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Updated in January 2023

A key aspect of Warframe is resource farming. Not just resources, but parts of weapons, warframes, archwings, Necramechs, and other things. Plastids are a vital resource in the game, used in many crafts. It can be found on planets like Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Erida, and Phobos.

It drops out in fairly small quantities at a time – between 15 and 25 pieces. In this guide, we will look at where and how to farm Plastids. Let’s go!

General Information
Type Resource
Rarity Uncommon
Drop Amount 15-25x
Helminth Secretions Pheromones (4000)
Sell Price Cannot Sell
Introduced Vanilla (2012-10-25)

What are Plastids in Warframe?

Plastids are an unusual resource needed to craft many things in Warframe. It is one of the first resources that was introduced into the game (it was in the October 2012 update).

Now Plastids, in addition to creating many items (indeed many – every third warframe or weapon requires a certain amount of Plastids to create), are also used in Helminth Secretions.

Where to farm Plastids in Warframe?

Plastids are scarce and usually found in a group of 10-30 (except for resource drop rate rewards). They can be discovered on Saturn, Uranus, Phobos, Pluto, and Eris.

Like this, these planets offer some great spots for farming. Since all players will have different levels within Warframe, it is paramount to know low-level and high-level areas that supply Plastids so everyone can progress through the game.

In fact, there are literally a ton of handy and practical locations to farm Plastids in Warframe. These are mostly various Survival missions. Here is a list of the best locations for farming:

Target Planet Name Type Level Tile Set
Uranus Stephano Defense 24-29 Grineer Sealab
Saturn Piscinas Survival (Dark Sector) 26-36 Grineer Asteroid
Eris Akkad Survival (Dark Sector) 35-45 Infested Ship
Uranus Ophelia Survival 24-29 Grineer Sealab
Saturn Helene Defense 21-26 Grineer Galleon
Pluto Outer Terminus Defense 30-40 Corpus Outpost
Pluto Palus Survival 30-40 Corpus Ship
Phobos Gulliver Defense 10-15 Corpus Ship
Phobos Stickney Survival 10-15 Corpus Ship
Deimos Cambion Drift Free Roam 20-35 Cambion Drift

The community and veteran Warfame players have approved them, so you can rest assured that you will be able to farm the right amount of Plastids here. Let’s go through each of these locations and go through them in detail.


Probably the most profitable place to go to get Plastids on Uranus. The thing is that this is an endless Defense mission, so enemies will constantly be arriving, and you can get large amounts of Plastids from them.

Enemy levels here range from 24 to 29, and the action takes place on the planet Tile Set called a Grineer Sealab so that you will be fighting against waves of Grineer factions here.


Also a good farming location on the planet Saturn. It is a Survival-type mission. The main opponents here are Infested, and this place relates to Dark Sector missions, so you will get plenty of resources here.

The Tile Set location is a Grineer Asteroid, and enemy levels range from 26 to 36.


Akkad is a high-level (35 to 45) mission of the Defense-type on the planet Eris, where you can forage a large number of Plastids with the right approach.

The Tile Set here is Infested Ship, and as before, the main opponent is Infested, as it is also a Dark Sector mission, where the player will receive increased (as a percentage) resources for each mob destroyed.


Ophelia is a Survival-type location on the planet Uranus. The level of enemies here is very average, 24-29. Combat will take place with Grineer formations on the Tile Set Grineer Sealab.

Since this is an endless Survival mission, it makes sense to take warframes that can deal mass damage – to farm many mobs at once.


Helene is a favorite location for many Warframe players to farm resources. It is handy, low-level (21-26), and takes place on the very practical Tile Set – Grineer Galleon.

The location allows you to destroy enemy waves on an industrial scale, so there are plenty of resources to drop here. A normal farming session here lasts around 20 minutes – enough time to rack up 300-500 Plastids even without resource Boosters.

Using other planets for farming makes little sense – they are better suited for farming other resources, which you can read about in our other articles.

Tips for Plastids farming

Here are some tips to make farming Plastids much easier and quicker:

  1. Use Titan Extractors – they will greatly help get Plastids. Among other things, you will also have a chance to get 3-4 Detonite Ampule if you put Extractors on Uranus planet.
  2. In the Defence-type mission at Stephano, destroying containers is not a bad way to get a large number of Plastids quickly. You can get up to 100 Plastids before the job even starts.
  3. Proceed through the quest A Man of Few Words – there, at the beginning of each new mission phase, you will get to a location with lots of Plastids. This is an optional quest, and you can replay it over and over again via the Codex.
  4. Dark Sector Survival missions are practically the best way to quickly get some Plastids so that you can then start farming warframes, which require this resource. Dark sector bonus is represented in increased drop rate, and fighting against Infested is not too difficult, so it can even be called casual farming to some extent.


  1. Interesting fact – the Plastid in real life is a semi-autonomous organelle of higher plants, consisting of membranes and having its genome. The Plastids in Warframe were probably named for their resemblance to the external Plastids of real life.
  2. You can buy Orbiter decoration as a single resource for 5 Platinum or a whole Plastid Shell for 20 Platinum.


Plastids are a really important resource, needed in both the early game and late game. Look for it in the farming locations on many planets we have covered in this article, and you will be sure to secure steady and large Plastid drops.

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