The best shooter games

Many users prefer the game genre of shooter. When choosing and buying a game, you must focus on several factors. The best PC shooters are popular due to their high-quality graphics and convenient management.

The best shooting games on PC

Half-Life. This is one of the most «ancient» projects in this style, which still remains popular. The plot of this game tells us about a group of scientists who, in the course of their experiments, endangered the existence of the world. One of them is now trying to get things back to normal.

It is a shooter «in the first person» that gives us the opportunity to act for its main character. Besides the interesting plot, the game also has simple control. The main character wanders in search of villains and successfully kills them with weapons.

DOOM Eternal. This game with slasher elements is in the top game shooter for PC. It was released in 2020. The protagonist of this game must switch weapons and move through the constant arena. Due to the small amount of ammunition available, the player is forced to consider every action in a timely manner. Otherwise, the main character dies and the game ends abruptly.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Another version of the famous project by Infinity Ward is in the top PC game shooter. Multiplayer is included in this shooter, which will allow you to play this game with your friends.

Control is still as convenient as in the original project. The developers also added new missions and locations to this game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Unreal Tournament 2004. This shooter is on the list of PC games even though it was released in 2004. However, it still remains popular among fans of this style. A storytelling game is in the first person and has both a single and a multiplayer mode. It contains a dozen missions you should complete.

A few dozen characters are available for gamers. The user can choose which of them he or she likes the most. Gamers can participate in battles at various locations that are contained in this game in at least nine dozen.

Battlefield V. For those users who are looking for a PC game shooter, a list of the best ones will help decide on the final selection. In this list, Battlefield V occupies a special place and it gives you the opportunity to travel during the Second World War. Users can participate in large-scale battles as well as select characters and weapons.

Among the main strengths of this game is high-quality graphics and detail. In addition, this game has simple gameplay. Users can go solo or play with friends.

Bulletstorm. This game was released 10 years ago. However, it remains one of the most popular in this style. The main unique feature of this shooter is that you can eliminate your enemies with not only standard but also unusual methods. This game has simple gameplay. Users can go through one of the many missions that developers have created.

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