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Files - Solo Levels - Bunker Escapades

NameBunker Escapades
DateMarch 19, 2013
CategorySolo Levels
LevelBunker 1
DescriptionHere are the files of my 4th level in the Alfredo Lamberra story, called Bunker Escapade. The player needs to escape(remember, trevelyan captured the player in havana streets) from a bunker in Siberia, and next collect items, blowing up a generator and make contact with a mysterious prisoner...

No hard bugs, but a few notes:
-when you start in the cell, you need a door decoder to open the cell door.
However, this door decoder does not operates like a real door decoder, but like a key. I was unable to use the action block from rare's facility, it crashed.
-it is strongly reccomended that you play this mission silenced. All guard will run to you if played with loud weapons, and it makes it look like a chaos.
-one of the drone guns is half invisible, but turns normal when closer.

have fun, but watch out: lots of drone guns!
Download0.070583 Mb


Posted by SilverEye February 15, 2013 4:15 am
Heh sorry Rey this post must have slipped from my attention... well, yes, I have played your labs level, but that was such a long time ago, that I even don't remember it anymore...I hardly can remember how I modded my own level...You know, i'll replay them and all the other levels. Mostly, I only play a modded level once and next it dissapears in the depth of my computer,haha.

Posted by Rey August 24, 2012 3:11 pm
We must have the same type of mind. I say that cause,you ever played my Labs level? Well we got Drones and Doors almost in the same places. Nice abuse to it though. Labs was a pain to get threw in test plays.

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