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00 Agent Dossier - Zoinkity

Recon Photo
BioLatest intel shows Zoinkity blindly reverse-engineering N64 games and drinking too much tea. GoldenEye has been a primary focus, but has also been attached to several translation projects, written codes for a myriad of games, built GS tools for data upload/download, and generally been a nuisance to the public.
Last Known WhereaboutsThe darkest, dankest depths of Q labs sub-basement.
Rank00 Agent
Finished Projects
Multi Character:Favorite? Random! When not available, the female scientist, only because nobody ever plays the female characters.
Favorite Classic Solo Level:Aztec. There's something masochistic about repeatedly getting sniped by some random guy who spawns behind you with double lasers 13 seconds from completing the stage, yet you can't help but replay the stage over and over and over...
Favorite Classic Multi Level:Complex, specifically Complex with proximity mines. Bunker II is a close second, but complex tends to play better. In third comes Basement. Theoretically I could say Cradle in fourth (technically a stock stage), but honestly the arms of that beast make it evil to play with fewer than three people.
Favorite New Solo Level:Uhm... I sort of haven't played any. Don't know why, but just never get around to it ;*)
Favorite New Multi Level:Archives Backzone. Not the patch, actually, but the GS code. Can't help it really. It was what drew me in and never really lost that desire to play it. Everyone probably expected Citadel, but it comes in second. There's one room really, room 1, that makes that stage. Everything else is incidental.
Favorite Weapon:Incrementally: proximity mines, remote mines, grenade launchers, motorcycle launcher (one of my oldest codes ;*). Can't help but love explosions, they're done so well.
Best GoldenEye Story:I happened across the game sort of randomly. Honestly, what I really remember of it was playing three-player rounds with a good friend and my brother, four if sis was up to it. All this hacking is incidental.
Heard about GoldenEye Editing:I started late, after the first few stages were already assembled. The real editting didn't start until Krijy worked out the setup/bgfile method, and we all just took to it. So, it was more editting heard of gscentral.com, and we were just lucky to be there in the beginning.
Advice for Future GoldenEye Editors:Get a decent computer, as in one with more than 64MB of ram. I can't even use the thing!
Otherwise, be patient with it, and ask questions at the forums. If anyone gives you the "I h8 N006535!" treatment, we will eat them alive for you ;*)
Upcoming Projects:Never Say Never Again.

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