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00 Agent Dossier - Midnight Kitteh

AgentMidnight Kitteh
Recon Photo
BioHas released numerous single player missions as part of an overall story.
Last Known WhereaboutsUnknown
Finished Projects
Multi Character:Russian Soldier- Not really sure why I usually chose this character, it might have been something to do with my overall obsession with his uniform.
Favorite Classic Solo Level:Facility- I cannot tell you how many times i have replayed this mission over and over, it cannot and will not ever get old for me. Facility is a gem by Rare.
Favorite Classic Multi Level:Complex- Hiding in the secret walls where friends cannot see you where you can pop out and quickly shoot them, come on who hasn\'t done that.
Favorite New Solo Level:TBA
Favorite New Multi Level:TBA
Favorite Weapon:KF7 Soviet- I have always had a preference for this weapon because of how it looks and also its effectiveness in combat situations, may be noisy but it packs a punch big enough to wipe out whoever hears it.
Best GoldenEye Story:Years ago I used to play GoldenEye with my cousin and we would sit up all night playing slappers only on Flag tag with each of us having rookie health to really drag it out. That is without a doubt my fondest memory of Goldeneye.
Heard about GoldenEye Editing:Looking for Gameshark codes for Goldeneye I just happened to stumble accross the Goldeneyevault. Enjoyed everything so quickly branched into my own levels.
Advice for Future GoldenEye Editors:Some advice i should have followed. Do not rush into projects, trying to do multiple projects all at once is a bad idea because details may get overlooked. Take time before releasing work to ensure you have the level exactly as you want it. Do not be stingy with props either, level needs those.
Upcoming Projects:Unsure what my next level will be. It will involve Bond escaping from the DPRK somehow. My story has changed entirely but I think it is better this way.

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