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The Rare Witch Project
The Rare Witch Project, the best Banjo Kazooie out there, and a great hacking resource (not to mention run by myself and Ice Mario).

Perfect Dark Forever
Just like GoldenEye Forever, a site dedicated to keeping Perfect Dark live alive...forever.

PD Lab Know How
Japanese site, but can be easily translated via Chrome, that has many tutorials and Perfect Dark N64 information.

GoldenEye Wiki
A wiki dedicated to everything about GoldenEye, from missions to the Setup Editor.

Goldeneye Online
This site tells you how to play Goldeneye online using an emulator called Mupen. You can even play modified multiplayer levels online.

Goldeneye Forever
A site dedicated to keeping Goldeneye alive forever, especially through multiplayer. Also, contains the forums we all post about for Setup Editor help. Please join.

Detstar's GoldenEye Site
Detstar's new GoldenEye site.

BMW's GameShark Page
For those of us using GameSharks, this is a great resource to all of the new levels made for GameShark cheats.

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Latest GE Files
Footsteps V11
Blood Patch
Japanese Temple
Doom-Style Looking
Aiming Down Sights
Dual Eyes Cooperative GoldenEye 2.0
Custom Music
Hill Base
Satellite Control Bunker 2

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Perfect Dark Real Gun Names
Perfect Dark Plus
DataDyne Compound
GoldenEye X
2X Weapons No Reloads Plus
Perfect Dark XBLA mp3s
Darks Corp Music
Perfect Dark Soundfont
Landing Zone Trilogy
Weather Selector Multi

Latest DKR Files
Green Saturn
Blue Streak Row
Sunfire Sanctum
Doom Base
Dino Valley
Test Map
Froggy Haze
Rainbow Road
Big Donut

Latest Mickey Files
None Yet!

Latest JFG Files
None Yet!

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Library Mission
GoldenEye X
GoldenEye Setup Editor 3.0
Counter-Strike Map Pack 1.2
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Goldfinger 64
Mupen64 Ini
GoldenEye Setup Editor Windows Theme
Silo Mission
All Solo's in Multi (with Weather)

Most Popular PD
GoldenEye X
All Solo's in Multi (with Weather)
Kakariko Village
dataDyne Facility - Stealth
Area 51: Secret Agent
CI Training Gun Names
GE Weapons Multi
Japanese with Eng Text
Carrington Villa CS
Crash Site CS

Most Popular DKR
Rainbow Road
Test Track
Big Donut
Froggy Haze
Test Map
Sunfire Sanctum
Doom Base
Dino Valley
Blue Streak Row

Most Popular Mickey
None Yet!

Most Popular JFG
None Yet!