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00 Agent Dossier - Entropy Soldier

AgentEntropy Soldier
Recon Photo
BioEntropy-Soldier was a sporting young lad with a lot of promise, playing GE64 online and working hard on his multiplayer map pack whenever he had a spare moment. Everyone had high hopes for his future, but this future was not to be. One day he fell in with the wrong people, and he ran away from home to join GoldenEye: Source. Everyone was very sad and upset for a while, but eventually got over it because no-one plays GE64 multiplayer map packs anymore anyway.

Occasionally E-S stops by to pester Subby Wubby to add features to his editor or release some random thing, but most of the time is busy with other stuff. Subby Wubby, no doubt hoping to bring E-S back into his life, once made him promise to finish his map pack. This promise had no deadline however, so E-S has been taking his sweet time with it. We don't really know what he does now, but you can probably reach him with a private message on the forums. Experiments have indicated that the response time is typically less than 1 week.
Last Known WhereaboutsGoldenEye: Source
Finished Projects
Multi Character:St.Petersburg guard
Jungle Commando
Favorite Classic Solo Level:Caverns
Favorite Classic Multi Level:Caverns
Favorite New Solo Level:Hmmm...A lot of the solo maps that i've played do some things right, but not others. Its a tie between a lot of them for me.
Favorite New Multi Level:Township
Favorite Weapon:GE64 - PP7 Special Issue
GE:S - Rocket Launcher
Best GoldenEye Story:Going for GoldenEye
Heard about GoldenEye Editing:Yeah I've heard about it
Advice for Future GoldenEye Editors:Do lots of playtesting, and recruit playtesters who aren't doing any work on the project themselves. You can't always effectively judge your own work, so the fresh eyes of someone else are incredibly valuable for delivering a quality product. Be sure to recruit one last wave of playtesters when you're about to release, because people who already know how to beat the level won't do as much exploring or experimentation as new players will, and that's an easy way to let mistakes slip under the radar!
Upcoming Projects:That Map Pack I Promised Subby Wubby I'd Make

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