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Files - Misc - Spectacled Guards

NameSpectacled Guards
DateDecember 15, 2009
Description"Four-Eyes" Force Player Spectacles Patch 12/15/2009

Ever want to use sunglasses in mutliplayer? If you apply these patches, you won't have a choice but to do so. These force sunglasses on all player's heads, assuming they have them built in of course. If you select a head that uses them, they will appear on your character in either solo or mulitplayer stages.
Provided also are patches to undo these effects, in case you tire of the effect.


These expect a non-byteswapped ROM image. This can not be applied to the NSNA patch, but may be used with any other existing patch without issue. After patching, be sure to correct the checksum. The GoldenEye Setup Editor will do this automatically if you use it to apply the patch.

Only apply the correct patch for your version game, as listed below.
ForcePlayerSpecs-NGEE.ips North America
ForcePlayerSpecs-NGEJ.ips Japan
ForcePlayerSpecs-NGEP.ips Europe

To undo the remove these patches, you may use the corresponding undo patch for each region.
UndoPlayerSpecs-NGEE.ips North America
UndoPlayerSpecs-NGEJ.ips Japan
UndoPlayerSpecs-NGEP.ips Europe


Questions, comments, or greneral refuse may be delivered to my inbox at any time. Without regular internet access I can't say I'll get back to in a timely fashion (if ever) but do try anyway.
Also, since the first question will likely be something like, "Can you make an in-game option to do the same thing?", this feature will be a selectable option from the menus in the NSNA patch. An in-game switch probably won't be a standalone patch, afraid.

Download0.001814 Mb


Posted by Ivan Couch May 19, 2010 6:13 pm
probably I will have a problom with that guy

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