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Files - PD Multi Levels - GE Classic Guns in PD

NameGE Classic Guns in PD
DateSeptember 25, 2011
CategoryPD Multi Levels
DescriptionThis patch allows the eight "Classic" GoldenEye weapons to be used in the Combat Simulator. Not only does this work for human players, but also for the Simulants. None of the other weapons have been replaced to make this possible. The list has been extended to include the additional weaponry, just like in the XBLA version. Ammo crates give out the same amount as in GoldenEye. Preferences and ammo data has been setup for Simulants, which coincides with the Perfect Dark arsenal. You can select the Classics from the bottom of the weapon list, or go with a Random set and mix it up. Everything in the Combat Simulator has been unlocked from the start of a new file, so that players don't have to go through all of the challenges. For a detailed list of updates and changes, please see below.

KF7, DMC and AR53 are now held with both hands when only one is equipped. AR53 and RC-P45 now penetrate through the correct number of objects. KF7 Special first-person model edited to appear correctly in modified ROM. X-Ray Scanner now uses proper pick-up model, instead of Night Vision. All levels, weapons, scenarios, music, characters and Simulants unlocked from start.

Special Thanks...
SubDrag: For finding Sim weapon preference/usage blocks, and allowing weapon list extension.
TH126: For beta testing.
Download0.307071 Mb


Posted by Wreck September 27, 2011 10:19 pm
Just a note for those who have already downloaded this, or those who plan to. I'll most likely be releasing an update to this patch, which will address a few remaining issues with the Classic GoldenEye weapons. This includes muzzle flash corrections for three weapons, as well as removing the mirrored flag from the weapons that don't require a hand model. Nothing that changes actual gameplay, and is purely for cosmetic purposes.

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