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Best RPG games

There’s no question that RPGs are some of the most popular video games around. Millions of people enjoy playing them, and new ones always come … Read more

Fieldron Sample farming

Fieldron Samples are a rare component in Warframe. The in-game description of the item states: “This destroyed Fieldron could further research into super-heated containment fields.” … Read more

Lineage 2: Revolution class guide

The mobile version of NCSoft’s Lineage 2 Revolution is a that has been extremely popular. Maintains the complex class system from its predecessors, allowing for … Read more

Warframe Oxium farm

Oxium is an unusual resource in the Warframe. It is in demand among all players – you can use it in many crafts. It has … Read more

Warframe Tellurium farm

Warframe is a game entirely about farming and grinding on various scales. The titles’ main idea is to get more and more warframes, weapons, Archwings, … Read more


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