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Files - Solo Levels - Runway Takedown 1.1

NameRunway Takedown 1.1
DateJuly 9, 2007
CategorySolo Levels
Description[Goldeneye 007 Custom Level]

Level: Runway Takedown
Modified Level: Runway

Author: SubDrag [subdragger@hotmail.com]

Date: September 24, 2006
Edited: January 25th, 2018 (by Wreck)

GameShark Codes Required: None (besides Codelist for uploading to console)

Comments: The first ever release of a complete level for use with Goldeneye for N64, the best game of all time. Destroy moving jeeps, play a radio, meet with Dr. Doak for a nice little surprise. Exit in the jeep and watching the different cut-scenes for Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 Agent. It's an exciting new level brought to you by SubDrag! Please email me comments.

Objective 1: Destroy Enemy Vehicles
Objective 2: Retrieve Plans
Objective 3: Contact Agent
Objective 4: Plant Plastique on Aircrafts
Objective 5: Escape in Jeep

Background: MI6 has discovered a large build-up of cars and planes in the Russian Runway "KAKO", affiliated with Janus.

M Briefing: The situation has become grave. We expect them to be deployed within the next few days. You must destroy the vehicles Bond.

Q Branch: Planes are armored, and must be destroyed by explosives. Meet with Dr. Doak: he figured out an explosive that will do the job. And one more thing Bond, don't destroy what you came in on! You won't get a rescue.

Moneypenny: Use some of your explosiveness here, but be sure to save some for when you return. I'll be waiting.

Edit notes...
Modified level ending action block.
Corrected Hut Key rename issue.
Raised Bond's jeep, so tires sit flat on surface.
Made small building door a one-way lock.
Enlarged Hut Key size by 50%.
Switched Dr. Doak's remote mine to briefcase.
Added "Received some explosives." line.
Tweaked some of the briefing text, etc.
Changed level name in folders.
All missions unlocked at start of a new file.
Download0.078891 Mb


Posted by avdyl rashica March 7, 2014 3:49 am
how to play this level and other levels in pj 64

Posted by July 1, 2010 3:18 pm
will it work for pc because when i select the difficulty it frezzez up

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