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Files - PD Model Templates - Joanna Japanese Heads

NameJoanna Japanese Heads
DateAugust 19, 2018
CategoryPD Model Templates
DescriptionGame: Perfect Dark
Models: Joanna Dark Heads (Japanese)
Type: Guard
Source: Perfect Dark JPN (Modified)
Contributor: Wreck
Date: August 19th, 2018

In the Japanese release of Perfect Dark, the likeness of Joanna Dark was completely changed. I have extracted the models, and their textures, from the JPN ROM, for use in the North American version. The only modifications made were to the height of the heads (Y coordinates), as they floated above the necks with the originals. There may be slight visible separations between the head and neck, but this is even present with some of the regular PD characters. It should be less noticable on console. There are four heads total: combat, frock, aqua and snow. Though the frock model does look very similar to combat, you will notice she is actually wearing more makeup.

Open up your ROM in the Model Editor menu, select "Guard" type from the list, and choose the model in which you want to replace. After clicking "Edit", click on the "Import Model as Template" button on the lower left of the menu. From this window, choose the model template file. Should another window then pop up asking you to choose a ROM to save as (since new textures are being added), either select an existing one, or else type in a new name, then save. Once the model has finished importing, simply click "Inject into ROM and Update" to save your ROM again. If you do not inject the file into ROM, it will not be saved into it. This will replace the original PD model with the new one, and it will be ready to use.
Download0.171358 Mb


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