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Files - PD Multi Levels

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All Solos in Multi00darkMay 10, 2012All solos in multi pack.
All Solo's in Multi (with Weather)00dark/MultiplayerXJuly 5, 201300 Dark's Solo in Multis patch, with weather added to four levels.
Crash Site CSKrijy,ZoinkityMay 28, 2009Crash SiteCrash Site in multi.
Carrington Villa CSKrijy,ZoinkityMay 28, 2009Carrington VillaCarrington Villa in multi.
Weather Selector MultiMultiplayerXApril 21, 2014All multi PD levels in Rain or Snow.
Deep Sea X Teleport EditionMultiplayerXMay 5, 2013Deep SeaDeep Sea X multiplayer map, with the use of teleports.
Landing Zone TrilogyMultiplayerXJuly 7, 2014Play multi with three of the game's planes, as levels.
Kakariko VillageSogunMarch 2, 2012Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Kakariko Village in Perfect Dark multiplayer with rain, moving windmill, and more.
GoldenEye XWreckDecember 25, 2016GoldenEye in Perfect Dark - The Ultimate Conversion (Sixth Official Release e beta)
Perfect Dark PlusWreckJune 15, 2017AllEnhancement to Perfect Dark combat simulator, such as play as Skedar, Carroll, 2x Weapons, etc.
GE Classic Guns in PDWreckSeptember 25, 2011Classics GE Guns Enabled in Multiplayer
2X Weapons No Reloads PlusWreckDecember 2, 2016A patch that will allow all weapons to be 2X. Watch out, the sims can too!
GE Weapons MultiZoinkityAugust 14, 2009Use GE Weapons in PD Multi, and play Krijy's Crash Site and Villa.

Total Found: 13


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