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Belgium Cave BaseSilverEyeMarch 19, 2013ControlPlace a bomb on the machines and escape.
Secret HideawaySilverEyeMarch 19, 2013StatueTaking photographs, destroying and collecting objects, and a confrontation with Trevelyan.
Nigeria ForestSilverEyeMarch 19, 2013JungleDestroy anti-aircraft guns, collect a laser and get help from an old friend.
Trevelyan HQSilverEyeMarch 19, 2013SiloAfter infiltrating the base, thanks to Ainex Potano, Alfredo is going to stop Trevelyan and get after him in his dangerous headquarters.
ShowdownSilverEyeMarch 19, 2013DamAlfredo finally takes his revenge against Trevelyan.
Chase for HollisSilverEyeMarch 19, 2013VariousA three level clever pack of levels.
PrisonShiftClickFebruary 3, 2013Bunker 2A completely reworked Bunker 2, starting from outside.
Research ComplexShiftClickNovember 2, 2012AztecA challenging Aztec level, grabbing files and corrupting data.
Midnight AttackReyOctober 21, 2012FrigateRetrieve documents and plastiques and escape the heavily armed boat.
Probe Launching SiteReySeptember 23, 2012DamShort little level in Dam.
Agent BaseReySeptember 2, 2012ControlShort little tough level in Control
Ice CavernsReyAugust 24, 2012CavernsDestroy weapons and get to the base by navigating through the icy caverns.
Q's Silo ComplexReyAugust 12, 2012SiloFight through a series of challenges and opponents to get to the end.
CemetaryReyAugust 11, 2012StatueWith a coop Baron Samedi buddy armed with double golden guns, fight against two heavy bosses.
Ancient TempleReyAugust 3, 2012AztecTake on an army of guards in Aztec.
Hidden TrainReyJuly 28, 2012TrainIn a level succeeding underground base, watch out on the hidden train.
Underground BaseReyJuly 27, 2012Bunker 1In a heavily texture modded Bunker, destroy the eye and fight the onslaught.
DPRK Research LabsMidnight KittehJuly 2, 2012FacilityWith the timer running, race through facility to disable the security system.
Missile Facility 1.1ShiftClickJune 21, 2012FacilityPlay in a converted missile facility, doing recon and then destroying the facility.
Surface Attack 1.1ReyJune 20, 2012Surface 2Fight off the Surface attackers.
DPRK TrainMidnight KittehJune 14, 2012TrainTense hostage mission in train.
Yoshida DamMidnight KittehJune 12, 2012DamYoshida Dam. Destroy nuclear weapons and save the world, yet again.
KAIENTAI Frigate 1.1Midnight KittehMay 30, 2012FrigateThe 3rd mission in the hunt to find TAKA Michinoku9.1 takes you aboard his Frigate.
The ChaseReyMay 17, 2012DamReach the end the stage against challenging opponents and a blinding fog.
LabsReyMay 16, 2012Bunker 2Sealed in Bunker, fight and collect your way out.
SewersReyApril 23, 2012DamSewers level in the Dam tunnels.
GardenEntropy SoldierMarch 20, 2012A completely new new solo map full of shotguns and gardens.
High Stakes Streets 2ReyMarch 20, 2012StreetsSequel to High Stakes, a small tough level from Streets.
High Stakes StreetsReyMarch 6, 2012StreetsA small leve from Streets including suit guards and a fierce firefight.
Secret BaseGamerFreak5665January 26, 2012TempleNew Solo level in Temple, against Oddjob and Civilians.

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