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Adding tris

subdrag | 07 February, 2012 00:20

Added a clone tri feature which just adds a triangle in room positions mode +5,+5,+5, for manual vertice editing.  I added a way to import new u,vs for the characters, since due to merging we can't import all new models. I've only been able to figure out how to do it in blender, and it's one character part at a time in edit model tools, but basically, export obj in edit model using original vertices button now, import obj into blender (and make sure you check preserve vertex order when importing), do your texture changes, do  *not* add any triangles or move any points, then output obj, and choose original vertices.  Now Convert u,vs from obj using edit models and it should work.  Fixed up a bug when using type 0x21 objective, the deposit in room, in Perfect Dark.

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