level includes pots, boxes, doors, windows, a functioning windmill, and even rain! A can't miss.
Featured Article Cliff Base
GERage presents a unique level called Cliff Base, taking place years later at Arkangel (after the explosion took place). It boasts a superb mixing of new and old architecture, great level design, and a twist in plot. A must-play solo level.
Featured Article Island Mission
TimEh presents a fantastic completely new and unique level taking place on a secret island. Explore all new surroundings and take part in an island raid. Help MI6 take down the rogue group while rescuing the undercover agent who has been explosed.
Featured Article Rideable Vehicles
Ever wanted to drive the Jeep, Motorbike, or Dam boat? MrKane brings us the ability to drive all of them. Expand your solo levels and enjoy the ability to drive more than just the tank. Restore the motorbike to Runway, or give jeeps movement in Streets, for starters.
Featured Article Counter-Strike Map Pack
Monkeyface brings us 10 (you read that right, 10!) new levels in one stunning map pack. This level completely converts GoldenEye to include many Counter-Strike levels.

This is a must-have for all GE players. Also check out the video introduction to all the levels
Featured Article Rise of the Hammer Levels
The community has been slowly improving its Hammer skills, and it's spectacular. BMW brings us Courtyard, and Flopperr999 brings us a Township, completely new and imported from the Hammer editor. Skorpion now brings us Stadium.
Featured Article Complex Multi
Kode-Z has brought us some fantastic ports of Perfect Dark levels, and now he brings us the cleverly reworked Complex from Perfect Dark. Mix up your GoldenEye matches with this gem.
Featured Article Skedar and Villa Multi
Zoinkity brings us one of the best multi levels from Perfect Dark, Skedar, with a stunning new touch - the beta drawbridge from Perfect Dark, fully functional in GoldenEye. Then KodeZ brings us the quick-paced and lovely Villa cs level. These level will make for some serious GoldenEye action.
Featured Article Grid
Grid from Perfect Dark, including the glass walkway and plenty of weapon sets. Invent your own scenarios such as defend the Golden Gun, have battles through the floor glass, play flag tag.
Featured Article Chicago Multi
Zoinkity brings us Chicago from Perfect Dark in full GoldenEye glory. Have extreme battles in the Pond Punk, on the streets, or in the Sewers. Enjoy this Perfect Dark conversion.
Featured Article G5/Car Park/Citadel
Oldie but goodie, this absolutely should've been but never was a featured level, so this makes up for it. Play Car Park and G5 Building nearly perfectly ported directly from Perfect Dark, but with GoldenEye glory! Also, play the long-lost Citadel mission.
Featured Article Silo Mission released
The third of our revolutionary solo missions, this time created by Dragonsbrethren. Rescue hostages in silo, take out the new shadowy Janus leader, and explore silo, starting from the elevator.
Featured Article Complex Mission
A brilliant new level by Timothy1979 in the Complex level. Rescue Paddington, steal the information from the CIA, and get out of there. Oh, and make sure not to be caught by security cameras, would you?
Featured Article Banjo Kazooie Map Pack 1
Cyberen (along with SubDrag and Ice Mario) recreate three amazing Banjo Kazooie levels in GoldenEye. It's a site to see, and are spectacular levels to play. There's Furnace Fun, Grunty's Tower, and MMM Cellar.
Featured Article Block Fort
A reworking of Mario Kart's Block Fort level, complete with a lower level and all the same blocks. A great 2 v 2 with different bases, and plenty of action.
Featured Article Library Mission released!
BMW brings us a stunning new solo mission. It's well, well worth your time. This is why the editor was created.

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