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Files - Multi Levels - Paradox 1.1

NameParadox 1.1
DateJune 20, 2009
CategoryMulti Levels
name: Paradox
author: TimEh (ithinkthereforeiam_@hotmail.com)
type: Multiplayer
map: Basement
date: June 20th, 2009
edited: April 15th, 2018 (by Wreck)
tools: SoftImage|XSI mod version,

This is a concept map showcasing the different layering effects that can be used.
The source files are included so you can understand how it's done, and add these effects into your own maps.

Known Issues:

There is some flickering at a few spots when viewed at a certain angle, but shouldn't be too noticeable or distracting. Mostly due to long polys being culled with portal placement. Could be solved by splitting polys. Not a big deal.

Edit notes...
Removed extra null portal (crashed console).
Edited portals to use full points, no decimals.
Corrected two clipping issues.
Modified some texturing and shading.
Lined up floor tiles at multiple room connections.
Simplified special visibility.
Added two new weapon sets.
Swapped Golden Gun weapon ID with another set.
Changed armour model and bitflags.
Included Flag Tag Token pickup.
Removed duplicate spawn points.
Added two new spawn points, and reordered list.
Changed arm type to Jungle (bare skin).
Basement renamed as Paradox.
All levels unlocked on new file.
All characters available on new file.
Download0.096746 Mb


Posted by Skone November 22, 2012 11:29 am
The concept is amazing! This could be used to make insane maps

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