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00 Agent Dossier - Dragonsbrethren

Recon Photo
BioI've been a GoldenEye fan since I first played the game over a friend's house in late '97/early 98. At the time, I had never even played a first-person shooter before, and it was a completely new experience for me. I absolutely loved the game, and got a copy of it not too long after I picked up my N64 in '99.
Last Known WhereaboutsNew Jersey
Finished Projects
Multi Character:Trevelyan; I've always played as Trevelyan for some reason. I do occasionally like to mix it up and play other characters, usually picking one that fits the stage mission-wise, like the Russian Soldier in Facility. I really enjoy the Random character option that Zoinkity's NSNA patch provides.
Favorite Classic Solo Level:Facility. This level just sums up GoldenEye so perfectly. You have a great layout based on the film sets. You have a bunch of original areas tying them together. You can play it with perfect stealth, or blast your way through. And even though I know how easy it is to create, the scene near the end when Ourumov captures Trevelyan is still very impressive to me.
Favorite Classic Multi Level:Facility, again. Despite not being designed for multiplayer, the starting area of Facility just works out perfectly. The layout flows well, and there's always plenty of action. Facility is also the very first stage I played in GoldenEye; my first memory of playing the game is loading the bathroom with remote mines and blowing my friend away as he came in the door.
Favorite New Solo Level:Had this been a few months ago, I would've said bmw's Library mission. That one has a lot of historic significance and it is a very good mission. Even though it just came out, though, I'm going to go with GE Rage's Cliff Base. These missions with new backgrounds are definitely the future of GoldenEye, and I can't wait to see where we're at in a year or two. Of course, the background can't carry a mission alone, and Cliff Base has a very fun, if short, mission. TimEh's Island also deserves mention, the two are very close for me. I think Island's exterior and lighting was more impressive, but really, I can't pick between the two.
Favorite New Multi Level:Going back to the GameShark days, Wreck's Facility Backzone. That just completely blew me away when it was released. Unfortunately by that time the friends I used to play GE with had moved on, and I never got a real opportunity to play this until it was made into a ROM hack. A runner up would be Wreck's Bunker 1 multi, which is the Bunker we should have gotten for multiplayer; it just plays so much better.
Favorite Weapon:Silenced PP7, of course. The stealth element is one of the best parts about GoldenEye, so it's great to sneak through a level with this eliminating guards without them even knowing you're there.
Best GoldenEye Story:Well, this one time I shot a grenade in mid-flight at the beginning of Aztec and killed all three guards with it...
Heard about GoldenEye Editing:If we're talking the GameShark days, on the Terrorist's Goldeneye Site, back in '99/00. I first heard about the Setup Editor the day it was released, but I don't remember where anymore.
Advice for Future GoldenEye Editors:Play GoldenEye. Study its missions and multiplayer setups, and learn what makes them so much fun. Try to make your setups mimic these things; you don't necessarily need or want to copy them, but your setups should have that same feeling when played. I like GoldenEye because it has very unique gameplay compared to most FPS games, so trying to replicate this gameplay should be the first priority of anyone designing a mission.
Upcoming Projects:A background or two and numerous setups for the Goldfinger 64 project.

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