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Files - PD Misc - Perfect Dark XBLA mp3s

NamePerfect Dark XBLA mp3s
DateDecember 13, 2015
CategoryPD Misc
DescriptionMP3s can now be imported and expanded beyond the original limits of the cartridge. To test this feature I've re-encoded the high quality voices from the XBLA release. I've included a sample which demonstrates the newer improved sound quality versus the original.

This is currently the first version I've released so you may experience some issues. It should be hardware compatible. Please post bugs you've found in this thread.

Credits - Original MP3s by Rareware - Ripped by The RWP


Some of the MP3s are not available in high quality and are straight ripped from the rom. I wasn't sure if this was a mistake made by The RWP or 4J Studios but after researching videos on YouTube it appears that RJ Studios may have had some problems recovering some of the original sound assets and instead used the original low quality MP3s. I decided to not replace those voice clips, which I have listed below.

077A - Acicarr06M "Carrington: Hello Joanna"
07B0 - Acicarr07M "Carrington: Joanna, it's good to see you"
07B1 - Acicarr08M "Carrington: Good day to you Jo"
07CA - Acicarr09M "Carrington: I'd thought you would be a little more professional by now"
07CB - Acicarr10M "Carrington: Act your age Joanna"
077B - Acicarr11M "Carrington: Please don't do that Joanna, it worries me"
02F1 - Acstan2M "Locate and apprehend the fugitive (echo)"
030E - Ahologd01M "There's no escape for you"
030F - AholohopkM "Hah, catch me if you can"
0517 - Atrjo01M "I'm here to pick up the equipment"

These two files were fine but are inconsistent. Ajosci02M is a different take and Ap29_15_joM is too quite.

0325 - Ajosci02M - "Pull the plug on that, now" (alternative take)
07DA - Ap29_15_joM - "Joanna scream" (very quite, had to normalized)
Download14.358031 Mb


Posted by Pavarini January 14, 2016 1:08 am
The sources provided by "The RWP" were encoded in wav. So right off the bat getting the original MP3 data is not possible unless someone reverse engineers the XBLA data files. Had I had access to the original MP3 files then yes, I would have used MP3gain to avoid re-encoding and introducing unneeded artifacts.

Posted by January 13, 2016 3:45 am
Pavarini, I don't know what process you used to normalize the aforementioned "too quiet" sample.
In case you re-encoded, I should say that there's a way to normalize without re-encoding: MP3gain.
It can change the volume of an mp3s with a quite high granularity according to a calculated (or user specified, depending on the tool) gain, and it does so without transcoding the audio, but just by changing a value in each mp3 frame in accordance with the volume gain wanted.

The only tool I've used for this is the mp3gain function included in foobar2000. It applies ReplayGain values stored in the tags to the actual audio data. You can calculate the needed gain by whatever means you want, then manually change the RG tags, then using the function in foobar to apply it to the mp3 data.

The advantage, again, is that you don't transcode already lossy audio.

Posted by Pavarini December 13, 2015 4:28 pm
@Ambient_Malice Thanks for the link, the description has been updated. I've had people report that it does work on the real hardware.

Posted by Ambient_Malice December 13, 2015 3:47 am
Also, I notice the link to RWP files is wrong. This is the correct link. http://www.therwp.com/downloads/perfect-dark-xbla-speech-samples

Posted by Ambient_Malice December 13, 2015 3:22 am
Good job. I've made a pull request to add this romhack to the PJ64 rom database. Out of curiosity, does this work on real N64s?

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