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William Shakespeare’s works have created a continuing debate, with some individuals embracing his work while others detest it. Undoubtedly the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is his most widely known story in today’s world. Jagex is devoted to Romeo and Juliet as they remain vibrant in Gielinor.

But what will become of their story? Will it mimic that of the iconic Shakespearean tragedy or have a more fortunate ending? We’re here to uncover these answers. Let us embark on this journey – the Romeo and Juliet quest is ready for exploration.

What you will need to start Romeo and Juliet OSRS quest

The only one of the quest requirements for this pursuit is a basket of Cadava berries, which you can easily acquire from the shrubs that border Varrock or at the Grand Exchange in exchange for approximately 80 coins.

To commence your journey of Romeo and Juliet’s romance, make an excursion to Varrock. If teleportation spells and tablets are unavailable, The Chronicle provides access to the Champions’ Guild, just mere steps away. You also need to know this quest required for completing Making Friends with My Arm.

Head for Varrock Square

If you’re looking for Romeo, he’s meandering around Varrock Square. If you thought Alberto from Dying Light 2 needed to be more mindful, then get ready to meet his spiritual ancestor. You’ll likely need to complete Romeo’s thoughts and phrases often during your conversation.

He’ll be undeniably smitten by talk of Juliet. He will inquire if you have seen her and, when offered assistance to locate her, ask how he would recognize his beloved one.

Despite Romeo’s strong affection for this woman, who is said to bear beautiful hair, lips, and shoulders, it’s far from a helpful description, so let’s seek out Juliet ourselves to let her know of Romeo’s passionate affection.

Talk to Juliet

Travel westward beyond the Varrock West Bank, and you’ll find a house with roses outside. Ascend to the upper level, enter Phillipa’s room, and look out onto Juliet walking around on her balcony – her blonde hair glistening in the sun. How romantic.

And as an interesting tidbit of trivia: Romeo & Juliet received new character models years after this quest was released; originally, Helga from Hey Arnold served as inspiration for their designs.

When you talk to Juliet about Romeo and his sentiments, she will beg that you pass on a letter to him. Satisfying her wish, hurry back to Romeo — he’ll read the note as best he can.

While Juliet understands Romeo’s emotions, her father is dead against their coupling. Juliet then proposes that Father Lawrence might be their only salvation in this situation; maybe he has a solution for them both.

Asking Father Lawrence for help

Depart from Varrock Square and take a left at the first intersection. Proceed down the path until you come across the church on your right. Upon arrival, you will find Father Lawrence mid-sermon to some slumbering listeners – don’t hesitate to interject, as love can’t wait.

Share your plight with him, and he may suggest Juliet fake her death so they both can flee together. Father Lawrence has proposed a seemingly far-fetched plan—visit the Apothecary to create a potion that will make Juliet appear deceased.

When in the crypt, Romeo can awaken her, and then they can live happily ever after. While it seems like an outrageous scheme, we have yet to develop a better alternative.

Making the Cadava potion

Make your way to Varrock Square and take the Southern path. Behind the famous Swordshop, you’ll find a house – that’s where the Apothecary is located. Talk with him and select “something else” from his menu options.

If you ask him for a potion, he will present three choices: Strength Potion, Energy Potion, or Antipoison Potion. If you inquire about Romeo and Juliet, he’ll say that the potion can be made but with one more component – Cadava berries.

How to get Cadava berries

When asked where to find them, he will confide in you a story of some children who encountered trouble while picking from a bush near the mine east of Varrock. Be cautious if you’re a low-level player venturing through the Dark Wizard Circle on your way east to Varrock Mine.

These wizards have been responsible for the destruction of numerous adventurers who were unaware and unprepared for their ambushes over many years.

Seek out a Cadava berry bush and pick its precious fruit. If you have 15 Mining, take advantage of the opportunity to mine some iron here – an excellent way to finish up an uncomplicated assignment from the Varrock Diary.

Now go back to the Apothecary for your potion requirements, then inform Romeo about your mission; however, this will only progress further in questing. Instead, head over again to Juliet.

Realize your plan

When you explain the plan to her, she is surprisingly ready to act as if she has passed away and lie in a crypt. She implores you to communicate with Romeo regarding the ruse since he tends not to remember things — such are the lengths we will go for love. Her cousin Phillipa also agrees with this scheme.

After chugging the potion, Juliet’s cousin Phillipa delivers a heartbreaking performance of grief for her beloved family member. Shocked to witness his daughter’s lifeless body on the balcony, Juliet’s father quickly appears in despair.

With orders from him to prepare Julia’s corpse for the crypt, he heads back to Romeo and informs him it’s time to revive his one true love. Though fearful of what lies ahead, he implores you bravely join them on this journey; after all, we’ve come a long way.

Dramatic final

Please take a deep breath, and watch the riveting conclusion where Romeo makes his way to Juliet’s coffin in the crypt. Even though he was advised that the Cadava potion only renders her lifeless for some time, Romeo has become convinced that she is gone forever.

Phillipa suddenly appears behind him and quickly captures his attention; Romeo can move on from brokenheartedness effortlessly with Juliet’s cousin. Ouch, and that had to hurt poor Juliet. The mission is complete once this scene plays out. As a reward, you have been awarded 5 Quest Points.


  1. Juliet awoke from a deep slumber, feigning death, and returned to her father’s house. Surprisingly, she took no offense that her cousin, who had stolen the affection of her soulmate, resided next door.
  2. The Cadava Berries are essential for the Making Friends with My Arm quest, but they also come in handy when making F2P Antipoison potions from the Apothecary. Not to mention, you can use them as compost ingredients or even pay farmers of the Farming Guild to tend your cactus plants.
  3. If you converse with Draul Leptoc (whose name is an anagram for Lord Capulet) while carrying Cadava potion, he’ll take note and refer to his dialogue. After that, when you talk to Juliet again, she will appear frustrated at Romeo; however, if you speak to him instead, it turns out that he has misconstrued her “death” and fallen for Phillipa.
  4. Following the mission, Romeo will tell you how he encountered Juliet’s relative and that they are getting along splendidly without mentioning a single word about Juliet.


All’s well that ends well? In Jagex’s reinterpretation of the classic love story by William Shakespeare, Romeo and Phillipa appear blissful together. And Juliet is undoubtedly in a better place without such a frivolous partner.

Whether you are a dedicated Shakespeare fan or just looking for some fun exploration, the quest will give you plenty of entertainment as you uncover their fate within Gielinor. So grab your basket of Cadava berries and head to Varrock – who knows what secrets await?

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