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Break away from your everyday Genshin Impact routine with Hilidream Camp, a limited-time web event that allows you to gain valuable rewards. Instead of unleashing violence on hapless creatures, this time around, it’s about designing and crafting furniture pieces for their cozy camping spot.

No more worry about trial and error scenarios; follow our guide to make the best out of your limited materials daily so that you have a stunning new piece every time.

What you will need to get all furniture

You can accumulate materials daily by completing three activities preceding Genshin Impact web events – signing into the game, visit the tavern, and sharing the event with your peers. You can craft a new piece of furniture using only wood, bowl, bucket, and straw as your materials.

However, caution must be taken not to use the same ingredients twice if you don’t follow the given recipe; since these supplies aren’t easily accessible. You have free reign to construct your items however you desire. As long as the necessary materials are used, it doesn’t matter in what order they’re placed – so let your creativity shine.

You will procure all you need for your initial daily crafting undertaking without delay. Your second try will take about one minute and the third attempt for three minutes.

Afterward, it’s time to position the items in their designated areas; however, there is a restriction of 15 pieces – so be sure not to double up, and you can make all furniture very quickly.

Recipes for crafting

Our helpful table below will show you the materials to combine to craft with confidence:

Furnishing Materials Required First-Unlock Rewards
Hilichurl Bed x4000


Mitachurl Mask x4000


Hilichurl Mask Rack x4000


Low Stone Stool x4000


Round Stone Table x4000


Small Lamp “Grass” x4000


An Unusual Portrait x4000


Downy Carpet x4000


Paper Hanging Lamp x4000


“Dancing Tree” x4000


Folding Screen x8000
Stone Stove x8000
Storage Cabinet x8000
Multipurpose Pot x8000
Mysterious Wooden Ladder x8000

Failed сombinations

Only craft the following pieces as they will be considered valid. However, if you create qualifying new furniture, you’ll be rewarded 1000 Mora.

Furniture Recipes

Interactive furniture and in-game items

Here is the complete list of items you can interact with:

Furnishing Function

Small Lamp “Grass”

Clicking this lamp will turn it on and off. It swings slightly nevertheless of whether it’s on, but when it’s on, it also glows gently.

Paper Hanging Lamp

The Paper Hanging Lamps will light when turned on and wobble for a while after clicking.

An Unusual Portrait

Clicking it will make the Hilichurl switch between standing and knocking to be let out.

Storage Cabinet

Many things are concealing in the drawers, including Hilichurl Masks, living Slimes, half-eaten sausages, and Paimon?.

“Dancing Tree”

When you click this miniature Pyro Regisvine, it does a small dance and continues until you click it again.

Stone Stove

Technically, you cannot interact with it, but the succulent meat on the Stove is animated and moves by default.

Mysterious Wooden Ladder

Clicking this will take you back outside to the crafting menu. Nifty little shortcut.

Hilidream Camp web event guide

How to play Hilidream Camp
1 Go to the Hilidream Camp event website
2 Craft Furnishing with different recipes
3 Complete Daily Tasks to get more materials
4 Decorate the camp with crafted Furnishings

Players can craft up to three pieces daily during the event, with a quick turnaround time of no longer than 3 minutes for each. Crafting Furnishings requires materials; completing Event Tasks is the only way to get them.

Here’s what you should do: head to the web-event page today, log in for Genshin Impact, and remember to share your daily progress. These tasks will bring you closer each day to creating all available beautiful furnishings.

Stay calm over the order of your materials. Even if they are chaotic, as long as you have chosen all the right products, you should be able to produce whatever furnishing you desire.

Nevertheless, even with perfect ingredients, there can be times when something goes awry. Instead of what was intended, a Strange Product is manufactured – its purpose still needs to be discovered.

To avoid any resource wasting, do your work in this order:

  1. Freebie – Bed.
  2. Day 1 – Cabinet, Pot, Lamp, Carpet.
  3. Day 2 – Lamp Grass, Unusual Portrait, Round Stone, Table, Ladder.
  4. Day 3 – Folding Screen, Dancing Tree, Stove, Stool.
  5. Day 4 – Mask, Mask Rack.

How to decorate Hilidream Camp

After you have constructed Hilichurl Furniture, it can spruce up any indoor space stylishly. Remember that the same furniture item can be placed multiple times without crafting a new one. Click the signpost, and you’ll be whisked away from Hilidream Camp’s Crafting menu.

On your right, three buttons await – click on the middle button to start decorating. When that is complete, capture a snapshot of your work with the leftmost button and receive an impressive 5000 Mora as a reward for saving it.

If there’s nothing else in store for you inside, press the far-right one so you can return outside, where crafting takes place.


Event rewards
Primogem Hero’s Wit Mora
+ Housing System Furnishing

Unlock Hilidream Camp rewards in two ways: craft furniture for the first time or unlock a certain amount of furniture. Get 4, 9, 12, and 15 items to reap the rewards.

Not only will you reap the many bonuses the Hilidream Camp event offers, but you’ll also get Housing System furnishings delivered straight to your inbox. Get ready for a stream of in-game mail with amazing goodies inside.

Furnishings Rewards
4 Primogem x20
9 Primogem x30
12 Primogem x30

Cloudy Haze Bed

15 Primogem x40

Pine Folding Screen: Billowing Sails


Before crafting any items, check that they match the recipes next to the “Start Crafting” button. Also, you are allowed only have a maximum of 5 details of the same item at any time. Take, for example, Hilichurl beds – you may be at most five in your room. This rule applies to all furniture, and only 15 pieces are allowed.


Hilidream Camp is a fun and easy way to get rewards while breaking away from your everyday Genshin Impact routine. The event allows you to spend time designing and crafting furniture pieces for a cozy camping spot.

Utilizing only wood, bowl, bucket, and straw as your materials, you can prepare something unique in just minutes. We wish our Hilichurl Camp recipes guide could support you throughout your mission to improve their lives.

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