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8 Meg GoldenEyeZoinkityAugust 2, 2015Convert GoldenEye into 8 Meg for more allocation.
Action Block TogglesZoinkityAugust 27, 2007Modifies action blocks to toggle stage time, player pickups, explosions, and stage failure.
Aiming Down SightsRucksack GamerMarch 18, 2018Aiming Down Sights
All Bond Costumes MultiplayerZoinkityJuly 9, 2007All Bond costumes in multiplayer.
All BondsMonkeyfaceApril 26, 2008A unique take on All Bonds, with all new portraits of the Bonds, including the new Bond, Craig.
All BondsWreck/SubDragSeptember 25, 2012All Bonds, based off the Bond head, using the original head textures, with new uvs, and bonus Lazenby.
All Bonds (Mark Kane)Mark KaneNovember 25, 2008All Bonds with retooled models and high poly counts.
All Bonds in MenuZoinkityJuly 9, 2007See all of the old Bond pictures in the menu.
All Guns ZoomSubDrag and Viper187July 10, 2007Allow all guns to zoom.
Always Show CrosshairCoockie1173August 17, 2017Always Show Crosshair
Backwards WatchZoinkityJanuary 12, 2008The clock in the GoldenEye menu in-game nows ticks backwards.
Beta AimerSubDragJuly 10, 2007Use the beta aimer in gameplay.
Blender GEObj ExporterEntropy SoldierOctober 9, 2017Blender Exporter to GEObj Format
Blood PatchWreckApril 11, 2018Restore unused blood splatters from GoldenEye.
Catch Bad Text DigitsZoinkityOctober 23, 2009Invalid text digits no longer crash game.
Cheat ExtensionWreckAugust 4, 2018Extend the cheat list with some unique cheats.
Choose Same CharacterZoinkityAugust 25, 2007Allows for choosing of the same character in multi by any person.
Custom MusicCHLindinMarch 8, 2018All music in GoldenEye replaced by new songs.
Doom-Style LookingCoockie1173March 29, 2018Disabling up/down look, to mimic Doom-Style controls.
Dr. NoZoinkityAugust 23, 2007A patch that adds Line Mode and Dr. No (no armor in multiplayer) as cheats in the cheat menu.
Dual Eyes Cooperative GoldenEye 2.0Rucksack GamerMarch 16, 2018First attempt at GoldenEye played cooperatively.
Enemy LasersSubDragJuly 9, 2007Enemy Rockets cheat is now Enemy Lasers
Fix Co-operative ModeSubDragAugust 27, 2007This patch fixes the "co-op" bug in multiplayer where if a guard or drone gun kills you, the game crashes.
Footsteps V16Pavarini (and Zoinkity, SubDrag)June 4, 2018Starter patch for custom missions with multiple combined features.
GoldenEye Hi ResSubDrag and TrevorJanuary 2, 2018Play GoldenEye in High Resolution!
GoldenEye Real Gun NamesLampPostAugust 9, 2017Replace the guns with their real-life names
GoldenEye Soundfontpunk7890/Trevor/mesnoirJanuary 16, 2014GoldenEye SoundFont in SF2 in original instrument order.
GoldenEye Spectrum EmulatorZoinkityMarch 27, 2012Unlock and play GoldenEye's Spectrum emulator.
Jiggy Paradise 1.1SubDragJuly 15, 2007A simple test showing what is in store for the future of Goldeneye.
Live and Let Die ModeZoinkityJuly 15, 2007Live And Let Die Multiplayer scenario replacing Flag Tag - longest innings wins.

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