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00 Agent Dossier - Rey

Recon Photo
BioWell He might be the only Puerto Rican guy here who Hacks or Mods Goldeneye. He is always himself no matter who or what is going around him.
Last Known WhereaboutsUnknown
Finished Projects
Multi Character:Russian Infantry or what I call him Puerto Rican Infantry
Favorite Classic Solo Level:Bunker 1
Favorite Classic Multi Level:Complex
Favorite New Solo Level:Too much to decide
Favorite New Multi Level:MonkeyFace's patch of all new levels
Favorite Weapon:DD44
Best GoldenEye Story:When my mom would always play Goldeneye. She was addicted to it. She was stuck on Train 00Agent. I remember just sitting there while she played. Funny thing about all this is that she would actually have dreams that she was inside the game holding the gun.
Heard about GoldenEye Editing:I really never had a clue about the editor or anything. I came a across it when I was looking up Cheats on Youtube,and also Funny Videos. I saw a video of the fan made level of the complex(End of the level Baron Laughs) Till then I ended up doing my research on it learned more and did everything you know me for.
Advice for Future GoldenEye Editors:Well first before you even bother to start making the level. Think of everything in your mind. Start thinking what level is best for what you want and thinking what music and guards would match. Next test your actions often,never know what would make something crash. It's a good idea that when done with an actionn test it. Then make another and test it. That way you could tell automatically what action it is that acts up. Another,if you're like me and can't see the sky, have a buddy or someone test it for you. I usually leave the whole level empty and just change the sky so it wont spoil anything. Of course, ask for help, I would have never released or done anything if I had never asked. Final piece of advice from me is.....Just have fun doing it!!
Upcoming Projects:You'll see

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