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BioSemi-retired Goldeneye hacker. Thanks to much assistance from wreck, I took an early interest in gameshark hacking and created somewhere around 8 custom maps, each using a full 250 lines of code. From there my interest in goldeneye hacking grew and I eventually became quite proficient with the goldeneye setup editor and hammer. On a side note, I'm sure I'm the only hacker here who has never played Perfect Dark and has never seen a single Bond movie.
Last Known WhereaboutsSomewhere in Michigan
Finished Projects
Multi Character:Trevelyan, since whoever I'm playing against always insists on being Bond, Trevelyan ends up being my next best choice.
Favorite Classic Solo Level:Control Room
Favorite Classic Multi Level:Facility, with proxies
Favorite New Solo Level:A little biased here, gotta go with Library. After that though, it would be the Island.
Favorite New Multi Level:Gameshark version of the Science Lab, with remote mines. Love all the explosions and shattering glass.
Favorite Weapon:KF7 Soviet - great all-purpose weapon
Best GoldenEye Story:Probably just the amusement that others get when I hook up the gameshark and load custom levels.
Heard about GoldenEye Editing:Was google searching for a gameshark code to unlock the locked door at the end of the facility multiplayer level. Next thing I knew wreck was showing me how to use a hex editor to locate presets.
Advice for Future GoldenEye Editors:Pay attention to detail - this is what distinguishes good missions and multiplayer maps from great ones.
Upcoming Projects:Runway Expansion; May eventually finish Cabin Fever

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