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Files - Multi Levels

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Silo BackzoneJackLJuly 9, 2007SiloPlay Silo in multiplayer in the backzone.
Cradle MP Death ElevationZoinkityJuly 9, 2007CradleCradle multiplayer, but you die if you fall in the pit.
Facility VentZoinkityJuly 9, 2007FacilityAllow the walking through the vent in facility that's ordinarily blocked off.
G5 Building MultiplayerZoinkityJuly 9, 2007G5 BuildingPlay G5 Building from Perfect Dark in Goldeneye!
Caged Carnage00darkJuly 9, 2007Bunker 2Bunker cage match.
Co-op FacilitySubDragJuly 9, 2007FacilityPlay facility in "co-operative mode" (at least kill all the guards with 2P).
CitadelZoinkityJuly 9, 2007CitadelThe infamous Citadel fully playable!
Cuba Multiplayer00darkJuly 9, 2007CubaCuba Multiplayer, scaled larger with plants and explosive barrels.
Tunnel00darkJuly 9, 2007DamDam multiplayer in a tight arena with plants and walls.
Jaws ArenaJackLJuly 9, 2007AztecAztec in multiplayer (note requires GameShark codes).
Bunker 1 MultiWreckJuly 9, 2007Bunker 1Bunker 1 multi, instead of the normal Bunker 2.
Control00darkJuly 9, 2007CavesA caves modification with a lot of computers.
New Multis PackageZoinkityJuly 26, 2007VariousCar Park, G5 Multi, and Citadel multi in one ROM!
Almond TempleCyberenJuly 29, 2007Almond TempleA completely new and unique Goldeneye level, testing ramps and allowing for very close knit combat.
Block Fort Upside-DownCyberenAugust 2, 2007Block Fort Upside-DownAn all new level, modelled on Mario Kart's Block Fort. This one's upside-down, for a bizarre experience.
Block FortCyberenAugust 2, 2007Block FortAn all new level, modelled on Mario Kart's Block Fort.
Techno DishGolfMan25August 3, 2007CradleCradle with some technology.
Cuban TempleGolfMan25August 3, 2007TempleTemple with some vegetation and a jeep.
The ArenaGolfMan25August 15, 2007TempleSome blocked off ways by bookcases and an interesting room.
Testing AreaGolfMan25August 15, 2007TempleTesting Area with many unique and interesting rooms.
The ApartmentGolfMan25August 15, 2007TempleApartment level with some apartment-like rooms.
ComplexityGolfMan25August 15, 2007ComplexComplex with varied doors and computer equipment.
Car Park MultiplayerZoinkityAugust 16, 2007Car ParkPlay Car Park from Perfect Dark in Goldeneye!
Archives BackzoneAbasyouAugust 16, 2007ArchivesArchives Backzone
Facility Backzone 1.0AbasyouAugust 16, 2007FacilityFacility Backzone, smaller version of the two Facility Backzones.
Facility Science AreaAbasyouAugust 16, 2007FacilityFacility Science Area, with bottles and tables, in the backzone.
Facility Backzone 1.1AbasyouAugust 17, 2007FacilityFacility Backzone, a midsized version.
Facility Backzone 1.2AbasyouAugust 17, 2007FacilityFacility Backzone, a large version with two areas for sniping and shotgun fun.
Kahi's PrisonGolfMan25August 18, 2007Complex2/3 of Complex with a jail in it. One of the rooms has glass in it. In the room with the jail in it has "KAHI" on the wall.
Facility Vent ZoneSubDragAugust 19, 2007FacilityA multiplayer map taking place in a much extended Facility Vents.

Total Found: 87

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GoldenEye Vault features a collection of fan-made, custom materials based on popular N64 games. We do not support, nor condone, the distribution of patches or ROMs for monetary gain of any kind. Our focus is to freely showcase the work of various authors, in an attempt to extend both the life and fun of such classic titles.