Goldeneyevault.com website invites users to discover the fascinating world of the RPG (role-playing game) and its features. Today, this is a very important factor as RPG has become a widespread genre that now includes many subgenres like action-RPG and MMORPG.

Moreover, developers fuel the interest of video game fans in that they release many new projects. Today, regular users are unlikely to be able to learn in time news from the world of the gaming industry. That is why they only have time to read materials about the most popular games, such as Diablo or The Elder Scrolls. If you visit our website regularly, you will always be aware of the news.

About Author

Hello! My name is Peter Lyakh, and I created this site for all RPG fans who, like me, love to play video games and share their experiences with others. I’m a big fan of this gaming genre and started playing them when I was a kid.

My first gaming experience was when I was seven years old with a Nintendo – they say some people’s cravings for games pass, but not me! The first RPG I played was Diablo 2, and since then, I’ve been completely addicted to the genre.

My favorite titles are the Neverwinter Nights series, Icewind Dale, the Gothic series, Fallout, and The Elders Scrolls. Of course, I’ve played a lot of other games too.

I spent many hours playing games, challenging bosses, solving problems, and exploring virtual worlds. In the process, I gained a wealth of gaming experience as well as learn the intricacies of RPG games and strategies for different environments.

Once, I decided to share my experience with other gamers and created this site. Here I write reviews, guides, tips, and interesting facts about the most different RPG games on the market. Also, on the site, I offer my perspective on the best characters, progressions, and ways to play that can help newcomers improve their skills and gaming experience.

I hope that every gamer will find something here for themselves. So welcome to the fascinating world of RPG games!