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00 Agent Dossier - GERage

Recon Photo
BioA GoldenEye player for ten years, he became interested in GoldenEye editing in 2007. To him, the idea of making a level from scratch was a fantasy that became reality. Now, he's focusing on creating custom maps using Hammer and XSI. Especially enjoys creating and playing solo missions.
Last Known WhereaboutsClassified
RankSecret Agent
Finished ProjectsBunker 1.5
Cliff Base
Fuel Dump
Janus Nuclear Facility
Janus Silo
Storage Facility
Multi Character:Trevelyan
Favorite Classic Solo Level:Facility
Favorite Classic Multi Level:Complex
Favorite New Solo Level:Island
Favorite New Multi Level:Courtyard
Favorite Weapon:AR33
Best GoldenEye Story:Finding out commands in indice files. It was fun to play around for different effects in the BG File, and equally fruitful knowing that it worked in-game. That feeling was worth everything that came before it.
Heard about GoldenEye Editing:I was searching for GoldenEye GS codes, and came across GE Forever. I decided to check out Shooters Forever from there, and I looked at the hacking topics.
Advice for Future GoldenEye Editors:-Persist! Making maps can be overwhelming and it takes a while, but if you keep at it, it'll be done.
-Don't focus on competing against other modders. Seek enjoyment rather than bragging rights, status, or glory.
-Keep a balance of your own ideas and the original game when designing.
-Always test your map and fix any bugs you can.
-Don't hesitate to post to ask for help, because someone always knows how to help you.
-Enjoy it! Look forward to the feeling you get when you finally release your level; it's the reward for the frustration.
-Use feedback to improve your levels.
Upcoming Projects:None planned...

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