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Meeting RoomSubDragJuly 9, 2007DepotA depot modification, with tons of vehicles, and a mid-level cut-scene.
Hide and SeekSubDragJuly 9, 2007TrainA simple level where you need to find the real Xenia on train.
Streets NegotiationsSubDragJuly 9, 2007StreetsHostage situation on the streets.
Path LandSubDragJuly 9, 2007RunwayGuards are on all sorts of different paths, with different weapons.
Runway Takedown 1.1SubDragJuly 9, 2007RunwayAt the KAKO Airfield, the Russian vehicles need to be destroyed.
Q Lab Device Training 1.1WreckJuly 9, 2007LibraryQ's got a short gadget training prepared for you.
Beta ConversionKCGHostJuly 9, 2007ManyThis modifies most of the missions to be like the beta versions.
DarknessZoinkityJuly 10, 2007ArchivesSimple little fun level, trying to escape a room.
Library MissionBMWJuly 10, 2007LibraryA completely new and unique mission taking place in the Library map.
Free For AllSubDragJuly 27, 2007RunwayA level where guards fire at each other constantly and it's a total free for all!
Weapon's WarehouseGolfMan25August 24, 2007LibraryWeapon Warehouse, Russia. 7/8 of Stack, Jaws and Boris are here, you starting off with 2 throwing knives.
Complex Mission 1.1Timothy1979October 6, 2007ComplexA brilliant mission in Complex involving CIA agents, secret technology, and plenty of intrigue.
Silo MissionDragonsbrethrenNovember 5, 2007SiloSilo mission concerning the new head of the Janus syndicate, and a plot to launch rockets.
Jungle Wararmymen12002003November 26, 2007JungleTake a group of soldiers in Vietnam and storm the premises.
Janus Nuclear FacilityGERageDecember 19, 2007FacilityA remake involving exploding grenade launchers, a boss battle with Xenia, etc.
Dam Island 1.1Mark KaneJanuary 1, 2008DamThe Dam island has been clipped and a warper added to get you there and back.
Jungle with LadderZoinkityFebruary 1, 2008JungleAdds a ladder to Jungle's tower for sniping and play.
Archives Clipping FixZoinkityFebruary 6, 2008Archives Clipping FixFixes archives clipping around the window area.
OfficeDragonsbrethrenFebruary 17, 2008OfficeSolo and multi level called Office, the first created quickly with the Hammer editor.
Bunker 3ScorpionMarch 30, 2008Bunker 2Bunker 2, made more difficult and modified.
Janus SiloGERageApril 1, 2008SiloFoil Janus's attempt to use nuclear missiles in this sequel to the Janus Nuclear Facility.
Japanese Facility 1.1TAKA Michinoku 9.1November 2, 2008FacilityA new facility solo mission with a twist. Defeat the Japanese as they are building nuclear weapons.
Grid MissionDragonsbrethrenNovember 17, 2008GridPlay a solo mission in the Perfect Dark level of Grid.
Chinese TempleTAKA Michinoku 9.1December 22, 2008TempleThe 4th mission in the hunt to find TAKA Michinoku9.1, takes you to Temple.
Conkster Control BunkerTAKA Michinoku 9.1December 29, 2008ControlThe 5th mission in the series, take on the evil level in Bunker.
Aztec ComplexDragonsbrethrenDecember 31, 2008ComplexA sequel to the Aztec mission, taking place in Complex.
Nitro Surface 1.1TAKA Michinoku 9.1January 4, 2009Surface 2The 6th mission in the series, take on a modified Surface 2 mission.
Kaientai Archives RO&DTAKA Michinoku 9.1February 20, 2009ArchivesTaken from Russia by members of Kaientai's RO&D, Bond finds himself locked up in a Japanese prison.
Caves MissionOctan BaronFebruary 28, 2009CavesPlay the caves level in a solo mission.
Kaientai Basement 1.1TAKA Michinoku 9.1March 11, 2009BasementWork with TAKA to take PEPE and Klub Kamikaze out.

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