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00 Agent Dossier - MultiplayerX

Recon Photo
BioMultiplayerX started hacking right near the end of the gameshark scene. Stumbling across graham dingsdale's goldeneyeforever website by complete accident, gameshark coding and playing solo levels in multiplayer became an immediate obsession. Personal memory, "I remember first seeing Solo levels as multiplayer levels on ge masters website. The pictures gave me complete CHILLS and I was hooked from there. It was unreal what these guys had accomplished finding memory addresses. Then came the day when Krijy figured out where the games setups were located and that finding BLASTED GoldenEye to the popularity it is today (in my opinion). No one had ever seen the game EVER playable like this and it BLEW UP across the web."
Last Known WhereaboutsOregon
Finished Projects
Multi Character:Bond Tux
Favorite Classic Solo Level:Jungle
Favorite Classic Multi Level:Egyptian
Favorite New Solo Level:NA
Favorite New Multi Level:Colombia
Favorite Weapon:Tank round
Best GoldenEye Story:NA
Heard about GoldenEye Editing:Online
Advice for Future GoldenEye Editors:Patience and keep the gameplay original.
Upcoming Projects:Several GE projects ONE involving complete makeovers of all multiplayer levels to give a fresh look and removing dullness in levels like BASEMENT, STACKS, etc. Custom GE and PD levels when time allows.

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