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Files - Solo Levels - Antenna Cradle Source

NameAntenna Cradle Source
AuthorDF Ank1
DateOctober 30, 2009
CategorySolo Levels
DescriptionACS : Antenna Cradle Source (presented by DF Ank1 )

I recommend to read everything, There is sure intersting informations for you

After much much of work, spending times and nerves in it, the Antenna Cradle Source is finally finish.

The Antenna Cradle is my favourite level, so i decided to add the ground and hills to it.

But i did the map not only on myself, there are many helpers who helped me finishing
the map.

monkeyface : He is the creator of the ground and hills.

SubDrag : He is the creator/developer of the GoldenEye Setup Editor, he helped
me, createt new Tutorials like Hoe to clip or How to appending a level
to a existing one.

Zoinkity: He tried do clip the level, but until today, there was no way to connect the clip
of the orignal and the own one.

EternallyAries: HE made it possible : The clipconnection. Everybody is wondering how
he made that. It was the only part witch was the trickiest one.



Informations :

There are 2 versions of the map. The first one contains the mission like in Antenna Cradle.
So it is the normal Antenna Cradle, only with hills and ground.

The second version is the "bare" version. It contains only the ACS, without AB, Patch and Guards


Mistakes, Errors etc......

* There is no body armour at the beginn of the level
* The Animation who shows the death from Alec or James is like dissabled. The death of Alec is not showing,
and the death from James, there is no James. ( I know i explain that difficult, just take a look on yourself )
* There is only one part where you can fall down the Cradle, its behind the ladder.
* Underground complex is missing
* When you fall down into the hole, there is no way to come up again
* You can go up to Cradle again if you wanīt, but thatīs a bit difficult.


This is ACS 1.0

The ACS 1.1 / 1.2 will contain :

*The Undergroundcomplex witch connect Cradle and Control
*More body armours
*Animation will be going ( i hope :-)
*Come up form the hole.
*No way to "jump" up to Cradle
*Maybe Stairs around all 3 Tower.

In far future : Trevelyan Transporter/Elevator ( Movie ) :

After James and Natallya escape from Control, Alec will run to there. He comes out from the Control and he use this Transporter witch.....
....brings him up to the Cradle.


If you have question, or you notice a new mistake, send me a PM in shootersforever or send a mail to:

rudiank1@hotmail.com or arecibo_observatorium@hotmail.com

You can edit the Cradle if you want ( like the Night Version ). I am ever happy if i can see a new version of the Antenna Cradle

I hope you like the ACS and enjoy to play it, walk up and down the hills and shot some guards with the sniper :-).

Donīt wonder about my grammer, i know it is horrible. ^^
Download0.200922 Mb


Posted by Mauro January 21, 2012 5:27 pm
Exceptionally an awesome modification. Such a creativity! Thanks, man!

Posted by Sonitrol July 8, 2011 9:32 am
It didn't work when I tried to get it. It said "Windows Cannot Open This File" or something like that. If you can help me do not comment here, send me an email Tmcultor1@gmail.com

Posted by EternallyAries June 19, 2011 12:49 am
You know this need to be updated again. Its been sometime since it been work on. However i not even seen or heard of you since forever lol. Dont know what made me wanted to post this but i feel like we need to get the level update on the clipping and everything else.

Posted by MrBozza12 May 12, 2010 4:49 am
Very Nice! keep the good work up

Posted by Trevor November 21, 2009 7:33 am
The rom I am patching is NTSC. ____________ I will re-download and try patching again. _________________ My reference to PAL was for another use... __________________ Trev

Posted by Madmax November 11, 2009 3:38 pm
This should have been in the original, awsum good work guys

Posted by SubDrag November 8, 2009 7:34 am
All are NTSC only

Posted by Trevor November 7, 2009 4:39 am
Ok, I have the xdelta but when I try to apply the patch to my version of goldeneye it says "invalid checksum". What version of goldenEye is this designed for? I realy need a 'PAL'. _____________________________________________________Trev

Posted by DF Ank1 November 5, 2009 9:25 am
I created the ground and hills and export it to an obj. file. Then i just followed SubDrags Tutorial how appending a level to a existing one. Very easy

Posted by trgf November 3, 2009 8:09 pm
how do you import this to your rom?

Posted by Unit 2 October 31, 2009 2:56 pm
Wow, this is very nice! Can't wait for future versions!

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