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Files - DKR Levels - Doom Base

NameDoom Base
AuthorSixty Four
DateApril 27, 2018
CategoryDKR Levels
LevelAncient Lake
DescriptionTitle: Doom Base
Author: Sixty Four
Date: 4/23/18
Category: DKR Levels
Level: Ancient Lake
Additional Info:
I used original Doom textures from my Doom.WAD and worked with GZDoom Builder to create the layout of the track model.

Description: Diddy Kong Racing meets Doom

This is a quick experiment track I used to learn how to deal with custom textures.
I also was experimenting with using GZDoom Builder to create the track. I think its cool enough to release for now.
No speed zippers or speed balloons.
Just Rockets!
Download0.035053 Mb


Posted by Sixty Four May 8, 2018 8:57 pm
Here is a video


Posted by Sixty Four April 28, 2018 10:48 pm
Thanks Saturn. Quake textures sounds cool! Yeah it was sort of an experiment track, that's why there isn't too much going on in the level. Original Doom 1 has no slopes. GZDoom is an upgraded engine, which is why you can add slopes now with GZDoom. Next one will be an upgrade compared to this I believe. It was really fun making this one though. Thought I would keep it rather simple there for original Doom 1 style. I'll try figuring out what's going on with planes. I think I already know but I better check that.

Posted by SATURN_81 April 28, 2018 4:42 am
This is a great level but something small. good choice with the textures and I'm already imagining Quake type textures. The level is completely flat and has no ramp up or down. Does the Doom tool not allow ramps for its levels ?. By the way if you hit a wall inside the tight curves you will lose a lot of time and the CPU will easily overtake you. I hope you can find out about how the CPU works in this game. in any modified level the airplane does not work with the CPU since it immediately goes towards the wall and hits against it, it would be necessary to discover why that happens with the airplanes.

Posted by Sixty Four April 27, 2018 11:47 pm
Yep and its pretty easy there's just a few things you have to watch for. I plan to do more with it now that I know exactly how. Thanks btw. Enjoy.

Posted by Mosky2000 April 27, 2018 7:59 pm
This is sick! Custom textures in DKR is gonna be cool to see.

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