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00 Agent Dossier - SubDrag

Recon Photo
BioCreator of the GoldenEye Setup Editor and long-standing GameShark hacker, GoldenEye is one of my passions. I've spent and dedicated years of my life to GameSharking and GoldenEye level editing, and very much love it.

Nothing better than waking up in the morning and seeing all the new advances for the best game ever. I also helped run the Rare Witch Project and used to hack scores of GS codes for many games. Now I focus on GoldenEye and PD only.
Last Known WhereaboutsEastern United States
Rank00 Agent
Finished Projects
Multi Character:Xenia, for better or worse.
Favorite Classic Solo Level:Dam, I always enjoyed the Sniping aspect and simplicity.
Favorite Classic Multi Level:Basement, Pistols, LTK - other than Golden Gun Facility, 2 v 2, Defend the bathroom, nothing comes close.
Favorite New Solo Level:Library Mission, still the best.
Favorite New Multi Level:Grid, fantastic in that one glass room.
Favorite Weapon:Silenced PP7, one shot one kill.
Best GoldenEye Story:I think my favorite moment is honestly the first time I ever played GoldenEye. It was on my cousin's huge projection screen, as he played Control. It blew me away then and still blows me away today. Also, the day extra multiplayer gs codes came out (8032332A to committed memory!) and it was also incredible when people starting using my editor to make superb things.
Heard about GoldenEye Editing:I sort of invented it with Zoinkity and Wreck.
Advice for Future GoldenEye Editors:Please, please stay the course. It has a big learning curve, but the possibilities are enormous once you overcome the hump.
Upcoming Projects:Classified

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