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Paradox 1.1TimEhJune 20, 2009BasementMulti level where your view seems to be wrong and every turn changes the map.
Complex WalkwayZoinkityMay 22, 2009ComplexAdds PD's walkway into Complex back into GoldenEye.
Chaos 1.1TimEhMay 12, 2009ComplexCustom Complex-like multiplayer map make with XSI Model Editor.
MazeRyanoasisMarch 28, 2009Stack/Basement/LibraryLibrary, Basement, and Stack moddified to be more like a maze with action blocks (warping,traps,doors), random breakable glass and image replacements.
Attack Ship BridgeKode-ZDecember 16, 2008Attack Ship (PD)Play Attack Ship from Perfect Dark in GoldenEye glory!
StadiumSkorpionOctober 17, 2008ComplexA completely new and brilliant hammer multi level.
TownshipFlopperr999September 4, 2008TownshipA delightful and unique new multiplayer level imported from the Hammer editor, called Township.
Complex PDKode-ZSeptember 1, 2008Complex (PD)Play Complex in GoldenEye, but the version from Perfect Dark!
BMW's Multi Pack v7BMWAugust 20, 2008VariousBMW's multi pack, featuring great custom levels for Surface, Depot, Train, Dam, and more.
Bunker 1.5GERageJune 28, 2008Bunker 1.5A smaller version of Bunker multi.
Ravine MultiKode-ZMay 17, 2008RavineRavine from Perfect Dark in full GoldenEye glory.
Control MultiDragonsbrethrenApril 3, 2008ControlControl Multi.
Statue and Cradle multiDragonsbrethrenMarch 30, 2008Statue/CradleRare's Statue/Cradle multi in an ips patch.
CourtyardBMWMarch 12, 2008CourtyardThe first true level created with the Hammer editor, fully playable in multi.
Skedar MultiZoinkityFebruary 28, 2008SkedarSkedar from Perfect Dark in full multiplayer, with an all new drawbridge.
Villa MultiKode-ZJanuary 17, 2008VillaVilla from Perfect Dark in full GoldenEye glory.
Chicago MultiZoinkityJanuary 1, 2008ChicagoChicago from Perfect Dark in full multiplayer action.
GridSubDragJanuary 1, 2008GridPlay Grid in all its glory from Perfect Dark.
FortressSubDragDecember 26, 2007FortressPlay the upper portion of Fortress from PD.
Fuel DumpGERageDecember 19, 2007BasementThis new multi level features lots of objects to destroy, including gas barrels, test tubes, and computer stations.
Solo in Multi 1.1AbasyouSeptember 29, 2007VariousAztec, Cradle, Dam, Depot, Frigate, Runway, Control, and Silo in multi.
Silo MultiAbasyouSeptember 25, 2007SiloSilo in multiplayer, full zone.
Runway MultiplayerIcyGuySeptember 16, 2007RunwayPlay Runway in multiplayer mode using the old GameShark level's spawns, replacing Water Caverns on the select screen.
BK Map Pack 1.1CyberenSeptember 14, 2007VariousThe BK Map Pack, with three Banjo Kazooie levels in GoldenEye (with minor twists). Furnace Fun, Grunty's Tower, and MMM Cellar.
Crate ComplexGolfMan25September 10, 2007LibraryCrate Complex. Lots of crates scattering the Library level.
LibratoryAbasyouAugust 27, 2007ArchivesCombination of Library and Laboratory.
Facility FullzoneAbasyouAugust 22, 2007FacilityFacility Fullzone, with all of the single player props.
Facility Vent ZoneSubDragAugust 19, 2007FacilityA multiplayer map taking place in a much extended Facility Vents.
Kahi's PrisonGolfMan25August 18, 2007Complex2/3 of Complex with a jail in it. One of the rooms has glass in it. In the room with the jail in it has "KAHI" on the wall.
Facility Backzone 1.2AbasyouAugust 17, 2007FacilityFacility Backzone, a large version with two areas for sniping and shotgun fun.

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