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Dam OvertureMark KaneApril 1, 2009Ride the Dam Boat to the island in a beta fashion.
IslandTimEhJune 9, 2009All new mission raiding a South Pacific island where new rockets are being built.
GardenEntropy SoldierMarch 20, 2012A completely new new solo map full of shotguns and gardens.
GoldenEye Hard ModeOsitshoDecember 6, 2014The same Goldeneye with an altered/increased difficulty curve.
Project GoldenEye v2.1Connery as BondDecember 26, 2016Rework of the GoldenEye levels, one by one.
Goldfinger 64SubDrag, Trevor, Sogun, Zoinkity, Wreck, Dragonsbrethren, MRKane, 00action, Cyberen, Monkeyface, Kyle, Sean Ryan, Garabuyo, Comet, Stolen Textures, Spinout, ShiftClickSeptember 15, 2017Goldfinger 64 leaps onto your Nintendo 64 console, in a spectacular, mind-blowing new adventure starring James Bond based on the movie.
GoldenEye With Mario CharactersStupidMarioBros1FanJanuary 11, 2018GoldenEye with Mario Characters.
K.I.L.L.E.R. vs Vendetta version 4.0Johnny ThunderMarch 1, 2017AllA complete revamp of all the GoldenEye levels with characters coming from Army Men Sarge's Heroes.
Ginez Silvo: The Adventure Continues V4.3Johnny ThunderApril 23, 2017AllSequel of K.I.L.L.E.R. vs Vendetta, with new levels, new characters, new weapons and more!
Mirror ModeWreckAugust 13, 2017AllMirror all the levels in GoldenEye, for a new experience.
K.I.L.L.E.R. vs. Vendetta: Expanded Edition 1.5.2Johnny ThunderDecember 30, 2017All"K.I.L.L.E.R. vs. Vendetta: Expanded Edition" is here, with surprises and 8 meg expansion.
DarknessZoinkityJuly 10, 2007ArchivesSimple little fun level, trying to escape a room.
Kaientai Archives RO&DTAKA Michinoku 9.1February 20, 2009ArchivesTaken from Russia by members of Kaientai's RO&D, Bond finds himself locked up in a Japanese prison.
Warehouse 8Rey and AmiDecember 24, 2016ArchivesA unique take on archives solo mission, starting at the end, and going in.
HotelZkaFebruary 18, 2018ArchivesHotel level taking place in re-textured archives.
Archives Clipping FixZoinkityFebruary 6, 2008Archives Clipping FixFixes archives clipping around the window area.
Research ComplexShiftClickNovember 2, 2012AztecA challenging Aztec level, grabbing files and corrupting data.
Ancient TempleReyAugust 3, 2012AztecTake on an army of guards in Aztec.
Kaientai Basement 1.1TAKA Michinoku 9.1March 11, 2009BasementWork with TAKA to take PEPE and Klub Kamikaze out.
BasementCoockie1173February 14, 2018BasementSequel to Russian Bunker 2 level.
Code Red 1.1SNESVideoGames0November 13, 2011BunkerBunker unique level with all sorts of tricks.
Russian BunkerCoockie1173July 8, 2017Bunker 1Enter Russian's secret Bunker and retrieve the stolen MI6 weapon.
Underground BaseReyJuly 27, 2012Bunker 1In a heavily texture modded Bunker, destroy the eye and fight the onslaught.
Bunker EscapadesSilverEyeMarch 19, 2013Bunker 1Go through a heavily fortified bunker and escape.
Satellite Control BunkerZkaJanuary 29, 2018Bunker 1New mission taking placing in Bunker.
RetractPheonarxFebruary 24, 2018Bunker 1Stealthy, completely custom map at an enemy base.
Bunker 3ScorpionMarch 30, 2008Bunker 2Bunker 2, made more difficult and modified.
PrisonShiftClickFebruary 3, 2013Bunker 2A completely reworked Bunker 2, starting from outside.
LabsReyMay 16, 2012Bunker 2Sealed in Bunker, fight and collect your way out.
Underground Base RebornReyDecember 9, 2014Bunker 2Remodeled Bunker 2 level as "Underground Base"

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