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KnockoutDragonsbrethrenJune 1, 2009Determine if a guard is killed by knockout, instead of a gun.
Background Talkshadowstormer74April 11, 2009Background talk action block for guards (04XX)
Random SpawnTAKA Michinoku 9.1February 15, 2009Randomly spawns different guard types.
Random PathTAKA Michinoku 9.1February 15, 2009Guard randomly chooses a path to go on when the level starts. 04XX block.
Random AnimationsTAKA Michinoku 9.1February 15, 2009Guards randomly play an animation (mainly for fun). 04XX block.
Spawn Guard Random WeaponsumbodysheroFebruary 4, 2009Spawn Guard Random Weapon
Item Random PlacesumbodysheroFebruary 4, 2009Guard spawns with 50% chance.
Guard Spawn 50/50sumbodysheroFebruary 4, 2009Item spawns with 50% chance.
Check Guard DeathDragonsbrethrenDecember 14, 2008Sample action block to determine if a guard was killed, to use in your level (with minor modification of guard id).
Ambush GuardsDragonsbrethrenNovember 18, 2008Easily use these action blocks for guards that ambush when their room is entered.
Alarm GuardsDragonsbrethrenNovember 12, 2008Easily use these action blocks to add an alarm that triggers guards.
Add ScientistDragonsbrethrenNovember 11, 2008Easily use these action blocks to add a scientist to any level.
End a levelSubDragAugust 24, 2008Action block (10XX) to end a level with fading.
Warp BondKCGHostAugust 24, 2008This allows Bond to warp from one spot to another.
Sniper Guard BlockZoinkityAugust 24, 2008Action block for a sniper guard (04XX)
Cradle FallZoinkityAugust 24, 2008Perform the same height kills Bond logic as in Cradle.
Add Co-op AllyDragonsbrethrenAugust 24, 2008Easily use these action blocks with minor tweaks to add a co-operative ally in your solo missions.
Gas Releasing Action Block 2BZoinkityAugust 4, 2007Converts action block 2B to turn on and off the gas leak when necessary. Allows you to make levels with this action block (after applying).

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