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Files - Multi Levels - Solo in Multi 1.1

NameSolo in Multi 1.1
DateSeptember 29, 2007
CategoryMulti Levels
DescriptionLevel: Solo as Multi
Modified Levels: Multiple
Author: Abasyou

Date: September 29th, 2007
Edited: April 16th, 2018 (by Wreck)

Levels include Aztec, Cradle, Dam, Depot, Frigate, Runway, Control and Silo in multi.

Edit notes...

Gave Silo and Control correct level photos.
Added sky blocks for Runway, Depot and Cradle.
Adjusted memory for various levels.
Runway, Depot, Aztec and Control now have their theme music.
Renamed level select text with uppercase names.

Dam multi...
Adjusted sky blocks and visibility.
Added unarmed starting weapon.
Included Jungle arm type (bare skin).
Disabled collisions on weapons and armour.
Increased armour size.
Shifted one armour to new spot.
Added in Flag Tag Token pickup.
Unlinked the two security doors.
Removed sound from paired door.
Locked door at start of mission map.
Deleted leftover props outside of play area.

Control multi...
Deleted drone gun.
Added unarmed starting weapon.
Included Jungle arm type (bare skin).
Removed leftover objective.
Disabled collisions on weapons and armour.
Increased armour size.
Took weapons off wall and put onto floor.
Added in Flag Tag Token pickup.
Adjusted blast doors and closed their portals.
Download0.659014 Mb


Posted by BertErnie June 16, 2018 12:53 am
In reply to Wreck:

Darn! I figured there was something I was misunderstanding/missing!

Yea I am only armed with a regular console/game/gameshark.

I saw a series of gameshark codes posted on the forums under this topic:

That title leads me to believe that I can get Dam multiplayer working on n64 console/regular GE007 cart/gamesharkv3.3.

However there are at least 2 questions/observations I have:

1) after further reading, I notice it's called "Goldeneye Legends" and that leads me to believe that it involves a ROM patch just like you already mentioned (eg: Everdrive)

#2 won't even matter if I can't use those codes on a regular console/cart/gameshark but I'll ask anyways.

2) Basically, let's say it is possible to enter all of those codes on my gameshark manually to get Dam multi working;
Will there be a separate code for each category?

Stage Load

Respawn Points

*NOTE* and would each respawn point need it's own code or would they all be included in one Respawn Point code?

Load Objects

12 Object Placements

And then I notice there are some other codes in that post labeled:

"Note: Do not use the codes below TOGETHER!!
#code# < objects explosive
#code# < objects indestructible
#code# < size of your objects"

I don't really understand what those are even though they are labelled. I However those don't seem too important right now.

If you're still reading, if even at all, I thank you.

Must be frustrating dealing with my noob intellect.

But! Like I said, I have a feeling that I may require a patched ROM to even think about getting this to work which renders 90% of this post worthless.

That being said, I have been thinking about purchasing Krikkzzz' (sp) loaded EverDrive 64 that I saw on Ebay. The $250 one. This would solve all of my gameshark-only issues.

Thanks a lot, Wreck and anybody else who might provide more insight.

Posted by Wreck June 13, 2018 1:09 pm
It should run on console as-is, so long as you're playing the patched ROM on something like the EverDrive 64 or 64Drive. I recently updated this mod to be more stable, and fixed up a few issues. Those old comments from 2008 (a decade ago) were from before flashcarts were becoming easily available to players, and a possible alternative was uploading codes by a cable connecting between a PC and GameShark.

Posted by BertErnie June 13, 2018 10:06 am
I'm confused.
It said "to work on console".

And a comment above says this can be used with a gameshark.

If so, how?
My gameshark is 3.3 but the I don't use the cable to connect to PC. I just type in the codes manually.

OK, so if this works with a gameshark on console then where are the codes?

Posted by SenselessJacko August 6, 2008 4:09 pm
You can using a gameshark and a parallel prot cable

Posted by Lofton Wheeles January 12, 2008 1:04 am
Cool I Wish that's in the real N64 GAME!

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