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NameCustom Music
DateMarch 8, 2018
DescriptionGoldenEye Custom Music
Made by CHlindin. (my first submission!)
Special thanks to the developers of the GoldenEye Setup Editor!

“GoldenEye Custom Music” replaces all music with new custom made tracks using the original GoldenEye soundfont and is compatible with both emulators and real N64 hardware. It is a fan-created reimagination of the Goldeneye 007 soundtrack that aims to stay true to the original Bond themes and moods while still providing a breath of fresh air. If you find any of the tracks appealing, you are more than welcome to use them in your own GoldenEye creations and adjust them as you see fit!
41 tracks:
Main Theme
Folder Menu
Watch Pause Menu
Facility – Ourumov’s Countdown
Runway – Plane Escape
Surface I
Bunker I
Bunker I – Alarm Trigger & Escape
Surface II
Surface II – Bond Captured
Bunker II
Bunker II – Inbound GoldenEye Strike
Statue – In Mishkin’s Custody
Archives – Window Escape
Streets – Cool Agents Don’t Look At Explosions
Depot – Infiltrating The Train
Train – The Girl Or The Mission
Jungle – Xenia Encounter & Elevator Getaway
Elevator Music I (Control Elevator)
Elevator Music II (Caverns Elevator)
Cradle – Trevelyan’s Final Phase
Aztec – Launching The Shuttle
Logos & KIA Instant Replay Sound
Bond Death Theme

Total length: 42m:15s

1. Scroll down, find and click “Download”. Save and unpack the content at a convenient location.
2. Download the GoldenEye Setup Editor from goldeneyevault.com and open the application.
3. Select “Tools” -> “XDelta Patching” -> and click “Apply GoldenEye XDelta Patch”.
4. Locate your clean(unmodified) GoldenEye rom and open it.
5. Locate the XDelta patch included in this download (that you saved at a convenient location) and open it.
6. Select a location for the patched rom (the combination of steps 4 and 5) and click “save”.
7. Voilá! Open the patched rom (the one you just saved in step 6) in an emulator of your choice or play it on N64.

Works on both emulators and real hardware, has some minor differences between the platforms. Tested on EverDrive 64 and 1964 emulator(60FPS build). Expansion Pak is not required.


chlindincomposer.wixsite.com/chlindin – You can download the MIDI files here!
soundcloud.com/chlindin/ - You can listen to the soundtrack here!
goo.gl/ujn9Tv – Link to my YouTube channel!

P.S. Trivia
The two elevator songs, while built up from scratch, are actually covers of existing songs. Can you figure out what they are?
Download0.161625 Mb


Posted by Decrypter1990 August 6, 2018 6:43 pm
This is amazing!!!

Posted by March 19, 2018 11:40 pm
The Archives Window Escape Street, reminds me of the 21 Jump Street TV series theme from the late 80s...

Posted by SATURN_81 March 10, 2018 10:12 am
I loved music, it's strange. the elevator music in Control has reminded me of the movie Gremlins. and the music of the Caverns assassin reminded me of something from Mickey Mouse lol.

Posted by CHlindin March 8, 2018 6:13 pm
Link to the soundtrack on YouTube if you want to preview it before downloading:


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