Argon Crystal Farm – Warframe

General Information
Type Resource
Rarity Rare
Drop Amount 1-1x
Helminth Secretions Bile (3)
Sell Price Cannot Sell
Introduced Update 13.0 (2014-04-09)

In Warframe, a resource called Argon Crystal cannot be saved for long periods, and after 24 hours, the resource will disappear from your inventory.

You can typically obtain Argon Crystal as a drop from the Orokin Void tileset or from certain assassination missions. Argon Crystal is a radioactive resource found in the Void that decays after being removed.

Due to their limited availability and short lifespan of one day, it is recommended that you only collect them when necessary, as farming for them can be difficult. Obtaining Argon Crystal can be difficult as it is rare, and its availability expires in 24 hours.

Spending 20 minutes farming and coming up empty-handed is possible, but sometimes you can find 5 or 10 crystals within a few minutes. You need Argon Crystals to create several Warframes, Weapons, and Greater Lenses.

The Dragon Nikana, Valkyr Prime Chassis, Vauban Prime Chassis, Trinity Prime Chassis, Zhuge, Oberon Prime Systems, Hydroid Prime Chassis, Arca Titron, Limbo Prime Chassis, and Nekros Prime Chassis are some blueprints that require this resource.

What you will need to get Argon Crystals

Various methods exist to farm this resource, but their effectiveness may vary due to RNG (random number generation). Some of them may work better or worse when you attempt them. Whenever you defeat Corrupted Vor, you will receive an Orokin Cell or an Argon Crystal with equal probability.

Argon Crystal farming locations:

Target Planet Name Type Level Tile Set
Void Teshub Exterminate 10 – 15 Orokin Tower
Void Ani Survival 20 – 25 Orokin Tower
Void Stribog Sabotage 20 – 25 Orokin Tower
Void Oxomoco Exterminate 30 – 35 Orokin Tower
Void Mot Survival 40 – 45 Orokin Tower
Void Marduk Sabotage 40 – 45 Orokin Tower

There are mixed reports of success with Capture missions:

Target Planet Name Type Level Tile Set
Void Hepit Capture 10 – 15 Orokin Tower
Void Ukko Capture 30 – 35 Orokin Tower

If you’re looking for a squad to farm Argon Crystals, a great combination would be Pilfering Swarm Hydroid, Speed Nova, Energy Vampire Trinity, and Desecrate Nekros. This squad works best for Defense and Survival missions.

You can use a Smeeta Kavat and a resource booster to improve your resource drop rate. Argon Crystals were previously only obtainable in the Void, but now you can farm them by doing Isolation Vaults in Deimos. Currently, you cannot buy Warframe Argon Crystal from the Market.

The only things you can purchase related to Argon Crystals are decorative items like the Argon Crystal Decoration for 5 Platinum or the Argon Pegmatite Decoration for 20 Platinum. However, please note that these items are only for display and cannot be used as resources.

Missions to farm Argon Crystals

Mission Type Source Star Chart Nodes Rotations Chance Quantity Avg. per roll
Annihilation Annihilation (Conclave)
  • Annihilation, Saturn
B 0.25% 1 0.0025
Exterminate Jupiter Exterminate Resource Caches
  • Carpo, Jupiter
C 1% 1 0.01
Cephalon Capture Cephalon Capture (Conclave)
  • Cephalon Capture, Saturn
B 0.25% 1 0.0025
Exterminate Lua Exterminate Resource Caches
  • Plato, Lua
C 10.82% 1 0.1082
Exterminate Kuva Fortress Exterminate Resource Caches
  • Dakata, Kuva Fortress
C 3.67% 1 0.0367
Sabotage Orokin Derelict Resource Caches
  • Formido, Deimos
C 19.36% 1 0.1936
Lunaro Lunaro (Conclave)
  • Lunaro Arena, Saturn
B 0.25% 1 0.0025
Sabotage Tier 1 Reactor Sabotage
  • Ishtar, Venus
  • Terminus, Mercury
  • Gradivus, Mars
C 0.67% 1 0.0067
Sabotage Orokin Derelict Resource Caches
  • Formido, Deimos
C 3.76% 2 0.0752
Sabotage Tier 2 Void Sabotage Resource Caches
  • Stribog, Void
C 3.67% 1 0.0367
Sabotage Tier 3 Reactor Sabotage
  • Rusalka, Sedna
  • Cypress, Pluto
C 3.67% 1 0.0367
Sabotage Tier 4 Void Sabotage Resource Caches
  • Marduk, Void
C 4.42% 1 0.0442
Sabotage Tier 2 Reactor Sabotage
  • Ker, Ceres
  • Thon, Ceres
  • Adrastea, Jupiter
  • Calypso, Saturn
C 1% 1 0.01
Weekly Conclave Challenge Reward Weekly Conclave Challenge Reward Complete all weekly Conclave challenges to get this reward in your in-game inbox:

  • Match Won: Win 6 matches of any game type.
  • Match Complete: Complete 20 matches of any game type.
  • Conditioning: Complete 10 Daily Challenges.
B 12.5% 10 1.25
Team Annihilation Team Annihilation (Conclave)
  • Team Annihilation, Saturn
B 0.25% 1 0.0025

Enemy drop table to easily farm Argon Crystals

Enemy Drop Table Chance Item Chance Chance Expected Kills Quantity Avg. per roll attempt
Corrupted Vor 100% 50% 50% 2 1 0.5

Complete a Capture or Void Exterminate Mission to farm Argon Crystal

First, choose and complete your mission. Look for any Argon Deposits and break them up to get multiple Argon Crystals. This is the fastest way to farm Argon Crystals, even if you’re not with a squad.

You can use a Warframe like Ember, Nova, or another area of effect (AOE) damager to break containers behind closed doors. If you equip the carrier with a vacuum, you’ll automatically gather the resource.

Head to the Weekly Ayatan Sculpture Mission to farm Argon Crystals

If you want to earn more crystals without any time pressure, doing the Maroo-granted mission on a Void tileset is recommended. As long as you don’t start the mission, there’s no time limit.

By running around with a Slash damage weapon and Nekros using the Desecrate ability to fight your enemies, you can increase the loot drop chance to double.

Complete a Defense or Void Survival Mission to farm Argon Crystal

Efficiently farming Argon Crystals can yield between 30 to 50 per hour. To maximize your squad, consider bringing a Desecrate Nekros or a Pilfering Hydroid and a Smeeta Kavat.

Wait until the Charm ability is triggered before gathering to ensure double loot. When in a survival mission, search for a room with a single opening, continue farming and killing enemies, and have a tank-type player search for and activate life support modules.

The Spare Parts Trick to Farm Argon Crystals

One effective way to farm Argon Crystals is by using the “Spare Parts Trick,” which, like the Tellurium method, can be unpredictable.

This trick increases your chances of getting the crystals, but you’ll need a Sentinel and the “Spare Parts” mod. While other farming methods in this guide require little preparation, this method requires a specific setup.

Getting Spare Parts is relatively easy as it has a low drop rate and can be obtained by defeating certain Corrupted enemies in the Void or on Relic missions.

However, you have a higher chance (over 22%) of obtaining it by defeating Lephantis, a boss found on the Magnacidium node in Deimos. You may have already defeated Lephantis while searching for Nekros blueprints.

If you still need to obtain Spare Parts or have not received them, return them to Magnacidium on Deimos and start working on them. Nekros is a valuable addition to your team because his “Desecrate” ability allows you to acquire more loot from enemy corpses every time it’s used.

It’s important to note that upgrading the Spare Parts mod is recommended after obtaining the Spare Parts mod. Upgrading to its maximum rank costs 620 Endo and 29,946 Credits, which is reasonably priced.

Once you’ve upgraded and equipped the mod to a Sentinel of your choice, the companion will have a consistent 45% chance of dropping one rare item every time it dies.

While farming, the drop rate of Argon Crystal may be unreliable. However, by Warframe standards, a drop rate of 45% is a huge decrease.

But keep in mind that even if you get a “rare” item, there is a chance that it might not be an Argon Crystal. The reason is, Spare Parts draws from the local loot pool, giving you an item, such as a mod you already have, which might be less useful.

Getting a rare item from this method has almost a 50/50 chance, greater than the usual drop chance from enemies or crates.

Since you will be doing both anyway, this method is efficient and a great deal compared to other farming methods. Unlike Resource Boosters, it is also reusable and free after paying the small initial Endo and Credits cost.

The issue is that obtaining a resource does not guarantee an Argon Crystal. Argon Crystals have the same rare drop chance as Control Modules when farming, despite Control Modules being much more common.

This means the chance to get an Argon Crystal is further reduced by including another item type. Nevertheless, it is still a free bonus while farming, so it is worth pursuing.

Let’s talk about the Sentinel. You can take it with you on any mission, but using it on missions like Ani or Mot is recommended. Mot has stronger enemies, which is beneficial because they can eliminate your companion faster.

If you’ve completed The War Within story quest, you can activate Void Mode as your Operator by crouching.

This will make you and your Warframe temporarily invincible and invisible while your Sentinel remains in one spot. Nearby enemies will target your Sentinel, allowing you to collect its Spare Parts loot without the risk of getting killed.

If you don’t want to keep your Sentinel, you can let it die naturally by removing most mods except Spare Parts (and Animal Instinct, if you prefer). It doesn’t matter how it dies as long as it’s consistent.

To start again, let yourself die after picking up the Spare Parts loot. You’re allowed to die up to three times without failing the mission in Warframe. After fully dying, manually revive yourself to respawn your Sentinel simultaneously.

To enhance Protea’s Dispensary ability or that of any Warframe that has subsumed it through Helminth, you can consider using the “Repair Dispensary” mod. However, obtaining this mod can be challenging, and you must attain Rank 5 with The Perrin Sequence or Arbiters of Hexis Syndicates to purchase it.

Purchasing the augment will require 25,000 Standing points from either Syndicate, which can be a lot of work. However, you can also buy it from other players in exchange for Platinum. To find sellers, you can check the public Trading chat channel.

With Repair Dispensary, you can bring back your Sentinel once every minute, enabling you to farm your Sentinel using Spare Parts continuously.

This method can be used with other rare resources in Warframe and is not limited to Argon farming. However, it may be less effective for obtaining more common drops and can be time-consuming.

The explanation is that when you send your Sentinel to the farm, you usually do not progress in other areas such as Affinity, Focus, Credits, and Endo. If you do a simple Survival mission, you can accomplish all these things while farming for other resources.

The Spare Parts method comes in handy when you require a large quantity of a rare resource. Since Argon is limited in terms of where and when it can be obtained, it is an ideal candidate. You only need one or two crystals to create what you need.

Conclave Challenges

One method of collecting Argon Crystals in Warframe is completing weekly challenges in the Warframe PVP mode called the Conclave. However, the drop rate for Argon is low for the time spent in this method. Some people may not enjoy playing PVP in Warframe because it is not very popular, fast-paced, or enjoyable for them.

Additionally, the small group of players who do play PVP are usually highly skilled. Despite this, PVP is still available as an option. One positive aspect is that you can obtain Argon Crystals in packages of 10 through the Conclave.

This implies that if you are lucky and get them once, you will have enough Argon to cover multiple blueprints in one go.

Using other methods usually results in obtaining only one or two crystals (depending on factors such as Resource Boosters). If you are already interested in Conclave, that is everything you need to know.

Isolation Vault Bounties

Another option is the Isolation Vault Bounties which can be obtained from Mother, the local mission giver. In these bounties, you’ll fight against Infested and Necramechs, and this is a fairly simple option to consider. At the end of each Isolation Vault, there is an optional short escort mission.

During this mission, you will protect Loid and Otak while they unlock a vault door. To open the door, you must complete a “memory puzzle” where you shoot locks in a specific order, shown by glowing glyphs. It is easier than it sounds, and players usually understand it quickly when farming for Necramech weapon parts.

Beyond the final door, you will find several storage containers with a good chance of dropping Argon Crystals and other valuable items when you break them. This is a convenient way to collect Argon Crystals while earning Entrati Standing points, which can be used for other rewards, and fighting Necramechs.

Best Void Missions to farm Argon Crystal

Let’s examine the most effective void missions for obtaining Argon Crystals.

Ani – Void (ACF-5)

In this mission located in the Void, you can obtain Argon Crystals and other useful resources. It’s the easiest survival mission in the Void, making it simple to handle enemies and stay longer to collect the crystals.

This location is great for farming Argon Crystals because you can find them by searching containers and killing enemies. Keep an eye out for Argon Pegmatites while exploring the map and destroy them to get the crystals.

Remember that new players might encounter exceptionally strong enemies since this map is in the Void. It’s recommended to attempt this mission with a group, but be aware that it will result in a higher number of enemies being generated.

Oxomoco – Void (ACFU-2)

If you want to obtain Argon Crystal and enjoy combat more than scavenging, consider selecting the exterminate mission in the Void. You will have to eliminate multiple enemies in a straightforward mission. Look for loot boxes, as you may find the resource in them.

Ukko – Void

Would you like to complete a faster run? If yes, consider attempting the Ukko capture mission in the Void, which can be finished in just a few minutes. Complete the objective and then roam the area destroying loot containers and killing enemies.

One effective method for farming Argon Crystals is to use Warframes that can move quickly and clear areas fast. This can also increase your chances of finding and farming relics, which can be used to farm prime equipment.

Argon Crystals Decay

Argon Crystals only last for 24 hours after completing a mission. Only store them if you plan to use them, as they will decay. It’s better to farm them when you need them for crafting as the last component.


Please remember that Warframe operates on RNG (random number generation), so your success is not guaranteed. You may farm Argon Crystal simply by completing a basic Void exterminate mission.

Conversely, you may play for an hour without discovering any Argon Crystals. If you have bad luck with the RNG system, try playing later or adjusting your daily objective.

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