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Files - Solo Levels - Blind Path

NameBlind Path
AuthorRey and Ami
DateOctober 2, 2016
CategorySolo Levels
DescriptionRey: The level takes place in statue and it's another team effort by me and,Ami. Continues from Blind Escape. This one may be simple but the amount of action blocks contained here is what makes it special.

Ami: next part is up! One thing I'd like to note is there is unused text for this level I took out. I took it out because it wasn't required to complete the mission and there is a very low chance someone will stumble it. I know would be cool for it to still in but it's not. What was to be is "Signal: Krad, have you obtained the weapon? Over." That is like a teaser for later and makes you wonder who that is. I hope you all enjoy it and leave your thoughts on the level.:)
Download0.070179 Mb


Posted by Tony Rock October 12, 2016 10:16 am
It's true. the patch seem doesn't work with Project64. Entropic, why don't you try with the emulator 1964? It works for me very well.

Posted by Ami October 11, 2016 12:36 pm
To endtropicdrcay: I'm not sure what the problem might be. If that was the case we would be contacted to reupload the level. Check some of your emulator settings or download it again. Maybe the rom didn't complete?

Posted by Tony_Rock October 5, 2016 8:06 am
an excellent level, well worked

Posted by EntropicDecay October 3, 2016 9:54 am
Hey Rey and Ami,
Can't quite get this one to work. The patched ROM loads just fine but when I play the mission all I get is music and a black screen. Any advice? Thanks!

Posted by rey and ami October 2, 2016 7:05 pm
I have recently been interested in project64 and these custom missions you make, but I'm having a very hard time copying these missions from my folder into the emulator, so I can play. I'm using a Windows 10, not a tablet or phone. If you can help me out I will greatly appreciate it.
Thank you!

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