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Files - Misc - Footsteps V11

NameFootsteps V11
AuthorPavarini (and Zoinkity, SubDrag)
DateJune 4, 2018
DescriptionI've been working on a combination patch with includes multiple patches, with many of my own.

Here is the list of features it has:
Zoinkity's 7MB expansion pak patch and EC player pick-up toggle
SubDrag's expansion pak detection code
Extended random head index (yes it's overflowing, but it does make levels have 7 random heads)
Set E9/FB to toggle between main/alt sky banks
Make 7F 00 check player's death flag
Set intros skippable
Change 'show ammo on-screen' option to 'disable AA'
Make command 27 return ZX emu joystick (0x10 = z-trigger 0x0-0xF = direction)
Make setting unknown float to 0 start stage without music
Make 2B multifunction (00 = restore music volume, 01-7F = change x-track for level, FF = disable watch, FE = memory inject)
Make F2 calculate distance for player (used for footsteps)

Check bunker 1 for a tutorial.

Changelog: V11:
* Force AA on when not in-game
* Added return argument to 2BFE
* Simplified all blocks
* Added portable medkit block (2BFE example - hold B+R to heal)

* Added F2 init command (required for console compatibility)
* Simplified footsteps block
* Lowered volume for footsteps (matches PD)
* Fixed credits from crashing
* Unlocked all cheats and missions by default
* Added 2BFE tutorial to bunker 1
* Improved footsteps block (now has mid-air detection)
* Fixed bug for FE compare arguments
Download0.227211 Mb


Posted by Pavarini June 13, 2018 2:34 pm
V10 has been updated, as always check bunker 1's setup for a complete tutorial.

Posted by SubDrag June 6, 2018 3:22 am
It's updated with V8.

Posted by Pavarini June 5, 2018 9:04 pm
I've submitted version 8 to subdrag. He should update soon, it fixes a bug with 2BFE and improves the footsteps patch.


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