Best Warframe Ignis Wraith build

Introducing the Ignis Wraith, an enhanced version of the Grineer flamethrower. With increased critical and status chances, this cutting-edge weapon reigns King in its class – outmatching even some Warframes’ impressive damage numbers! Get your hands on it today to experience a fiery performance.

This weapon is a powerhouse for clearing out rooms of enemies, leaving them either incinerated or bombarded with elements like corrosive and viral. Its critical chance makes it exceptionally adept at powering up particular mods that significantly boost damage output! So, you need the best Ignis Wraith build.

General information
Type Rifle
Mastery 9
Max Rank 30
Slot Primary
Trigger Type Held
Accuracy 100
Ammo Max 200
Ammo Pickup 40
Ammo Type Primary
Disposition ●○○○○ (0.55x)
Fire Rate 8.00 attacks/sec
Noise Level Alarming
Magazine Size 200
Reload Time 1.70 s
Projectile Type Hit-Scan
Normal attack
Total Damage 35 (100.00% Heat)
Ammo Cost 0.5
Crit Chance 17.00%
Crit Multiplier 2.5x
Fire Rate 8.00 attacks/sec
Multishot 1 (35.00 damage per projectile)
Noise Level Alarming
Range 27.0 m
Status Chance 29.00%
Projectile Type Hit-Scan
Compatibility Tags BEAM, ASSAULT_AMMO, AOE
Riven Family Ignis
Exilus Polarity
Introduced Update 19.12 (2017-03-02)
Polarities None
Sell Price 7,500


  1. Base heat damage.
  2. Large ammo capacity.
  3. Balanced critical chance.
  4. High-status chance.
  5. Large magazine capacity.
  6. Unwavering accuracy.
  7. Ammo streamlined.
  8. Damage enemies in a radius.
  9. Fast projectile speed.
  10. Damage goes through multiple enemies.


  1. No physical damage.
  2. Restricted range.
  3. Requires mastery rank of 9.
  4. It needs to be fired for a more extended period for maximum damage.

How to get Ignis Wraith

In the early days of Warframe, clans often participated in research events to acquire a specific blueprint. Members of these clans could purchase this item from their lab, and some even gave away free copies in trade chat as an act of goodwill!

These ‘minuscule’ items may not look like much, but they still hold sentimental value for those involved. Ignis wraith requires: Baro Ki’Teer has it for sale in exchange for 500 ducats and 250,000 credits. However, this does not include the Orokin Catalyst or Weapon Slot.

Item Source Chance Expected Nearly Guaranteed
Blueprint Grineer Veil Proxima Point of Interest / B 8.70% ~ 11 B Caches 75 ± 25 B Caches

Armor strip

Ignis Wraith users will have an easy time with this build, as it utilizes a potent combination of heat and corrosion to strip away enemy armor quickly.

You won’t need to worry about proccing physical damage either, making the weapon incredibly useful right from the start – not to mention its already impressive firepower can be further boosted by Warframe buffs!

Hybrid damage

The Ignis Wraith is no slouch regarding critical and status chance, but unfortunately, its damage output only procs heat.

This hybrid build takes full advantage of the Wraith’s impressive stats by utilizing 90% elemental and Hunter Munitions mods to shred through regular enemy groups and elite units. You can quickly decimate foes by lowering their health and armor while dealing slash DPS!

Long range

Through this build, we employ the Combustion Beam mod to make enemies detonate upon death. Serration and Heavy Caliber are added to enhance the damage and spread of the Ignis Wraith. Plus, Split Chamber amplifies multishot while Sinister reach boosts its range even further – all working together to create a formidable creation!

If you’re looking to boost your punch-through and rate of fire, Shred is an unbeatable choice. But if those aren’t essential stats for you, a Speed Trigger will work just as well. To further empower your weapons with elemental properties, add two basic damage mods depending on the user’s preference or which enemies they need to take down!

This build is perfect for dispatching mobs of adversaries at varying distances with expedience, and when outfitted with the Combustion Beam mod, it’s a literal breeze. All enemies that are slain will detonate in a chain reaction resulting in more area-of-effect destruction, eradicating them within seconds while keeping you secure from harm.

Short range

Unlike the prior structure, we eliminated Sinister reach to decrease coverage and substituted it with Vigilante Armaments. This enables more shots for more significant overall destruction, and it can be replaced with another mod if desired.

However, you forfeit the range that Sinister Reach provided; therefore, needing users to draw nearer foes to attack them. This formation is optimal at close-to-medium distance but can still hit enemies somewhat far away.

Anti shield

Are you looking to swiftly and effectively dispatch those pesky Corpus nullifiers? If so, this build you should strongly consider is ideal for obliterating enemy shields in a flash while reducing their armor.

This strategy comes especially handy when clearing out a room crowded with Corpus foes or tackling heavily-shielded adversaries as you accumulate Credits in The Index. With this offensive loadout focused on the Corpus faction, your mission will be complete before you know it!

Punch through

This build is designed to take out multiple foes quickly and efficiently, with its concentration on penetration through Metal Auger and Primed Shred mods.

The Ignis Wraith can keep its heat element by combining weapons with a viral mod. At the same time, Hunter Munitions adds you slash damage and virus status effects for an all-around superior attack!

Utilizing the combined force of these mods, you can inflict severe damage to your foes – mainly when they are in a group or taking shelter behind Nullifier bubbles or some cover.

The Ignis Wraith even has enough power to shoot through walls and doors! So unleash this build’s potential and make your enemies cringe before its immense strength!

Critical damage build

The critical building is one of the most effective ways to deliver massive damage, and this build centers around increasing critical damage using Vital Sense and Hammer Shot mods.

At the same time, Point Strike further augments this effect with its unprecedented increase in critical chance. If you’re after rapid destruction, opt for a Critical Build and enjoy unmatched results.

If you want to deal with critical damage without worrying about which faction or enemy type you face, radiation builds are the ideal option.

For even further increases in your destructive potential, incorporating Vigilante mods is a great way to go; they give an additional boost of one level for critical hits – turning yellow crits into orange and significantly increasing your chances for success!

Riven Mod

Unquestionably, the Ignis Wraith is a rare and powerful weapon, thus making its Rivens quite costly. If you already own or plan on getting one, particular riven stats will further bolster your Ignis Wraith’s strength. So take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

Stats like triple element or critical boost are especially beneficial when optimizing the performance of this weapon, as standard damage-boosting stats already provide a substantial amount.

With these other Riven stats in place, you can make space for even more powerful damage mods to increase their effectiveness and power further!

Acceptable negative stats

  1. When dealing with negative impact, puncture, or slash damage, the Ignis Wraith is a pure element weapon that remains unaffected. But if you rely on Hunter Munitions for protection against these types of damage, you can rest assured knowing it only converts damage after all calculations are complete.
  2. Absence of recoil – The absence of recoil is an advantage for this weapon since it does not need to cope with the kickback from shooting.
  3. The negative fire rate of Ignis Wraith makes it the ideal gun, as this property boosts its overall effectiveness.
  4. Negative fractions, especially Infested units, are often easier to manage during missions of any level because they can be set on fire.

Useless positive stats

The Ignis Wraith has some impressive features. However, a few of its stats could be better:

  1. Positive zoom.
  2. Positive flight speed.
  3. Positive Impact Puncture and Slash are ineffectual, conferring no bonus to the weapon.
  4. With the Positive magazine size modification, your flamethrower will be granted an even more significant capacity. This is especially useful if you are a fan of using Ignis Wraith in game modes with copious foes coming after you.

Bad negative stats

  1. It’s okay to explain the clear-cut stat boosts like harmful damage, multishot, critical chance, and critical damage since they are advantageous. However, if any of these stats become a negative in an item roll – it is unarguably time for rerolling, with the only exception being when three out of four stats turn out positive.
  2. A negative magazine can be risky since you may easily breeze through it without noticing the damage. Decreasing may lessen some destruction, particularly on formidable enemies such as the Nox, Juggernaut, or Ambulas.

Early game strategy

This build is dubbed Speed Run, as it gives up some of its DPS capacity for utility and AoE, which will be helpful when you’re opening relics to acquire Prime Warframes.

As many of the mods used in this build are not easily obtainable by fresh players (like Primed or Galvanized mods), they can exchange these with their standard versions – Split Chamber, Shred, and Firestorm would do the trick!

For those lacking access to a Galvanized Rifle Aptitude mod too, go for anyone out of these alternatives:

  1. Heavy Caliber.
  2. Hammer Shot.
  3. Hunter Munitions.
  4. Vigilante Armaments.

As mentioned, you should aim for solid burst damage to take down most star chart enemies while maximizing clearing capabilities. Even with the current nerfs on splash damage weapons such as Ignis Wraith, they remain great at their job.

You may have some ammo issues occasionally; however, this shouldn’t be an issue due to your impressive killing rate.

Late game strategy

The “All-Purpose” build is designed to efficiently remove heavily fortified foes such as Grineer Bombards and Corrupted Heavy Gunners. Though its Area of Effect (AoE) capabilities will be significantly weaker than those of an early-game build, it packs a much more powerful punch.

If you’re at a late-game stage already, then all or most of these mods should already be within your reach! The Ignis Wraith is a powerhouse when equipped with the Condition Overload mod.

Spray your enemies with status effects, then strike them down in one fell swoop! With this combination of power and speed, you can take out those pesky foes without breaking a sweat.

You’ll observe that both builds have the Primary Merciless arcane equipped. This is unusually late-game, thus increasing the efficiency of an already impressive weapon.

While it’s not a requirement for the early-game build, having it enhances your results as you progress through your playthrough.


The Ignis Wraith is both a tremendous and powerful flamethrower weapon. Limited by its reach, the destruction caused by your flames can be massive when clearing enemies or searching for loot caches in missions.

With this carefully crafted weapon, you’ll have fun and quickly increase your Mastery Rank! So don’t hesitate any longer – go craft or buy yourself this incredible tool as soon as possible.

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