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00 Agent Dossier - SilverEye

Recon Photo
BioYoung gamer, growed up with handhelds and the Nintendo 64, Goldeneye became the favourite at once. Started to get interested in Goldeneye editing because of a desire to make the ideas he had with Goldeneye come true. Made a few simple but hopefully amusing levels with the Alfredo Lamberra theme,and more creations with this theme are to be expected! Interested in a lot of other things like classic games (Super mario, Legend of Zelda, Pokémon,...)
Last Known WhereaboutsWest-Europe, Benelux
RankSecret Agent
Finished ProjectsAlfredo Lamberra 1.1
Belgium Cave Base
Bunker Escapades
Chase for Hollis
Havana Streets
Nigeria Forest
Sahara Prison 1.1
Secret Hideaway
Trevelyan HQ
Multi Character:Trevelyan, he has that always mean looking smile on his face.
Favorite Classic Solo Level:Facility, of course, you can play it in thousand and one ways if you want, and it never gets boring.
Favorite Classic Multi Level:Facility, again, it became even more fun when you were able to get in the backzone with cheats.
Favorite New Solo Level:Must be Island and Cliff base. Those are the ones that inspired me of making my own levels. They're both unforgettable and just amazing.
Favorite New Multi Level:Well, this might sound strange but a map called "The Lab" (I believe it's part of BMW's multi pack) became epic when me and my friends discovered the pink test tubes were explosive.
Favorite Weapon:Silver PP7, because it is shiny and shoots through things,how cool is that?
Best GoldenEye Story:Me and my friend were using the 'aim button and c-right/left trick' to pop up behind a door and trying to shoot each other(Licence to kill mode). Suddenly I shot through the door and killed him. That's how I discovered the hidden abilty of the Silver PP7!
Heard about GoldenEye Editing:I remember I once found the Goldeneyevault site, must have been 2010, and I was incredibly happy there existed something to make your dreams of Goldeneye come true. Too bad but I even failed to understand how to play a new level because my english wasn't advanced enough. 2 years later I tried and succeeded,and after playing new levels I started to make some myself. And I'm still amazed of the power of the GoldeneyeSetupEditor.
Advice for Future GoldenEye Editors:Advice from me? Well, I'd say, never say never again. Even if all this seems so impossible, you have to keep trying. The more effort, the more satisfaction you'll get. Despite the fact that I'm unwise and a fool (also because I'm in love ), I still try to help as much as possible. Never hesitate to ask help. Not only me, but everyone will be glad to help you.
Upcoming Projects:Alfredo Lamberra prologue plus some bonusses.

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