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Files - PD Multi Levels - All Solo's in Multi (with Weather)

NameAll Solo's in Multi (with Weather)
DateJuly 5, 2013
CategoryPD Multi Levels
Description**Edition ONE**
This is an official weather modification for 00Dark's all Solo's in Multi. It contains SNOW and RAIN effects in Datadyne Central, Chicago, and Airbase. There are two versions of Datadyne Central: DatadyneX w rooftops and Datadyne Central regular. DatadyneX is still incomplete but will eventually contain the remaining warp blocks I have to add. This MOD is edition ONE and will be updated with a SECOND patch that will add RAIN to Pelagic II and SNOW to Crash Site. The other two levels will be a surprise ;). Skies have been modified to a NIGHTTIME look due to severe lag from drawing images. Thanks to 00Dark for the EXTENSIVE passion on making All Solo's in Multi a reality in this. Hope everyone enjoys the new look!


**Edition TWO**
This final edition adds SNOW to Crash Site and Villa, RAIN to Pelagic II and Air Force One. I was able to find a place in Air Force One to get the Rain to appear outside the windows :). NO lightning flashes though due to the tint in them :(. Sound effects are all intact and add a "flying through a storm" feel ;). ALL levels run without lag. Enjoy!


Rain falls through areas in MOST levels. This is due to sloppy clipping from RARE :(. Snow bleeds through Villa's walls pretty bad in several areas however I was able to find a good place for MOST of the level to keep the snow outside.

Like I said earlier, these effects cause mild artifacts in connecting rooms. You will notice HINTS of black lines where walls and floors join. This is the sky block bleeding through the rooms and is even normal in an unmodded level. Perhaps one day myself or someone else can just reclip every level but it's LAST priority on my TO DO list due to my other unfinished projects.

Download1.46121 Mb


Posted by MultiplayerX July 4, 2013 4:08 pm
FYI....The only level that lags in this mod is Airbase. Sub and I both have no idea wth??? Keep an eye out because I'm halfway through with edition TWO for Crash Site, Pelagic II and others with no lag!! ;) Not my doing just a great game performing like a champ. :) MultiplayerX

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