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Files - Misc - Rideable Motorbike

NameRideable Motorbike
AuthorMark Kane
DateMay 23, 2009

TBike09.bin - Tank Replacement vehicle.

Scale: 83-8A (reccomended: 85)
Backup Compatiable: Has not been tested but should work (Dr64 is somewhere - I moved house)
Method: Modify level then insert vehicle with 21990 Editor
Memory Useage: High
Bugs: Level slows during precache, can be difficult to get onto, can get into places tank couldn't
IPS: You + the Motorbike on the runway. Nothing else has been changed, it's just a fast way to have a hoon around. USA Z64 IPS patch.

I decided to get this out of the way because people seemed to be rooting for it. I expect someone to make a level for one of these vehicles! Please!
Well, I could have ported the standard in-game bike across and into the level, but lets be honest here - it lacked a certian something. After a heap of work and exploitation I beefed up the model a little bit (now with heaps more texture useage, and memory useage) even added in instruments on the handlebars (which looked great in blender! Ok...sorry guys it didn't quite port) and just generally made the whole vehicle much more appleasing. If you compare this bike with the origional - you'll see what I mean, it's also pretty similar to the one from the movie, but I just wanted a little extra...can anyone say Ducatti? I didn't find any reason to build a new vehicle totally from scratch, but this thing made a complete round trip that resulted in many headaches.

This one has to go in using the 21990 editor, now there's a little something I didn't mention with the Jeep release that I only realised when I did things differently. If you want to modify a level and then put in a custom vehicle, you need to convert the GE rom with the level modifications and THEN append the 3rd party vehicle to the custom level. Doing things the other way around will crash the level, but hey, it's a learning curve. Now, while it does fit using the "Convert Rom" feature, this will cause a lockup when the level loads.

The magic number for the scale on this puppy is "85", however I always liked a slightly larger bike at "8A". Things around this scale do make getting in and out of the vehicle a little dodgey, and I still haven't found out where the details for the player location are.

As with the Jeep, if you want any custom speed and controls you'll have to use the Tank! patch by Zonkity. I haven't tweaked the bike with the patch so I can't reccomend any settings.

Man, have I got a drill for you. I'm seriously tempted to include my logs with this release so people know what special kind of hell I've been in for the last two days. Ok, here's the funny lines:

"Tried adding in an E7, set it to TBike_Offsets04.bin. This is going to be messy. New E7 is 4870.
Something really really weird has started happening. That DIDN'T work - the bike became the gun that every guard carried...?"

"It's grabbed the wrong points - now I'm in shit street and it's paddle time."

"Assumption (the mother of all fuckups). The new call will be at 1737 (now isn't that a little straightforward?). I've got nothing. It failed. It's time for that highly scientific method of: TRIAL and ERROR again. Some of those were worth a screenshot."

"1737 - it should be 1737. I don't know why...I wonder if those numbers add to 23? Nope, 18. Ok, can't make them add multiply or sum to 23. Lucky, I was getting worried."

"I'm getting sick of shooting that same guard."

Right...hope a few of those brought a chuckle to my fellow hackers. Lets face it, if you're reading this you're either stuck or really bored.

This is always last so people can flick to it quickly. This vehicle has been through three itinerations using different methods of handling the alpha channels and other vertex information. Basically the file is a little bloated because I got once bitten then twice bitten with the same sort of bugs so I left a little room here and there to make my life easier, and things a little more "bulletproof".

There was a bug with prior versions where the level would lockup whenever the player fired a gun while the bike was onscreen, however I couldn't figure out what caused this and it doesn't appear to be happening with this version.

Texture precaching isn't too hot - I still don't have my head around this. There will be a small hang as the level loads on Emulator.

The Bike has two lights - some bikes have two lights, but the honest thing is: I screwed up.

If you've read this far, thanks, I hope you enjoy the bike, and I might throw something in the start of this file pertaining to vehicle useage (so people don't have to trawl). Anyway, a big cheer out for Zonkity, Subdrag, Ice Mario, and Wreck - who first suggested that I make a Jeep, then a Bike - not a boat. Couldn't have done it without you all.
Download4.668425 Mb


Posted by 007 December 4, 2009 10:59 am
I do not need to worry about health! I use gameshark so i don't have to beat the came yo win all the cheats!

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